The Basics of Working With a Healing Wand

Oil Painting of Marcel Vogel from the Vogel Estate, Satya Center Collection

Oil Painting of Marcel Vogel obtained from the Vogel Estate,
from the collection of Satya Center


The Healing Session

This Chapter of "The Crystal Wisdom of Marcel Vogel" contains a step-by-step guide to conducting a healing session with a Vogel-cut crystal healing wand.

We begin with Marcel’s explanation of the origins of human disease and a look at the human endocrine system of glands and hormones, which Marcel uses as a transmission system for Universal Life Force energy delivered from the practitioner through the Vogel-cut healing wand to the client during crystal healing sessions.

The Cause of Disease

The two major centers of the physical body are the solar plexus region and the heart region.

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is a major network of nerve endings located in the abdominal region. Closely associated with the stomach, the solar plexus also is a regulator of the arteries connected to the kidneys, and is considered a matrix of nerve endings that control the autonomic nervous system generally.

The right sympathetic chain and its connections with the thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic plexuses, Gray's Anatomy

The right sympathetic chain and its connections with the thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic plexuses (After Schwalbe) -- The Solar Plexus, aka Caeliac Plexus appears center right

Henry Vandyke Carter , Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The autonomic nervous system regulates physical activities that do not rely upon our conscious control, such as digestion, heartbeat, and constriction or expansion of blood vessels throughout the body.

The solar plexus, being a bundle of nerve endings, is a vulnerable point in our body, as anyone knows who has received a blow to the region. Such a blow can impact the lungs and “knock the breath out” of a person. Because of the sensitivity of this vital nerve matrix, and its connection to so many vital organs and the nervous system, the solar plexus is also considered to be an ideal location for treatments intended to relieve pain in the physical body.

Metaphysically, the solar plexus is associated with the third chakra, which is known as the Manipura chakra in the ancient system of yoga. The Manipura chakra is located between the navel and the solar plexus, corresponds to the astral body, and is closely connected to the pancreas, stomach, liver, spleen and solar plexus.

Manipura Chakra near Solar Plexus

The Manipura chakra provides the energetic fuel for our will forces, and thus is associated with the egoistic self,  will power, self-assertion, and a sense of contentment with life. The element associated with the Manipura chakra is fire, the color of the chakra is yellow and it has ten petals.

Physical and psychological issues associated with the Manipura chakra include ulcers, diabetes, over-controlling behaviors, masochism and hypoglycemia. All these issues can be addressed therapeutically by subtle energies such as crystal energy directed to the Manipura chakra.

The deities associated with the Manipura chakra include: Agni (Hindu Lord of Fire), Surya (Hindu Sun God), Rudra (a form of Shiva), Athena (Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Woman Warriors), Brigit (Celtic Goddess of agriculture, healing, and the fire in the home hearth), Apollo (Greek Sun God of truth, prophecy, healing and poetry), Ameratsu (Japanese Shinto Goddess of the Sun and the Universe), and Helios (Greek God of the Sun). Crystal healers with an affinity for any or all of these deities may find that invoking them while doing crystal healing work can amplify the energy being transmitted and enhance the potency of crystals used in healing and meditation with a focus on the Manipura chakra.

Gems and crystals associated with the Manipura chakra and useful in performing energy treatments directed at the solar plexus and its associated organs and the nervous system include: heliodor, smoky citrine, apatite, smoky quartz, yellow hiddenite, Tiger’s Eye, fire opal, and rutilated quartz.

The Heart

The heart is the most vital organ in the human body, and is associated with the heart chakra, known in the yogic system by the Sanskrit name Anahata chakra, and associated with transpersonal consciousness. Transpersonal consciousness evolves when the individual becomes conscious of the fact that the separate egoistic self is an illusion, and that the individual is in fact connected through the web of life -- to the environment and all sentient beings including family, friends, neighbors, and all humanity. Through the opening of the heart chakra, the individual spontaneously experiences compassion for all living beings, and identifies with other human beings, animals, plants and even exalted Beings of Light existing in realms too subtle for human senses to perceive.

The Anahata Chakra is a green twelve petaled lotus blossom, located near the heart, and is associated with the heart, lungs, chest and thymus and the mental body composed of subtle energies.

Anahata or Heart Chakra, Public Domain Image Courtesy Wikimedia

Physical and psychological issues associated with the Anahata chakra include: asthma, heart disease, lung disease, egocentrism and jealousy.

Deities associated with the Anahata chakra include: Vishnu (Hindu Lord of Life), Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of Abundance), Krishna (Hindu Lord of Love and Music), Kama (Hindu Lord of Sexual Love and Romance), Jesus Christ, Buddha, Aphrodite (Greek Goddess of Love) and Isis (Egyptian Goddess of Nature and Magic). Crystal healers with an affinity for any or all of these deities may find that invoking them while doing crystal healing work can amplify the energy being transmitted and enhance the potency of crystals used in healing and meditation with a focus on the Anahata chakra.

Gems and crystals associated with the Anahata chakra and useful in performing subtle energy treatments or meditations focusing on the heart chakra and the organs connected to it, as well as on the higher transpersonal consciousness conferred by the opening of the Anahata chakra include: heliodor, emerald, moldavite, green tourmaline, rose tourmaline, citrine, rose quartz, morganite, and aventurine.

Emeralds on Matrix, courtesy Wikimedia, Public Domain Image

Emeralds on Matrix: 

Muzo Mine, Mun. de Muzo, Vasquez-Yacopí Mining District, Boyacá Department, Colombia

Géry PARENT, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain Image

The solar plexus region is the window to the past. The heart region is the window to the future and the present. As you evolve, in raising the level of vibration from the solar plexus (the physical) to the heart area (the metaphysical) you become less and less concerned about who you are, where you are going, your physical appearance. You become more integrated into the totality of things, the totality of being.

As we work through the heart center, we step up our vibrations, stimulating the higher vibrations within us,

and this high-frequency subtle energy serve us like a food. In other words, those higher vibrations start to organize or polarize the information that we store in our brain, that we store in our cells. Through loving and service we develop a vibrational capacity to draw infinite sources of energy into our body.

The vibrations which are a product of the desires of the body generate from the solar plexus. They are elemental in that they are connected with primordial forces geared toward survival. They are also geared toward maintaining the status quo. This willful desire not to change creates a conflict within us. It is through this conflict that we are inspired to grow, develop, and evolve.

When a person strives only for satisfaction of the five physical senses, his vibrational rate drops down until he links with the electromagnetic spectra. Then the body is affected by the interference of electrostatic vibrations, by light, and by all of the secondary vibrations emanating from the Earth.

These vibrations are absorbed in the solar plexus region, which then programs the central nervous system.

At this point, you have accumulated in the physical body a set of vibrations which cause interference in the primary communication links between cells.

This becomes the cause of blockages in the sympathetic nervous system and finally the outward manifestation of disease itself.

The Glandular System

Diagram of the Endocrine System, Courtesy of US Government, Public Domain Image

Illustration of the Human Endocrine System, courtesy of the US Government via Wikimedia

The thymus is the endocrine gland associated with the heart chakra.

Knowledge and use of the thymus gland is crucial to Marcel Vogel’s crystal healing techniques.

The thymus gland is a triangular organ located above the heart and below the sternum. The thymus is part of the endocrine system, and is  vital to the human immune system because the thymus is responsible for the generation of the T-cells that protect the body from invasive organisms.

The thymus gland is considered by esoteric healers of many spiritual traditions to be closely connected with the 12 petals of the Anahata or heart chakra.

Energy scans directed at the thymus can provide a good indication of the condition of the entire endocrine system, which is highly interconnected, and includes all human hormones and all the glands of the body that secrete hormones directly into the circulatory system: hypothalamus, pituitary gland, pineal gland, thyroid and parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, pancreas, gonads, and thymus.

Energy treatments directed at the thymus can easily transmit energy to any and all locations within the endocrine system and the circulatory system, which reaches all major organs and all regions of the body, from head to toe.

Esoteric healers know that directing energy to the Anahata or heart chakra can assist in healing of repetitive patterns of self-destructive behavior and other karmic issues. In addition energizing the heart chakra helps empower the individual engaged in all kinds of Ascension Practices of all spiritual traditions, designed to raise the life force energies from the lower chakras and the base of the spine to the higher chakras and the crown of the head and simultaneously to transcend the narrow view of egoistic personality consciousness and attain the expanded, cosmic view of the Higher Self.

I believe that as you breathe, expanding and contracting your lungs, the vibration of that breath moves outward from the chest area, where your thymus and heart chakra reside, passing beyond your physical body, cutting into your normal magnetic field, which induces an EMF, or electromotive force, into the body. This primary electrical charge can then move.

The Glandular Pump, Image Courtesy Marcel Vogel Estate

When we release a thought, we are releasing a vibration with an electrical charge that corresponds to that thought, and which feeds all of the acupuncture points throughout the body.

We feed the acupuncture points with vibrations which are stimulated by the endocrine system, whose glands are major pumps within the body. There are twelve other minor pumps too.

We can sense these pulsing vibrations going on in the body. The glands are truly step-down transformers, absorbing vibrations from the outside and feeding them into the body.

The result of this transfer of vibrations is then the stimulation, electrically or energetically, of the endocrine gland system. This, in turn, releases the hormones which are the regulators of our body functions and activity. This is not primarily connected with the genetic code, but is rather the subtle energy regulator responsible for the maintenance of the body, keeping it in balance and form.

The Blood

When a thought-form is released in space, the space vibrates. That vibratory energy can be drawn in with breath. The modulation and vibration is then programmed via the lungs into the bloodstream. That is where the mind releases its program when it creates a thought-form, storing the vital information within our body.

For this reason, it is highly advisable to demagnetize not only blood before transfusion, but also organs prior to transplant. This procedure can eliminate much of the secondary syndrome action. This is particularly applicable in cases of blood being donated by alcoholics, or by people selling their blood. It is the electrical way of “clearing” the blood of its past programs.

The Cells

Image of Human Cell, Courtesy Wikimedia, Public Domain

Structure of a Human Cell, By LadyofHats (Mariana Ruiz) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When the skin is cut, causing tissue damage on a cellular level, the cell must change its entire temperament and attitude so that it can rebuild itself. This change must be abrupt or the cell will die. The cell ejects a matrix, an ionization network, in space. It sends out a pulse of charge which acts as an electronic bridge spanning from one end of the cell to the other. The cells start to proliferate at a much faster rate, cell division is accelerated, and healing takes place. The crystal can play a significant role in helping to more quickly balance the electrical circuitry of the cells.

Storage of Trauma

The coded information of the body’s form is stored in the bloodstream, which then molds the tissues and bones. When there has been a car accident and a person has suffered a PHYSICAL trauma such as whiplash or a broken bone, whether he consciously remembers it or not, the bony structure of his body has been impacted, and the memory of that impact is stored in the bone. The information of the damage is sonic and it produces an energy which extends about two and a half inches from the body. This energy can be detected as a field which can be amplified and otherwise manipulated by the use of a crystal to transmit subtle energy.

The patterns of energy created from shock or injury are stored in the crystalline lattice of the bony structure. Where there has been an impact or a breaking of a bone, the bone heals, as do the tissues, but the injured area continues to radiate a field.

This field interferes with the normal electrical balance of the body, creating a continuation of the original trauma. It prevents that limb, and often the nearest organ, from rebuilding, healing, and acting in a normal way again. It can also encourage the formation of arthritis in that area. It is a radiation in space which is inharmonic to the normal information transfer in that area of the body.

The fractured area radiates this field independently of the mind or of any consciousness on the part of the injured person. The body will not heal completely until the memory of shock or trauma is released from the body.

The information from EMOTIONAL traumas is stored in the body’s tissues, in the fluid, in water, and in fat. When a person is disturbed emotionally, he puffs right up.

It is my belief that we basically store our feelings in the lymphatic and fatty tissue; that programs consisting of fields of subtle energy corresponding to powerful emotions are imprinted in fluidic parts of the body, which are fat, lymph, and especially water.

Distribution of White Adipose Tissue in the Human Body, Courtesy Wikimedia

White adipose falls under two major classifications: visceral, or surrounding organs, and subcutaneous, under the skin. Fat is distributed widely throughout the body and has different functions and growth properties depending on its location. For example, adipose surrounding sex organs can secrete sex hormones, subcutaneous fat is responsive to energy storage needs and structural fat pads on the feet have not been shown to secrete any factors of interest, nor do they show significant changes in growth. Excessive visceral or gut fat, composed of retroperitoneal fat (“behind the peritoneum”), omental fat (adipose in a sheet of connective tissue hanging as a flap originating at the stomach and draping the intestines), and mesenteric fat (adipose in the sheets of connective tissue holding the intestines in their looping structure), has been shown to be a risk factor for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Cook, A. and Cowan, C., Adipose (March 31, 2009), StemBook, ed. The Stem Cell Research Community, StemBook, doi/10.3824/stembook.1.40.1,, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Water is the most mobile and also the most versatile media through which we store information.

I feel that once you are able to release from the fatty tissue by simply loving yourself, loving your body as it is now, not looking at it as a bulbous or disproportionate mass, but seeing it whole and perfect as it is, then your body will assume its proper shape and proportion.

Emotional disturbances can be sensed as large amorphous masses in various parts of the body and in the subtle bodies. Thought-forms which have attached themselves to a subject are more mushroom-like. The disturbing field created from bone damage is a formless mass of radiating energy also found two and a half inches out from the site of the physical injury. This type of damage will likewise interfere with the physiological functioning of the associated limb or body part.

Jane Sherry holding Marcel Vogel Healing Crystal, Photo Courtesy Satya Center

Jane Sherry Holding Marcel Vogel Cut Healing Crystal, Courtesy Satya Center

A healing crystal has proven to be an effective tool for breaking up these fields of disturbed energy and re-building new fields and restoring them to full or nearly full vitality. With a healing crystal you de-program the injury by literally cutting out the matrix of disturbed energy, on the etheric level, in the human auric field, releasing its hold over the physical and emotional bodies.

If left unchanged, these fields of disturbed energy can also cause a repetition of the pattern which can manifest in a person being accident-prone. The evidence of this becomes obvious when a person injures the original knee or foot, etc. repeatedly. The pattern repeats itself because it is a program independent and isolated from the memory, from the brain, and from other parts of the system. The mind has no mechanism for ridding itself of these memories.

This energetic programming can be so pervasive that it can carry over from one lifetime to the next. In some past life you may have experienced a wound or injury and for no apparent reason, you have a sore spot in the same area in this lifetime. This imprinting can help explain many anomalies in your current life as well as in the lives of those around you.

The Effect of the Earth

The primary vibration which links all earthly life forms together is the light pulsation of the Earth itself. This seven to ten Hertz frequency resonates with the alpha waves that can be observed in the human brain, and with all life forms on the earth plane of physical existence.

Earth's Electromagnetic Field, Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Earth's Magnetosphere: An Artist's Rendering Released by NASA through Wikimedia Commons

We can include crystals in this category because a crystal is a life form with a life span consisting of a long period of geological time, having consciousness and direction from the time the seed crystal forms until it stops its growth process and ceases to live.

The seven Hz signal is generated from the rotation of the earth. The combination of the gravitational pull of the moon and the rotation of the earth produces a magnetic field, and a north and south pole.

When we cut that magnetic field by simply standing in it, we induce an EMF, an electromotive force, into our body. We are energetically feeding our body by standing in the earth’s magnetic field. It is a source of subtle energy food for living beings of all kinds on Earth. It is a primary means for communication and locating oneself in space used by all life forms. This is especially true for birds and insects, who direct themselves by their magnetic fields.

When there is interference within the magnetic fields of the earth, human beings and other living beings can become emotionally and psychically disturbed.

One of the most destructive sources of disturbance is the solar flare. This can cause interference with the circadian rhythm of the earth, the complement of the seven Hz signal, readjusting the natural cycle of day and night. This disturbs our ability to differentiate day and night.

X1.7 Class Solar Flare, Courtesy NASA, via Wikimedia Commongs

The sun erupted with an X1.7-class solar flare on May 12, 2013. This is a blend of two images of the flare from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory: One image shows light in the 171-angstrom wavelength, the other in 131 angstroms.

NASA/SDO/AIA, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

As you evolve in consciousness, of course, these interfering outside influences become less and less dominant in your life, so we are not by any means slaves to the Earth’s electromagnetic field in which we live, or to the solar system wide electromagnetic fields dominated by the power of the Sun.

The Energy Bodies of Man

The first energy body, usually extending up to a mere one inch from the surface of the skin, is the etheric double. It is the energetic analog to the dense physical body. It is the backbone, the structure, the energetic program that keeps flesh in form. The etheric double holds the program for the health and well-being of man.

The etheric double contains the vital energy necessary to keep the entire electronic system within our body operational and optimized. If your charge in the etheric body becomes depleted, you become physically weak. The charge of subtle energy you produce cannot properly form and vitalize the tissues, causing you to have no vitality. Vital energy literally leaks out of you because of the weakness of the subtle energy envelope surrounding the physical body.


Human Body with Etheric Field and Aura, Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Human Body with Etheric Field and Human Aura

User:Random user 39849958, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain

Your mind has the ability to amplify, build and hold the charge that sustains the etheric body by creating a minute filamentous web which surrounds your physical body, and that web is coterminous with the etheric double. This energy barrier keeps the charge balance going, giving strength to the tissues of the body. Moving the body is another source for building up the charge held within the etheric double.

The etheric body, or health aura, can extend up to several inches from the physical body with sufficient meditation, exercise and work with crystals and subtle energy to build up the etheric web of energies.

This etheric double is the energy field we are penetrating when working with the healing crystal.

The subtle energy etheric double is NOT the aura. The aura is produced by the interaction of the physical and subtle bodies.

Physical illness/conditions ALWAYS show up in the aura before physical manifestation.

The Purpose For a Healing

The primary act of healing is to assist the client or individual to bring his body into balance so that the energetic fields that surround the body flow in a natural way.

We exist within a physical body surrounded by a large envelope or field of subtle energies. This is the aura, which contains the etheric body, the astral body (emotional body), the causal body (mental body) and more!

Female Body with Blue Tinged Aura, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

After diagram by W Kilner (Fig 13, p26, The Human Aura). "The colour of her aura was a grey with hardly any tinge of blue, thus indicating an essentially low type." This file was derived from: Normale feminine d'apresRicherJavanaise de dix-huit ans environ

Lord BelburyCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Our etheric body is analogous to a crystalline lattice structure. The subtle energy fields that comprise the etheric body are composed of energetic patterns which become fixed in space and oscillate in much the same way that crystal unit cells will oscillate within a natural crystal.

Very weak but precise charges can critically affect the electromagnetic charges found in the subtle energy bodies surrounding our physical vehicle.

An ancient method of therapy for working with these forms of energy is acupuncture, or acupressure.

The Chinese have plotted meridians that run along the surface of the body which contain various points of differential resistivity in the tissue area called acupuncture points.

One can operate on these meridian points with the crystal in much the same manner as the acupuncturist does with his needles, except the crystal works most effectively at the distance of one to one and a half inches ABOVE the body of the individual.

Diagram of Chinese Merdian System of Human Body, Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

A schematic of the "chinese" or human body meridians. The chinese meridians are used in various oriental fight styles, as well as in healthcare; e.g. in tradititional herbal medicine, massage techniques, ... The schematic was based on an image of the Northern Crane Martial Arts Association dojo. Permission was given for the use of the image at wikimedia commons by sensei Phil Perez.

KVDP, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The crystal is used as a therapeutic agent, as a means of accumulating the charge, focusing it, strengthening the flow of subtle energy throughout all the bodies, and thus being of service. When your consciousness grows beyond the need, you will no longer need this device. The crystal is merely a useful tool that can implement healing and personal growth.

Ultimately, intent, consciousness, a strong, open heart filled with love, and a strong flow of energy from a super-charged physical and energy body strengthened by exercise, meditation, acupuncture and other forms of subtle energy work are the only real requirements for healing practices that rely upon the transmission of subtle energy to restore a healthy balance to the client’s body, mind and heart.

Preparation For a Healing

Before beginning any type of healing work, it is important that the person you’re working on desires to be healed and requests the healing be done.

This affirmation from the subject helps to prevent any interference during the energy exchange between the practitioner’s crystal and the subject. The practitioner serves to facilitate the energy flow in blocked areas only when the client requests it.

Begin the session with prayer or whatever serves to link you with the Divine Mind, the Great Unconscious, the Holy Spirit. Recall that this healing energy comes from a Source far beyond human awareness, a Source that sustains all life and the Universe itself. Offer thanks, ask for help in doing the work, and ask that the work be done for the best and highest good of all concerned.

Curtis Lang Meditating Under Balsam Tree, Mt. Tremper, New York, 1994, photo by Jane Sherry

Curtis Lang Meditating Under a Balsam Tree, Mt. Tremper, New York, 1994, 

photo by Jane Sherry

This step removes the responsibility for the results of the treatment from the healer, keeping the success or the failure of the healing in proper perspective.

In addition, focusing on the Spirit sets the carrier wave, or subtle energy vibration in attunement with the highest possible good, preventing negative vibrations from entering.

The limitations for the use of a crystal healing device are twofold: the first is the willingness of the operator to try and the second is the willingness of the recipient to experience.

Another important consideration is the general condition of the subject. He or she should be in a state of balance or equilibrium. This condition can be measured with the assistance of dowsing rods or determined psychically.

Imbalances that are perceived by the practitioner can be corrected by sending thoughts of harmony, love, and equilibrium, and by sending in energy through a pulsed breath.

This charge transmitted to the subject’s body and aura will energize it and bring it into equilibrium.

Any time you do healing work, you must bring the subject’s energy level up PRIOR TO doing the healing work. This will prevent the healer from being drained of energy by the subject during the treatment and is therefore a very important step to be taken before proceeding with treatment.

Scanning the Etheric Field 

If you want to do a scanning, hold the crystal in your right hand and connect to the client’s etheric body, and put your left hand on the client’s shoulder.  

About an inch or three from the “witness area” on the physical body, which is the thymus area, as the tip of the crystal pierces the etheric body, you will feel some resistance, like a pressing action, like tapping the head of a drum and getting a live sound.  

Marcel Vogel Working with Crystal on Woman, Courtesy Vogel Estate

When you come in this way, touch the subject’s shoulder with your left hand.  

The crystal penetrates a little further into the etheric field and you get a squishy feeling of “no resistance”.  

By moving the left hand up and down you are making and breaking the circuit, shorting out and charging.  

Apply a field, short it out. Repeat this process as you examine various areas of the client’s body.Do this until you have a general profile of what is there. The imbalance comes out as heat. In the case of backache have the client bend forward so the body is under stress, otherwise you do not get the activity.

Before working on a client it is advisable to have him remove his jewelry, all rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and any crystal or gemstone he may have on his person, and then demagnetize them.

Have the client pick up each piece of jewelry, hold it to the witness area and ask out loud, “Is this good for me to wear as it is now?” If you are a practitioner of kinesiology, use the kinesiology test on the arm extended, hold your breath while doing it, and have the client focus on the item. If you find any weakness in the arm’s ability to hold its extended position, it will indicate the item needs to be cleared. This can be done by holding the item by its ends in each hand and pulsing the breath with the intention of clearing the item. Any object you wear in your witness area can be imprinted with the imbalance being experienced in any part of the body.

Distance Between Crystal and Subject

The crystal should not touch the subject. It works as a reservoir to break up the patterns in the subtle bodies. It is held away from the subject’s body by an inch or more.

The fingertip protrudes beyond the crystal. Neither hand touches the subject’s body while the energy is being transmitted. The empty hand is placed behind the subject. At the point of release, the empty hand is placed behind the subject for support.

Then the finishing action requires a loving touch, one hand in front and the other behind, until the energy drain is closed and vitality is returned to the tissue.

Healing With a Crystal

I define the therapeutic use of crystalline forms as the deliberate, careful, willful release of negative or unwanted patterns of energy and the transfer of coherent, harmonious thought-forms into the body of another person to aid them in the process of reconstruction.

Hold the charged, Vogel-cut healing crystal in your right hand.

A specially cut healing crystal is designed to give you the ability to project a field and not pick up the field of the subject. It is a one-way valve transducer.

In entering the etheric field of the subject it is very important to remember that here the counter-clockwise motion opens, while the clockwise motion links.

Place the open left hand behind the subject, and hold the Vogel healing wand in your right hand, about 5 inches in front of the thymus area.

Marcel Guides Student in Crystal Healing Workshop, Courtesy Vogel Estate

Marcel Vogel Guides Student in Crystal Healing Workshop, Courtesy Vogel Estate

To open the subtle body of the subject, hold a shallow breath and turn the crystal counter-clockwise while spiraling it towards the subject until you are about 1 1/2 inches from the witness area (thymus). You want to find the space between the physical and the subtle, or etheric body, not the etheric double which is about 1/4 inch from the body.

The counter-clockwise motion allows the field emanating from the crystal to resonate with the subtle body of the person. Holding your breath allows your field to build.

As you lock in at the distance, the subject will begin to feel heat, vibration, or pulsing, particularly in the thymus region.

At this point in time, the charge is flowing like a cool wind from the tip of the crystal, through the body of the subject and into your left hand, resting slightly behind the client’s back, which acts as a receiver and closes the circuit.

You will feel a vibration, a tingling in your left hand, indicating that a point of resonance has been reached. This means that a note, a vibration, is then struck in your body and YOU will oscillate or radiate that note or tone.

That radiation amplifies the signal in your finger resting on the tip of the Vogel healing wand.

When that link takes place, you can amplify the signal with your breath.

Draw your breath in fully. This draws an energy charge into your body. Rotate the crystal very slowly clockwise until you feel a resistance, a locking in or a point of resonance. Breathing freely now, hold steady in this position until the subject’s body begins swaying back and forth gently.

This is a momentary collapse of his etheric field. Wait for a moment. Once the body is stabilized, the rebuilding and re-filling of the space created by the entrance into the etheric body can begin.

Amplify this signal by moving the crystal in front of the client’s chest region in an up and down motion spanning about 8–10 inches as you synchronize with the subject’s breathing, focusing on sending thoughts of love, well-being, and peace to him or her.

This will amplify the field, bringing the charge to a maximum. In healing, we amplify, through the witness (thymus) area, the energy flow transmitted to the damaged area(s) of the body, giving these areas greater definition and prominence in the mental body of the client, so that the memory of the subject can reconstruct, in his mind’s eye, what was done to his body. In that way he has something he can grasp and then release.

Do NOT amplify the field when you are treating subjects with cancer, intense pain, or parasitic energy entities. We don’t want to supply these conditions with additional energy.

In the next phase, the linking phase, rotate the crystal in a large, clockwise spiral while mimicking and synchronizing the motions of the crystal hand with the left hand which remains behind the subject.

Here the crystal is behaving like an energetic corkscrew, drawing out and breaking up old patterns. After about thirty seconds of this and synchronized breathing with the subject, discontinue the synchronized breathing and tell him to breathe in and go with his mind and heart to the area of his body that needs to be treated and to visualize the root cause, the source of the discomfort he’s feeling in that area.

Simultaneously, you breathe in to him a fully energized image of the linkage of body, mind and spirit. Your imaging and his imaging serve to create the effect of a spiral within a spiral, a powerful visualization.

The first spiral works with the second spiral to symbolically duplicate the oscillating action of the DNA strands which spiral within the nucleus of each atom of your body. All of the information in your body is transferred by means of a spiral motion. The chakras are also spirals.

DNA Double Helix Strands, Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

This image was created by the NHS National Genetics and Genomics Education Centre.

Genomics Education ProgrammeCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Keep the hand motions slow, steady, and constant. Tell him to let his breath out and then draw his breath in and hold it, increasing the tempo of your voice. Tell him to go to the source of what he is troubled with, to focus on it (as you increase the volume and tempo of your words) and tell him to then RELEASE his breath, simultaneously releasing your breath explosively.

While this is occurring, close your left hand and briskly pull it away and down from the subject and similarly snap your crystal hand away counter-clockwise and down from his body. This breaks the circuit and closes the door.

It is not necessary for the client to verbalize during any part of the healing procedure, particularly the memory of his negative experiences. He is to go to the site or source of the trauma and just observe. He may not even see this on a conscious level, but that is okay.

The client can release through either his mouth or his nose. The mouth is preferable because here we want de-structuring, not structuring.

It is in that simultaneous act of voice, intention, pulling with the left hand, and snapping with the right hand that you break up the pattern that is locked into the bone, the tissue, the psyche of the individual, shattering a pattern of the past.

Remind the subject that in a good release the mind often goes blank for a moment.

 144 Sided Vogel Wand, Courtesy Satya Center, photo by Jane Sherry

144 Sided Vogel Wand, Courtesy Satya Center, photo by Jane Sherry

This procedure is usually repeated twice more, but on the second approach, go in more towards the left side of the thymus region with a counter-clockwise spiral.

With the left hand countering the flow of energy behind the right shoulder blade, breathe in and release as the subject does the same.

On the third approach, go in to the right side of the thymus region, with the left hand countering behind the left shoulder blade. These maneuvers usually clear the entire area.

Then you begin the closing and healing process.

The crystal hand circles counter-clockwise, expanding its diameter until all of the chakras, the energy bodies, have been circumscribed, the left hand synchronizing with the right. Tell the subject to breathe in and think well of himself. Let him exhale, and you then breathe in again and tell him to become at one with his body, mind and spirit.

As he breathes in, encourage him to see white or golden light flowing throughout his body and filling him with the feeling of love, peace, harmony, and well-being until you feel his body totally relax.

Circle the chakras four or five times.

Slowing down on the last circling, touch the thymus with the flat side of the crystal in the right hand while touching the same area near the back of the neck with the left hand. The treatment will have softened the tissue, depleting its tonality.

Palpitate the tissue of the neck until you feel it regain its vitality. Your breathing in and out with the feeling of love and well-being at this time facilitates the toning process.

As a final expression of love, hug the subject heartily, exclaiming that he is a beautiful person and that you love him, so that he can rebuild his etheric field with positive, flowing, expansive energies.

The object of your healing work is to influence the soul of the individual so that it establishes better communication with its physical body. Disease is the manifestation of patterns which interfere with soul contact. To be healed is to be whole.

12 Gate 144 Sided Vogel Wand, Courtesy Satya Center, photo by Jane Sherry

12 Gate 144 Sided Vogel Wand, Courtesy Satya Center, photo by Jane Sherry

Note that this treatment specifies the use and a special cut healing crystal. A natural, singularly-terminated crystal can be used instead, but the effects will not be nearly as dramatic due to the significantly greater charge capacity of a specially tuned and cut crystal. In either case, a crystal serves to amplify and focus the energy from the healer as it simultaneously focuses the energy of the one to be healed.

Closing a Healing Session

When you finish a healing session, it is very important to be sensitive to the reactivation of the person’s subtle body.

You can feel the person’s subtle body as a vibration, a tingling. That is accomplished by holding the crystal on the witness area (thymus gland) in the vertical position, male termination tip up, touching the body with the opposite hand on the other side and just slowly breathing and thinking well of the individual. As you do that, you will feel a vibration coming back into his body, and will know that his etheric body is functioning again.

Most importantly, you can depress the tissue with your left hand if you are holding the crystal in your right hand, and as the etheric body of the person you have worked on comes into balance, you will feel the tissue toughen. When it becomes more rigid you know the healing session is over.

It is always important to be gentle, to be loving. The final act of closing is then to embrace by bringing the person in close contact with your body and giving them an affirmation of well-bring. This is true of a human, animal or a plant.

Marcel Vogel with Teddy Bear, Courtesy Vogel Estate

Release all fear of whether the healing is correct or not. Put the treatment, whatever you have done, in the hands of the Divine Love of God, who is the true source of this energy. When you’ve completed the crystal procedure, turn over the continuation of the healing process to Him.

Stress During a Healing Session

The human body is held together by a series of subtle energy bodies or fields which hold the psychic blockages that adversely affect the health.

If all these blockages are removed in one treatment session, nothing is left to sustain form, so the body drops.

It may therefore be prudent to have the subject sitting down during treatment.

Or when this occurs, hold the hand on the base of the neck of the subject and begin deep breathing in unison until the subject’s subtle bodies are charged or strengthened through the deep breathing. This may take several minutes.

To avoid fatiguing the client, limit healings to one every other day. The fatigue results from the body’s efforts to reset and heal itself using the charge contained in the body.

If a person cannot maintain his charge, he becomes tired.

Either have the subject do deep breathing or have him wear a small crystal, cleared and charged for well-being, tip upward, over the thymus to maintain his charge.

Clear Quartz Star of David Pendant, Courtesy Satya Center, photo by Jane Sherry

Clear Quartz Star of David Pendant, Courtesy Satya Center, photo by Jane Sherry

Balancing a person’s polarity is an exact analog of surgical intervention. When you relieve pain you are disconnecting the pain felt from the pain center.

However, the body is not healed. You need 24 to 36 hours for the tissue and muscle tone to return to normal. You can give a person treatment, but unless they assume responsibility for carrying out the rest of the treatment for themselves, they will not be healed.

Steps for a Crystal Healing Session

  1. Affirmation from the subject.
  2. Prayer and/or linking with the Divine Mind.
  3. Preliminary scan of body to determine area of imbalance.
  4. Draw in breath and hold.
  5. Penetrate witness area counter-clockwise.
  6. Wait until client acknowledges.
  7. Rotate in up and down motion, clockwise, until link is made, breathing in and out with subject.
  8. Have client go by visualization to the area needing treatment.
  9. Amplify the image by up and down motion with crystal.
  10. When clear image is had, rotate in circular motion until (clockwise) link is made.
  11. Speed up clockwise motion, increase volume of voice, build up to a climax.
  12. Draw in deep breath. Hold breath. Sharply express the word “RELEASE.”
  13. Have subject and you both release breath forcibly.
  14. Then, “short” the body with hands quickly pulled down and away from subject.
  15. Repeat steps 10–14, if necessary, once or twice more.
  16. Support client with one hand on back of neck and the other with crystal on witness area.
  17. Send well-being and love.

The Client’s Role

  1. Go to the diseased site.
  2. Go to the source, the root cause of the disease.
  3. Release the disease and its cause.
  4. Visualize the area whole, alive, flowing.
  5. Fill the site with love, health, and well-being.


In most instances, the subject should be allowed a half hour or more after the treatment to lie down and relax or sleep. He should be given a glass of water just before he is permitted to do this. Occasionally the subject’s astral body will detach from the physical body during the treatment, and when the healing is over, he won’t feel “quite here.” Let him rest quietly until he literally pulls himself together. He may feel as though he is in a strange body when he finally awakens or returns, and he is, for the body is quite different now and will probably take a few days to get used to again. This is normal.

The healing procedure takes minutes, but the manifestation of the results can either be immediate or may take several months, often depending upon the general condition of the subject and the amount of change that must take place in his body. It takes time to rebuild tissue.

Because of the breaking of patterns following a healing, there is usually a great release of toxins into the bloodstream. So as to not overburden any of the body’s filtering organs, such as the kidneys and liver, it is important to tell the client to consume approximately 6 - 8 glasses of water per day for the first few weeks following a treatment, and then cut that volume in half for the next few weeks. This will help the subject from feeling as fatigued as he might otherwise.

Glass of Water Being Filled, Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Glass of Water

श्रेष्ठ भूपेन्द्रCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The client may have periods of fatigue anyway, in which circumstances he should listen to his body and rest. A few minutes several times a day is average for usually 3 or 4 days after treatment.

New and different aches and pains may develop as the body attempts to re-balance and realign itself to its newly-freed form. You have stripped away some of its constrictions, or limitations and the counter-balance it created to compensate for these imbalances takes time to readjust.

It is not uncommon to develop a low-grade headache for several days afterwards, particularly when there has been readjusting of the spine or neck, as in whiplash, or when work has been done in the head region. This sometimes occurs when working on a leg or knee or such, as all parts are inter-related.

Crystal Applications

Here is a list of things which can usually be affected through proper use of a crystal.

  1. Removal of thought-form implants or entities.
  2. Surgery patterns stored by body.
  3. Accidental injury stored by body.
  4. Wound healing.
  5. Arthritis.
  6. Shock of Birth.
  7. Past life patterns.
  8. Group thought-forms.
  9. Balancing chakras
  10. Negative vibrations from earth ley lines.
  11. Negative vibrations from atmosphere (positive and negative ions, magnetic fields, etc.).
  12. Solar Flares
  13. Planetary Vibrations.
  14. Assisting people in their transition from the earth plane.

Photo Credits: 

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Painting by J. Sandifer 1981 of Marcel with his Vogel Wand, Chakras and Auric Field Illustration by Erin Guthan of Transfuture, Picture of Original Vogel Wand cut by Marcel, estate of Juanita Vogel, Photo from the estate of Juanita Vogel Archive from retreat with Marcel Vogel, Photo of demonstration of Vogel's healing techniques at a retreat with Marcel Vogel from the estate of Juanita Vogel, clip art of magnetic fields, Picture of Marcel Vogel demonstrating loving compassion by hugging a teddy bear from the estate of Juanita Vogel, Painting by J. Sandifer 1981 of Marcel with his Vogel Wand. 

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Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry at Summit of Flat Top Mountain,

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