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Showing 25 - 42 of 42 products
Lithium Twin DT Trapezoid WandLithium Twin DT Trapezoid Wand
Lithium Phantom Wand with Bridge CrystalLithium Phantom Wand with Bridge Crystal
Save 44%
Hematite Fan with Rutile StarburstHematite Fan with Rutile Starburst
Hematite Fan with Rutile Starburst
Sale price$333.00 Regular price$595.00
Siberian Gold Quartz Reverse Teardrop PendantSiberian Gold Quartz Reverse Teardrop Pendant
Save 29%
Tiger's Eye Small Sphere with StandTiger's Eye Small Sphere with Stand
Tiger's Eye Small Sphere with Stand
Sale price$25.00 Regular price$35.00
Pyrite Shimmering HeartPyrite Shimmering Heart
Pyrite Shimmering Heart
Sale price$22.00
Lepidolite Crystal HeartLepidolite Crystal Heart
Lepidolite Crystal Heart
Sale price$12.00
Tiger's Eye Power BeadsTiger's Eye Power Beads
Tiger's Eye Power Beads
Sale price$11.00
Bloodstone Crystal HeartBloodstone Crystal Heart
Bloodstone Crystal Heart
Sale price$15.00
Angelite HeartAngelite Heart
Angelite Heart
Sale price$20.00
NEW LOWER PRICE Labradorite Crystal HeartNEW LOWER PRICE Labradorite Crystal Heart
Kambaba Jasper HeartKambaba Jasper Heart
Kambaba Jasper Heart
Sale price$22.00
Brazilianite Gem with Bridge CrystalBrazilianite Gem with Bridge Crystal
Albite Matrix with Brazilianite PointsAlbite Matrix with Brazilianite Points
Brazilianite Gemstone with AlbiteBrazilianite Gemstone with Albite
Persian Turquoise Oval Pendant in Sterling SilverPersian Turquoise Oval Pendant in Sterling Silver
PRICE PLUNGE: Labradorite with Hiddenite PendantPRICE PLUNGE: Labradorite with Hiddenite Pendant
Hematite HeartHematite Heart
Hematite Heart
Sale price$18.00

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