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As a child, during difficult times, I hid within the embracing boughs of an evergreen tree outside my bedroom window. I remained there in silence listening to the sparrows, sometimes echoing their songs. Sometimes I burrowed beneath the fragrant mock orange hedge that bordered the neighbor’s property to retreat and nurture myself.

I would sit there for hours, with a hammer and my bounty of rocks, dug out of the yard, cracking them open to see what was inside. Those were my first experiences with crystal energy healing. Those rocks were quartz: smoky quartz, rose quartz and milky quartz along with chunks of flaky mica. Intuitively, I played with these healing stones and that felt good. This was just the beginning of my love affair with rocks.

As a child, I also spent countless hours wandering through my yard and those of my neighbors, discovering zinnias, roses, phlox, wild grape arbors, daisies & dandelions, serving them up as tea for my dolls. Some summers my father had a garden, growing tomatoes and corn, and I learned about the pleasures of homegrown food.

These were my first experiences of the Divine within the natural world. Out under the hedge, walking among the flowers, hidden inside my evergreen tree, I spoke with God, even if I didn’t know what to call the Creator, the Great Mother, Mother Earth, Father Sky. I knew this was my way of connecting to place, to Love and to a deeper Source for comfort and renewal.

These experiences were also the foundation for what has grown into my love of gardening, cooking and making art.

My involvement with the visual arts for over 30 years and now in the healing arts both grew out of this early connection to Nature, to beauty and to the soul’s search for meaning and understanding. I have exhibited drawings, paintings, sculptures, installation art and performance art across the country, from NYC to Texas and back again. My limited edition book “Venus Unbound” published by Granary books in NYC is in permanent collections all over the US including the Getty Museum and the NYC Public Library. One-of-a-kind artist books are part of the Museum of Modern Art, Franklin Furnace Archive in NYC and I have performed or shown short films in such venues as The Mudd Club, The Pyramid Club, and La Mama in NYC , Diverse Works in Houston, Texas and Anthology Archives in NYC.

Jane Sherry Satya Center FounderThe life path I have chosen led me to my work as artist, as priestess, shaman, scribe and storyteller. It is and it has always been my deepest wish to share this love of beauty and mythic resonance with others by creating beautiful objects culled from the natural world, by creating rituals, ceremonies, altars and environments, and objects for healing the soul in order to help others to step into that twilight space which is numinous, charged with our deep connection to ourselves, to others and the world and to cross that threshold to embrace and become our own Divine Selves.

When I first met Curtis in 1980, we were drawn to one another through a series of synchronicities and through a mutual love of symbolism, myth, storytelling, and natural magic. Curtis taught me to read tarot cards. The practice of card reading brought many revelations for me, couched in their symbolic language. We found that we shared an interest in the healing power of love and in finding a love that lasts. Having been brought up with no religious training, I found expression for my deep spiritual yearnings through working with the tarot both as a tool for divination and spiritual meditation. It was the beginning of what has been an ever deepening mutual spiritual journey for Curtis and I, which has now lasted for more than 30 years.

Over the years, Curtis and I experienced past life regressions separately and together, reliving many lifetimes together, experiencing greater insights into ourselves and a deepening of our relationship. I find that the experience of the world in regressions takes place in a realm constituted by a personal kind of symbolic language unique to each individual, which can clear blocks and allow the free and creative expression for our being, as well as illuminating our repetitive and often destructive habits, patterns and relationships in such a way as to provide the foundation, through self knowledge, for positive change and ongoing evolution of the soul. Contrary to popular belief, we are all able to change ourselves and become happier, more deeply connected and healthy people.

Today, Curtis and I have a multi-faceted spiritual practice. We have a deep commitment to our meditation practice which is also something we do together. It is our joy to share what we have learned with others, and to help others on their spiritual journeys toward their own unique spiritual unfoldment. We are both certified Reiki masters and past life therapists. We both work with crystals for healing. We read tarot cards and practice all of these alternative healing modalities individually and together, providing the balance of the male and female perspectives for our clients.

I create personal healing pieces based upon consultation with clients and meditation in order to create individually tailored altars and talismans to bring healing and beauty into one’s environment. Feel free to contact me for more information. Click on these links to see examples of talismans and here to see examples of altars.

Here are links to my artist statement and resume and my blog.

Click here to see examples of my work in our art gallery. Most of the pictures on the site are examples of my work. Feel free to contact me for more information.