Over the last hundred years, many books have been written about the healing powers of quartz crystals. Marcel Vogel and other teachers criss-crossed the world, instructing students in the spiritual science of using crystals as a tool in subtle energy healing and meditation.

Marcel Vogel Teaching Crystal Healing Workshop, courtesy Vogel Estate and Satya Center

Marcel Vogel Teaching Crystal Healing Workshop,
courtesy Vogel Estate and Satya Center

Teachers have revealed a variety of methods for using faceted and natural, unpolished quartz crystals for healing.

Some of these teachings provide a vast, speculative history of the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, which were said to utilize quartz crystals as communication devices, as sources of energy comparable to modern fossil fuels in their ubiquity, and in sacred temples, where priests and priestesses employed crystalline tools in meditation, for prognostication, and in the healing arts.

Many of these histories build upon the work of such early Twentieth Century mystics as Theosophists H.P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey and German mystic Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy, biodynamic agriculture and today's Waldorf schools.

All of these incredibly prolific Western European spiritual teachers wrote elaborate occult histories of mankind, based upon their clairvoyant vision of events recorded in the Akashic records, which included extensive accounts of ancient Lemurian and Atlantean cultures, thought to have existed ten thousand years ago, or more.

In the occult histories of these clairvoyant early Twentieth Century spiritual pioneers, the Atlantean and Lemurian cultures were depicted as the ancient ancestors of all the Mystery School teachings of the Hindu, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Western European civilizations.

Dream Lemurian Phantom Growth Interference Wand

Dream Lemurian Phantom Growth Interference Wand, collection Satya Center


In the early 1990s, crystal healers discovered a variety of quartz crystal from Brazil that was believed to have been implanted into the Earth by Lemurian Lightoworkers, aeons ago.

The exact time frame of the Lemurian civilization is open to question, as is the exact nature of their civilization, although crystal healers and Lightworkers have identified the Lemurians who are said to have planted the crystals as Earthkeepers -- exalted beings whose primary purpose was to act as guardians of the ecosystem.

The most prominent source of information about Lemurian civilization comes from wisdom teachers of the now-legendary Theosophical School of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, which included such luminaries as J. Krishnamurti, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Rudolf Steiner and Charles Leadbeater.

These spiritual teachers claimed to have had clairvoyant insights into the history and origins of the human race that transcended all existing scholarship and historical records. 

Indian Rishi, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Rishi in India

Master Sahil Gaikwad, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Akashic Records are said to constitute a vast, ethereal library containing all of humanity's thoughts, words and deeds which has been impressed upon the substance of the vast Universal Field of Life Force Energy filling all time and space. In fact, the information in the Akashic Records is Universal in nature, and transcends human history. 

These clairvoyant mystics relied upon a direct experience of the Akashic Records to formulate their own timeline of human development, and were self-consciously following in the footsteps of ancient Hindu Masters.

Scholars of the Hindu Vedas, the oldest written sacred scriptures on our planet, say that the wisdom in the Vedas was transcribed by ancient seers and sages, known as rishis, who read the Akashic records and recorded what they saw.

According to mystic, clairvoyant, author and scholar Rudolf Steiner, who founded the Waldorf Schools and biodynamic agriculture, the Lemurian civilization existed prior to Atlantis, and existed in South Asia and Africa, extending from Ceylon to Madagascar.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner

According to Steiner, the Lemurians derived immense powers of will and strength from a direct connection to the energy bodies of plants and animals around them.

The Lemurian was, says Steiner, "a born magician in all fields of lower human activities." Steiner discusses the Lemurian civilization extensively in his book Cosmic Memory and in many other publications and lectures.

According to Steiner, Lemurian institutions of higher learning focused on teaching initiates secret techniques enabling them to control the forces of nature by direct contemplation.

Steiner said these Lemurian mystery schools "stood far above what mankind has since acquired in the way of arts and sciences." He called them "colleges of will power and of the clairvoyant power of the imagination. From them emerged men who became, in every respect, rulers of the others."

Steiner says that life on Earth was vastly different then. The "air was much thicker", the "water much thinner." The ground was thin and broken apart continually by the action of convulsive volcanic forces.

Adam Kadmon in Fruehlemurien by Rudolf Steiner

Adam Kadmon in Fruehlemurien (Lemuria), by Rudolf Steiner, pastel, 1923


The Earth in this period was shaped by the primal element of Fire. What we know as small ferns existed as giants of the plant world. Only amphibians, birds and lower animals existed. The vast majority of humanity lived a very primitive life, which can only be described as animalistic in nature.

Yet for those in the Lemurian mystery schools, life was exalted beyond what we know today. "The uninitiated, of course, stood under the magical influence of the initiated," says Steiner. "It was also natural that the latter considered themselves sanctified personages. . . They looked into the creative workshop of nature. They experienced a communion with the beings who built the world itself. One can call this communion an association with the gods."

Steiner says that in the later periods of the more highly developed Lemurian civilization, the role of female initiates was paramount, and that these female initiates were responsible for planting the seeds of the knowledge of good and evil in the soul of mankind, as well as for developing the first human awareness of beauty, and for cultivating the first human language, a kind of song.

Thus all subsequent human civilizations owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Lemurian priestesses, who created the first Mystery Schools teaching enlightenment through direct experience of nature, the first human system of ethics, the first art and highly developed system of aesthetics and the first, prototypical human language.

Over the last thirty years, rockhounds, meditators and crystal healers have discovered a unique variety of quartz crystal found only in one remote region of Brazil which are said to resonate with the energy signature of the ancient Lemurian civilization, and which are highly prized for their unique metaphysical properties.

Goddess Parashakti in Temple, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Goddess Parashakti, Parashakthi Temple in Pontiac, Michigan
Rashkesh, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Given this description of the ancient Lemurian civilization, it is not at all surprising that crystal healers and Lightworkers from the Nineties to the present have consistently described the energy of the Lemurian seed crystals as warm, nurturing, feminine, healing, and closely connected to the Source of Shakti, Universal Life Force Energy, Goddess who is the weaver of the web of life on Earth, the Divine Mother.

All Lemurians have a very powerful and unique energy signature.

The Contemporary Origins and Mining of Lemurian Seed Crystals

Lemurian Seed Crystals that come from mines in the region of Minas Gerais, Brazil, near the town of Joaquin Felicio. Some of these mines are being operated by a miner who was one of the family members who originally mined Lemurian seed crystals in the Nineteen Nineties, and one of the mines, a new one, is operated by an enterprising Brazilian miner who is a newcomer to the wonderful world of Lemurian seed crystals.

All of these mines have uncovered new Lemurian Seed Crystals that come from a line of crystal beds along the same mountain top ridge system known as the Serro do Cobral. All the major new Lemurian mines are located within a 20 kilometer radius of the original mine where Lemurian Seed Crystals were first discovered and categorized in the early Nineties. (See map below.)

Map of the New Lemurian Mines, Serro do Cobral, Brazil

Map of the Original and the New Lemurian Mines, Serro do Cobral, Brazil

The origins of the Lemurian seed crystals make an interesting story, which we have pieced together from accounts provided by our source for Lemurian crystals, an international dealer in minerals and crystals, who has dealt directly with the owners of the Lemurian mines in this area for many years.

Enterprising American miners in the 1940s, working land owned by Brazilians, opened up two mines in the mountains of the Serra do Cabral mountain range near the town of Joaquin Felicio, in the state of Minas Gerais. In the picture below, Brazilian rockhound Marlon Ferreira stands atop a ridge overlooking the main working pit where Lemurians are being mined in 2007, visible in the upper right hand of the photograph.

"After World War II, the Americans left", explains our source. "The mines reverted to the control of the Brazilian families who originally owned the land. Five relatives from these families reopened mining operations in the early 1990s, at the larger mine of the two that had been opened up by the Americans," our source continues.

Marlon at the New Lemurian Mines

Marlon Ferreira at New Lemurian Mines, 2007

An American, mineral dealer David Geiger, was intrigued by the unusual formations of the crystals in the mine, and forwarded some samples to a colleague, Kristina Raphaell. Raphaell designated the crystals as Lemurian seed crystals, and offered the world a wealth of channeled information about the origin of these unique crystals.

According to our Lemurian source, the Lemurian crystals were found in the mine shafts being dug in the original Lemurian mine, embedded in a matrix surrounded by loose sandy soil, from which it was relatively easy to extract them.

Individuals who have direct experience removing crystals from the Lemurian mines say that they have found many long wands deposited in loose, sandy soil, points directed outward, as if someone standing at the location had placed them there. Below is a picture of Lemurian crystals in a cliffside in a Lemurian mine in Brazil, taken by Marlon Ferreira in 2007 with permission of the owners.

Lemurian Crystals Embedded in Matrix, New Lemurian Mine, photo by Marlon Ferreira, 2007
Lemurian Crystals Embedded in Matrix, New Lemurian Mine,
photo by Marlon Ferreira, 2007


These Lemurian crystals often appeared in clusters of long shafts and as individual wands, as in the picture shown here. Individual Lemurian wands range in size from a few inches to two feet or more in length, and weigh anywhere from a few grams to 50 kilograms or more. Clusters weighing up to 600 kilos have been extracted from time to time.

Because of their appearance, and because they were found in cliffsides and in shallow digs, they were relatively easy to extract, and it seemed to some that they had been "planted" in the soil by an intelligent agent.

Based upon channeled information received in meditation, many metaphysical rock hounds came to believe that these crystals were implanted directly in loose sandy soil in the mountains of the Serra do Cabral by the wise men and women of the ancient Lemurian civilization, aeons prior to all currently known historical records. Other crystal healers said that these Lemurian crystals grew from tiny "seed" crystals implanted in the sandy soil of the Brazilian mountains by the Lemurian high priests and priestesses in the mists of pre-history.

Early accounts of Lemurian crystal 'mining' suggested that the Lemurians were virtually lying around on top of the ground, or their tops visible to the naked eye, and that it was more a matter of 'harvesting' them than of mining.

First hand accounts of contemporary mining practices in the Lemurian mines of the Sera do Cobral paint a slightly different picture. Brazilian rockhound Marlon Ferreira, a friend of the owner of the Lemurian mine, showed us videos he took on a 2007 trip to the mine.

Once the miners delineate an area they want to explore, they detonate explosive charges that break up the ground. Then large chunks of matrix, full of Lemurians, which appear similar to the cliff wall in the picture above, are washed with high pressure water jets. The high pressure water jets break up the loose sandstone, and dissolve it. Then the Lemurians fall out of the liquefying sandstone matrix.

Crystal lovers may have noticed that it is very difficult to find rough Lemurian crystal wands without any dings or chips. That is because this method of mining Lemurians usually damages the crystals as they fall during the water jet mining process. To alleviate this problem, crystal dealers often polish one or more shafts and faces of Lemurian wands to create a smooth surface.

Some crystal healers such as Katrina Raphaell believe that only rough unpolished Lemurian wands are useful for healing purposes, but our experience has been that both polished and unpolished Lemurian wands exhibit a unique energy signature that is very powerful. We have had good success with clients using both types of crystals and we love them all!

Once a pond of silt and fallen Lemurians has been created by the water jet mining process, silt and crystals are removed from the pond, placed on drying tables, and the Lemurians are separated from the silty matrix and the water.

Marlon Ferreira at New Lemurian Mine, Serro do Cobral, Brazil

Marlon Ferreira at New Lemurian Mine, Serro do Cobral, Brazil

In this picture, Brazilian rockhound Marlon Ferreira is picking Lemurian crystals from the dissolved matrix recovered from the large recovery pond created by high pressure water jet mining operations at the primary Lemurian mine in the Sero do Cobral.

This water mining process creates a growing pond of very silty water, as you can see from the picture, which, over time, can begin to filter out into nearby streams. Concern over adverse environmental impacts of Lemurian mining is one of the main reasons why the Brazilian government shuts down the Lemurian mining operations periodically. The Lemurian mines are located within a region renowned for a very large State Park in an area that the Brazilian government is doing its best to maintain as an environmental preserve, so there is substantial governmental pressure on Lemurian miners to mine responsibly.

The periodic shutdowns tend to create fluctuating supplies, so there are times when Lemurians are easy to get and other times when it is more difficult to obtain these highly prized Brazilian crystals.

Lemurians occur naturally with multiple striations, and Katrina Raphaell and some other crystal healers consider the crystals more valuable when these striations have been left intact & not polished off of the crystals, although our experience is that both polished and unpolished Lemurian crystals have immensely powerful energies useful in healing, meditation and spiritual practice of all kinds.

The multiple striations on Lemurian crystals have been said by Katrina Raphaell and others to contain information from the ancient civilization of Lemuria. Lemurian crystals are said to be tuned to energies of unity, and to help us to balance the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives.

According to the mineralogist and crystal dealer who provides us with Lemurian crystals, Lemurian seed crystals are perfect examples of a crystalline structure created by what is known as the "Muzo crystal growth habit". 


Unpolished Shadow Lemurian Laser Wand with Anatase

Unpolished Shadow Lemurian Laser Wand with Anatase.

courtesy Satya Center

This picture features an unpolished smoky Shadow Lemurian with clearly visible temple markings which is a perfect example of the Muzo growth habit.

This habit was first described by Rykart, commenting on crystals from Muzo in Colombia. A similar crystal "habit" or structure has also been found on rock crystals from pegmatites in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and from alpinotype vugs in Switzerland.

Many Lemurian seed crystals, commonly known as Laser wands, display the defining characteristics of the "Muzo habit". Muzo habit crystals display horizontal striations up and down the shaft, and can form very steep termination tips, such that a cross section of the upper end of the shaft appears triangular, although the lower body of the shaft remains hexagonal in shape.

"I believe that the Lemurian crystals' shape, the surface etchings, the overall structure, evokes Lemurian consciousness in the people who handle them," says our Lemurian source. "People meditated with these crystals and the crystals evoked a consciousness we call Lemurian consciousness -- a connection to the archetypes and wisdom, if you will, we associate with Lemuria."

This explains why Lemurian crystals are found in Brazil, in Russia, and in other locations, none of which map closely onto the locations identified with Lemuria by the Theosophical seers who originally envisioned this ancient civilization in their clairvoyant meditations.

The Sacred Geometry of Lemurian Seed Crystals

The sacred geometry of the Lemurian Seed Crystal Laser Wand provides some keys to its nature that provide extremely helpful guidance to crystal healers, Lightworkers and meditators working with these unique crystals.

The shaft of the Lemurian crystals is often hexagonal and the six sided geometry of these crystals reveals much about their mineralogical and metaphysical properties.

Hexagonal Crystalline Lattice Structure

Hexagonal Crystalline Lattice Structure
CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


The hexagon occurs in both organic and inorganic forms in nature, and thus represents the bridge between living and non-living realms of material creation in the sacred science of sacred geometry.

Six-angled, six-sided and six-pointed forms of nature include: quartz crystals; the benzene ring, a basic structure in organic chemistry, and one of the basic building blocks of organic structures of nature, composed of a hexagonal configuration of six hydrogen and six carbon atoms; the hexagonal web of cellulose found in plant tissue; the hexagonal net of cells that form the tissue in the human lung; snowflakes; slices of carrot and green pepper; and honeycombs.

The Lemurian Laser Wand's sacred geometry, incorporating the hexagon and the triangle, marks these uinque crystals as nature's own magic wands.

Slice the hexagonal shaft of any Lemurian Laser wand, and a Star of David appears. Quartz crystal wands are three dimensional Star of David mandalas. 

The Star of David structure is the ideal container for Universal Life Force Energy. This photo shows a lily flower, which exhibits a star of david which can be seen in the unfolding of its petals.

Lily Flower Exhibits Hexagonal Symmetry

The Star of David implicit within the hexagon expresses the interrelationship of matter and spirit. The upward pointing triangle of the Star of David represents spirit, and the downward pointing triangle represents material reality. The Star of David also symbolizes the interpenetration and balance of male and female energies, the upward and downward pointing triangles respectively. The Star of David represents the manifestation of Divine proportions in an ideal and harmonious, stable and orderly material structure.

The hexagonal shaft of the Lemurian Laser Wand narrows to form a more angular, triangular termination tip in accordance with the Muzo crystal growth habit. The transition from the hexagon to the triangle represents the aspiration of matter toward spirit, and is another indication that the Lemurian Laser Wand is the ideal vehicle for transmitting Universal Life Force energy directly from Source.

Lemurian Laser Wands deliver a highly concentrated beam of life force energy. Energy enters the crystal through the hexagonal base, and is amplified as it travels through the shaft, bouncing from face to face in a spiral of light. As the energy travels through the increasingly narrow end of the shaft and enters the triangular termination tip, the energy is concentrated, focused and amplified, so that when it is delivered it has many of the characteristics of a laser beam.

There are also other varieties of Lemurian Seed Crystal with highly desirable and unique properties conferred by their structure, crystal habit and sacred geometry.

Polished Ultra Clear Phantom Isis Channeling Altar, courtesy Satya Center

Polished Ultra Clear Phantom Isis Channeling Altar, courtesy Satya Center

 Many Lemurian Seed Crystals exhibit what is known as trigonal symmetry, and are found with highly developed termination tips that often exhibit large three five-sided or six-sided or seven-sided faces opposed by tiny triangular faces.

The Lemurian Seed Crystals with five-sided faces opposed by a triangular face are said to be Isis Crystals, with a special affinity for the Divine Mother in her aspect as Isis, Queen of the Stars.

Lemurian Seed Crystals with a seven-sided face opposed by a triangular face are said to be Channeling Crystals, and are believed to enhance our connection to inner spiritual guidance, and to facilitate communication with angelic presences, Master Guides and Spiritual Teachers in higher dimensions, who inhabit spiritual worlds.

Yet other Lemurian Seed Crystals exhibit termination tips with greatly enlarged rhombohedral faces, often seven-sided, opposed by small triangular faces. These crystals have formed according to what is known as the Dauphiné habit. They are often Channeling crystals or Isis Crystals, such as the one pictured below.

Dream Lemurian Wand

Dream Lemurian Wand, courtesy Satya Center

This crystal structure, or habit, is named after the Dauphiné, the old name for the French Alps around Grenoble. The large rhombohedral faces of these Lemurian Seed crystals are formed because the crystal grew unevenly, due to geologic conditions in the area, and the characteristic rhombohedral faces simply grew more slowly than the rest of the crystal.

These Dauphiné habit crystals are extremely powerful transmitters of energy, and they tend to transmit large beams of energy rather than the very highly concentrated streams of energy chracteristic of the Lemurian Laser Wand. Dauphiné habit Lemurian Seed crystals are highly prized for their ability to send energy to large areas, and across long distances, especially when they exhibit the seven-sided faces characteristic of Chaneling Crystals or the five-sided faces characteristic of Isis Crystals.

All crystal healers, Lightworkers and metaphysical researchers agree that direct experience of the Lemurian energy signature is what is important, and that the energy signature of the Lemurian seed crystals must be experienced to be understood completely.

For those who would like to experience that energy firsthand, a number of exercises can be beneficial.

Giant Lemurian Wand with Temple Markings, courtesy Satya Center

Giant Lemurian Wand with Striations, courtesy Satya Center

You can place the striations on the third eye or simply hold the crystal in your left hand, the receiving hand, and place your finger on the striations while meditating, or just place the crystal on your meditation cushion or altar nearby you.

You can backlight these Lemurian crystals and scan them with a jeweler's loupe to observe the finely etched hieroglyphics that become visible when the striations are magnified.

They are said to resemble Sanskrit lettering and to contain the records of each crystal's experiences and of the Lemurian civilization. Lemurian crystals are said to be tuned to energies of unity, and to help us to balance the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives.

Lemurian Akashic Record Keeper Crystals display prominent triangular markings on one or more of their termination facets, and these markings are said to facilitate access to the Akashic Records, a Universal Library containing the templates for all creation and a history of this creation's evolutionary pattern.

Close Up of Lemurian Record Keeper Crystal, courtesy Satya Center

Close Up of Lemurian Record Keeper Crystal, courtesy Satya Center


Lightworkers have said that the triangular markings on Record Keepers also contain the records of Atlantean crystal healers, metaphysicians and scientists stored there during the time of the Atlantean civilization.

The Lemurians were said to be Earthkeepers, connected to the energies of those Divine Beings who structured the physical manifestation of Mother Earth and who provided the energetic templates for the web of life on this planet, which remain today in the etheric plane, where the Akashic Records reside.

The Lemurian quartz crystals have been identified as tools of the present era's Lightworkers whose task is to preserve the environment -- those known as Protectors of Mother Earth.

These Protectors, modern day Earthkeepers, often use Lemurian crystals to unify their energies with lightworkers throughout the world and beyond, to perform collective meditations for the benefit of the environment and all the beings who dwell on our Blue-Green Planet.

Healers we have spoken to about the Lemurian crystals say that these stones have a warmth and power and a deep, nurturing, feminine energy that they have not seen in other quartz crystals.

And we can say from personal experience using Lemurians in a clinical setting with people with chronic and life threatening illness, that these stones can open and soothe the heart chakra and the emotional body, bringing comfort and deep relaxation. They are ideal for use by vibrational healers, Reiki therapists, and other energy workers.

Pentagonal Dodecahedron with Icosahedral Caps: Configuration of the Christ Consciousness Energy Grid Surrounding Planet Earth

Pentagonal Dodecahedron with Icosahedral Caps:
Configuration of the Christ Consciousness Energy Grid Around Planet Earth

Because Lemurian seed crystals are associated with the Divine Mother and with the Protectors of the Earth, these crystals can be used effectively in meditation to transmit healing energy to large groups of people, to Lightworkers connected to the Christ consciousness grid surrounding the planet, and to large geographic areas suffering from extreme weather events or degraded environmental conditions, conflicted political situations, war and political oppression.

Pink Lemurians, Dream Lemurians, Goddess Lemurians, Shadow Lemurians and Golden Lemurians from The New Lemurian Mines

As Lemurian lovers no doubt know, the original Lemurian mine suspended operations years ago, and the remaining Lemurians in the stockpiles of the family operating the mine, and in the warehouses of dealers around the world, constituted the total global supply of these highly desirable crystals.

In the last couple of years, one of the miners who was part of the group of family members who operated the original Brazilian Lemurian mine in the mountains of Serro de Cobral has reopened operations in the smaller of the two original locations, and that operaton is known as The New Lemurian Mine. (See map above.)

New varieties of Lemurian crystals have been discovered by this experienced Lemurian miner, who is further exploring the area that produced the original Lemurian seed crystals.

The New Lemurian Mine is producing a quantity of very pink Lemurian Seed Crystals similar to those originally extracted in the Nineteen Nineties, a new variety of Lemurian called Goddess Lemurians, and new varieties known as Dream Lemurians, Shadow Lemurians and Goddess Lemurians.

Goddess Lemurian Window Scepter, courtesy Satya Center

Goddess Lemurian Window Scepter, courtesy Satya Center

Lemurian Goddess crystals are clear to slightly smoky, and many have either white or earth tone phantom layers on one or more faces. Crystal healers who have worked with them say that they work to bring the body and mind into balance, and to harmonize the balanced human being with the forces of nature.

This effect is in keeping with the Ancient Wisdom of the original Lemurian priestesses, whose training helped them establish clairvoyant communication with the devas and nature spirits and highly evolved spiritual beings overseeing Creation on planet Earth on behalf of the Great Mother, and to exercise their will forces in harmony with these great beings of light in order to equilibrate and optimize the evolution of the many Creations of the Divine Mother found in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

Crystal healers familiar with the Goddess Lemurians say that they can aid the bearer in establishing contact with the sacred wisdom of the Great Mother, and to the ancient wisdom teachings of the Lemurian high priestesses.

Lemurian Dream Quartz contains phantoms ranging in color from creamy white to pale green. Dream Lemurians come in both polished and unpolished specimens.

Isis Dream Lemurian Crystal with Sparkling Anatase, courtesy Satya Center

Isis Dream Lemurian Crystal with Sparkling Anatase, courtesy Satya Center

The unpolished Dream Lemurian pieces have the deep striations typical of Lemurians, with colors ranging from blue-green to creamy-white & ochre, ranging in clarity from translucent to opaque.

Crystal healers working with the Dream Lemurians report that even small specimens are very powerful, and can alter the energy in a room, an office, or a treatment room, imparting a warm, nurturing, feminine, and "dream-like" quality to the space. These Dream Lemurians create a space for dreams -- they are not dream like in a spacey way, but rather dream-like meaning creating a feeling of openness and expansive creativity, so that those in the environment feel empowered to fulfill their own Higher Purpose through the functioning of Higher Mind, for the best and highest good of all involved.

Needless to say, Dream Lemurians are wonderful companions on an altar or night table, and can be comfortably used under the pillow or in the hand when it's time for sleep.

Some pieces of Lemurian Dream Quartz also contain sparkling anatase, a form of titanium dioxide sprinkled here & there on the surface & within. You can see the antase on the surface of a Dream Lemurian where it appears as tiny flecks of silver or gold in what appear to be tiny pockmarks, as in the specimen below.

Close Up of Dream Lemurian Wand with Anatase, courtesy Satya Center

Close Up of Dream Lemurian Wand with Anatase, courtesy Satya Center

Anatase is better known as a dipyramidal form of rutile. Rutile is a titanium ore. Titanium is used in high tech and aerospace alloys because it's lightweight, exhibits great strength, is super-conductive and resists corrosion.

Rutilated quartz crystals are known to be super conductors -- powerful amplifiers of Universal Life Force Energy, making them particularly effective in releasing energy blockages. Rutilated Lemurian quartz has an enhanced ability to help dissolve any energy congestion found in the physical, etheric or astral bodies.

Rutilated quartz acts as a stimulant to the nervous system and the etheric body. Rutile excels at repelling negative energy and ending unwanted interference. Rutile promotes and strengthens stability in relationships and marriage, and works to eliminate emotional and physical imbalances.

Jane and I have used the new Dream Lemurian crystals in meditation and in our Reiki practice, and we are amazed by their complex and powerful energy.

During meditation and in Reiki sessions, we found that the Dream Lemurians impart a deep, nurturing warmth, most noticeable first in the 'hara' center, the storehouse ofUniversal Life Force Energy, or 'chi', located two fingers width below the belly button. This warm glow expanded throughout our bodies, then extended out into the aura, enlivening and brightening body, heart, and spirit.

We have found Phantom Dream Lemurians to be very helpful companions during sleep cycles, triggering profound dream experiences, helping us recall meaningful dream experiences, and gently triggering needed catharsis of negative emotional baggage.

Polished Dream Lemurian Phantom Channeling Altar, courtesy Satya Center

Polished Dream Lemurian Phantom Channeling Altar, courtesy Satya Center

Reiki clients report that Dream Lemurians provide a warm, nurturing, yet energizing effect on the body and mind, noticeable for periods of time up to several days after treatment.

Some Lemurian Dream Quartz wands also contains phantoms which range in color from creamy white-ochre to pale blue-green. These Dream Lemurian Phantoms are said to assist one with integrating spiritual awareness with daily life. The colors of the phantoms in the piece in the pictures appearing to the left and below are an opaque creamy pale ochre flecked with deeper ochres.

The phantom was created when a faceted tip formed at one point in the crystal's growth, but the crystal's growth was interrupted for some reason, and then the quartz crystal resumed its crystallization, enclosing the phantom crystal outline within itself. One possibility is that a pocket inside the earth surrounding the crystal dried out, stopping the crystal's growth, and the pocket was later resaturated, triggering another stage of crystal growth. The final result was the formation of a phantom crystal displaying the termination faces, as is found in this crystal.

Each phantom represents a different stage in the crystal's growth -- and each stage can last for hundreds of thousands of years! Each phantom crystal reveals its own evolutionary pattern -- it is as though we can see the record of the transmigrations of the crystal's soul.

It should come as no surprise that phantom crystals help us to unearth our own histories, and to come to terms with unresolved issues from our past. Phantoms help us to see our own messy histories and our painful karmic issues as part of a beautiful spiritual evolution. In this way, they help to restore a sense of inner balance, unity and an aura of magic where there had been pain and struggle.

Phantom Lemurian wands can help you connect with inner spiritual guidance.They can also be used to access the "akashic records" to help you observe your own spiritual evolution, stimulating recollection of your progression through past-lives.

Unpolished Shadow Lemurian Wand with Anatase, courtesy Satya Center

Unpolished Shadow Lemurian Wand with Anatase, courtesy Satya Center

Smoky Citrine Lemurians, also referred to as Shadow Healer Lemurians, are a combination of smoky quartz and citrine. 

Smoky Citrine combines the energies of these two powerful types of crystal.

Smoky quartz and citrine are both found in high-temperature hydrothermal veins in Brazil, and both are used by Lightworkers to transform negative or unwanted energies.

Smoky Citrine is a stone of transformation, an alchemist’s stone. Smoky quartz is a traditional stone of slow transformation and purification of the emotional body through deep meditation, and citrine is the golden purifier, actively transforming and elevating the sluggish – or stuck --  energies in an individual’s energy system.

Smoky Citrine Lemurians facilitate a smooth and easy, graceful access to a very deep place when doing inner work.

You can see there's a generous sprinkling of anatase on three faces of the shaft, where it is visible as highly reflective metallic particles. Anatase is a form of titanium dioxide, and is the key mineral component of rutilated quartz, where the rutile often forms long slender rods of silver or gold. Here it lends a sparkling inner glow to the Lemurian wand. 

Lemurians with anatase are especially prized by Lightworkers because the rutile enhances the flow of Universal Life Force energy through the crystal, and acts as a stimulant for the lucky person who holds the crystal.

The crystal pictured above is from a new find in the Serra do Cobral Mountain range in Brazil, where both the old and new Lemurian mines are located.

 AAA Huge Golden Healer Lemurian Growth Interference Wand, courtesy Satya Center

AAA Huge Golden Healer Lemurian Growth Interference Wand,

courtesy Satya Center

Jane and I have discovered through direct experience that Lemurian golden healers are true "ascension stones", raising the vibrational frequency of the entire chakra system and promoting a higher energy signature throughout body, mind and aura. Just keep reading and we'll tell you all about what we experienced.

Because these Golden Lemurians are so saturated with both light and color, they look deeper and more transparent depending on how you hold them and in what kind of light you are working in with the wands.

This Golden Healer Lemurian crystal displays remarkable clarity throughout.  Hematite or iron oxide inclusions give this Golden Healer Lemurian a distinctive golden orange color. The golden-orange coloration, and the infusion of hematite gives this Lemurian cluster a distinct metaphysical connection to Archangel Michael, who wields the iron sword of purification and karmic release.

Generally, golden healer crystals, many of which have been found in Arkansas, have a coating of iron oxide on the surface of the crystal which imparts the characteristic color, ranging from yellow to brownish yellow. Occasionally the iron oxide suffuses the entire crystal with a golden glow. Golden healer crystals that are completely infused with a beautiful golden color are much more rare and energetically powerful than those with a mere coating of iron oxide.

Golden healer crystals are used by crystal healers for their ability to magnify the flow of prana throughout the body and aura to promote healing, reduce fear and anxiety, induce a state of deep relaxation and accelerate tissue healing. Golden healers are said to put the healer and the one seeking healing in touch with the guidance they need to take them more rapidly and easily along their own personal path of healing. Golden healers are also said to powerfully energize and activate the crown and third, or solar plexus chakra.

In meditation and self-Reiki treatments, Jane and I experienced first hand the unique power of these new Lemurian healing crystals.

First, one experiences a vastly increased flow of prana throughout the body, accompanied by a sense of relief, release of tension and well-being.

Next there is a sense of energy elevating to a higher frequency within all seven of the primary chakras associated with the physical body.

 Huge AAA Golden Healer Lemurian Growth Interference Wand, courtesy Satya Center

Huge AAA Golden Lemurian Growth Interference Wand,

courtesy Satya Center

Other golden crystals and gemstones we have used amplify the energy in the crown chakra, but these Lemurian golden healers are true "ascension stones", raising the vibrational frequency of the entire chakra system and promoting a higher energy signature throughout body, mind and aura. These golden healer crystals promote the purification of the entire body, mind and aura as they simultaneously help the bearer to raise their energy from the lower chakras to the more highly evolved spiritual centers. No matter where your consciousness is normally centered, in the first, second, third or fourth chakra, you will notice that your consciousness is raised to a higher level during sessions with the Golden Healer Lemurian crystals.

Following this sense of elevation, the Golden Healer Lemurians initiated a profound relaxation of the physical body, which occurred over a period of time. One senses a strong flow of energy into the areas of the body where tensions are held. Then one experiences a gentle breakup of blockages in those areas where the most tension is held in muscles throughout the body.

During a meditation session, it is helpful to take deep slow breaths from the diaphragm and "breathe through the tension", which facilitates the gentle dissipation of these blockages in the energy system.

As these energy blockages dissipate, one enjoys a deep relaxation of muscles, ligaments, tendons and nervous tension, especially in those areas that had held the most tension.

Then, mental activity simply ceased, the incessantly arising procession of thoughts common to our waking consciousness slowing dramatically until few or no new thoughts appeared.

As mental activity ceased, we experienced a profound feeling of inner peace and well-being. Stillness, silence, and a vision of a deep velvety void shot through with tiny sparkling lights. Then, simply silence.

Tarot Trump XVII, The Star, Thoth Tarot Deck

Tarot Trump XVII, The Star, Thoth Tarot Deck

In further meditations with the Golden Healer crystals, the Sky Goddess Nuit appeared to us. The Goddess of Love and Light, Mistress of the Milky Way, and Mother of the Universe imparted this message:

"I have poured our my living, loving light into the Golden Healer Lemurians to help Lightworkers stay open, clear and balanced during these times of Earthly transition, so you may all continue to receive the increasing flow of energy from Source that the Ascended Master Hierarchy is directing to that segment of Humanity which is open to the elevation of human energy signatures to a higher level, on what many call the Ascension Path.

The pain and suffering humanity is experiencing results from a totally imbalanced cultural relationship to nature, to spirit and to soul-life, especially to the divinities and Ascended Master Teachers and Guides. This imbalance in the group consciousness of humanity impacts all human beings, no matter how advanced they may be spiritually.

The birth pangs of a new global consciousness create increased tensions and energetic blockages within the human body-mind-aura and can impede the energetic progress of even advanced Lightworkers and others on the path of Spirit.

I nourish the Universe with the milk of my breasts, which manifests as the Zero Point Field of background energy which creates and sustains the stars in your skies and your Mother Planet Earth. The Golden Healer Lemurians are that Divine milk churned by Mother Earth over untold ages of geological time into a crystalline butter that will nourish human bodies, minds and emotional bodies. Accept this gift from the Mistress of the Stars, and think of me with love as you work with these beautiful love-offerings carrying the energy signature of the Divine Source, which lies beyond the four dimensional time-space continuum." 

The Lemurian Rutile Mine and the Rutilated Lemurians

 The Lemurian Rutile Mine is a new mine on the mountaintop in the Serra de Cobral where Lemurians were originally extracted. It is now being operated by a miner who was one of the family members operating the original Lemurian mine in the Nineteen Nineties. This Lemurian Rutile Mine has produced a fine yield of extremely powerful angel hair rutile Lemurian crystals.

Polished Lemurian Phantom Rutile Window Altar, courtesy Satya Center

Polished Lemurian Phantom Rutile Window Altar, courtesy Satya Center

These new Rutilated Lemurian crystals have fine angel hair golden rutile needles & often contains hematite, or iron oxide, giving it a distinctive tangerine hue and a distinctive metaphysical connection with Archangel Michael.

Esoteric Christianity makes a link between hematite and Archangel Michael, and a quartz crystal containing hematite can provide the bearer with a powerful connection to Michael, providing access to the Archangel's loving wisdom and power to dissolve illusion through the activity of his famous sword, the sword of Ultimate Truth.

During the Libran month, from late September through October, in the northern hemisphere, the Draconid meteor showers, the Orionids, and others will be visible.

At this time of year, when sensational meteor showers, largely composed of iron, traditionally streak across the night sky, Esoteric Christian philosopher Rudolph Steiner's clairvoyant vision saw the traditional flashing iron sword of Michael.

Archangel Michael, oil painting by Guido Reni, 1635

Archangel Michael, oil painting by Guido Reni, 1635

The meteoric sword of Michael was thought to cleanse the Earth's atmosphere of summer's sulfurous influences, allowing the Higher Self to emerge and guide the initiate along the path of Spirit toward the birth of the Inner Christ Light, an event which takes place in December, during the festival of Christmas.

Rutile Lemurians, like all Lemurians, are tuned to energies of unity, and help us to balance the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives in their own unique ways. The hematite found in abundance in rutile Lemurians assists us to release negativity, transforming the negativity into the clarity of purified Universal Life Force Energy.

Hematite is also associated with the attainment of inner peace, equilibrium, and self-control, and is said to assist us in maintaining a centered, grounded approach to life.

We have used the New Lemurian Rutile crystals in meditation and in our Reiki practice, and we are amazed by their complex and powerful energy.

During meditation and in Reiki sessions, we found that the New Rutile Lemurians impart a deep, energizing & nurturing warmth, most noticeable first in the 'hara' center, the storehouse of Universal Life Force Energy, or 'chi', located two fingers width below the belly button. This warm glow expanded throughout our bodies, then extended out into the aura, enlivening and brightening body, heart, and spirit.

Although many forms of rutile accelerate intellectual activity, the Rutilated New Lemurians stimulate the Higher Mind, quieting the stream of conscious mind chatter and connecting consciousness to the wisdom found in a realm of a more universal wisdom, clarity and enlightenment.

We also found these unusual New Rutile Lemurians to be very helpful companions in order to restore vitality and gently triggering needed catharsis of negative emotional baggage.

Reiki clients report that the New Rutile Lemurians provide a warm, nurturing, yet energizing effect on the body and mind, noticeable for periods of time up to several days after treatment.

The New Lemurian Mine and New Clear Lemurians 

A Brazilian individual bought a farm property a few years ago on the mountaintop in Brazil near the location of the original Lemurian mine, and was mystified to discover a huge hole in the ground on his land. Investigating more closely he found a smaller hole inside the large cavity in the earth, and began to explore it.

In that cavity, he found a large deposit of Lemurian seed crystals, now known as New Clear Lemurians. His mine is known as the New Lemurian mine.

Long Ultra Clear New Lemurian Wand, courtesy Satya Center

Long Ultra Clear New Lemurian Wand, courtesy Satya Center

The New Clear Lemurian crystals are much less pink than original Lemurians, much more clear, and often exhibit the traditional Muzo habit, with the characteristic horizontal striations we have come to associate with Lemurian seed crystals. The New Clear Lemurians have a perfect feel in the hand and are marvelous tools for doing any kind of energy work, meditation or healing work.

New Clear Lemurian crystals also sometimes exhibit a striking peach color, and some of them also have a thick coating of white to ochre colored material on their surface, which adds to their warmth and seems to amplify their nurturing energy. All these New Clear Lemurians retain the power of the original Lemurians, and their connection to the ancient Lemurian civilization's energy signature.

These crystals can assist in any evolutionary or spiritual work. Each type of New Clear Lemurian has its own specific strengths and characteristics.

The extremely clear New Clear Lemurians are very powerful, very energetic, stimulating the entire chakra system, and especially the crown chakra. These New Clear Lemurians facilitate connection with Higher Mind, enhance powers of concentration, and create feelings of empowerment because they enable us to achieve higher levels of clarity and focused intention.

This is all congruent with the original Theosophical insights into the nature of the wisdom school teachings of the ancient Lemurian culture, which sought to impart in initiates the ability to work directly with highly developed will forces to assist the natural world in manifesting perfected exemplars of naturally occurring elements, minerals, and plants in accordance with the evolutionary pathways of these Earthly creations.

These initiates used the same techniques to create tools, dwellings, artwork, and ritual objects of tremendous power and efficacy for the advancement of humanity's spiritual evolution.

We have discovered that the New Clear Lemurians with the colored material coating their surface work in much the same way as Dream Lemurians to transform the energy within their environment, giving those within that space a feeling of expansive permission to access their own Higher Purpose and to pursue their dreams and their loftiest goals, without fear and with great vigor.

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The Crystal Culture of Atlantis and the Blue Stone of Healing

The Theosophists and Anthroposophists did not focus on the use of quartz crystals in Atlantis, but other modern clairvoyants offered extensive information about the use of quartz crystals, especially in the ancient, lost civilization of Atlantis.

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce

American clairvoyant and healer Edgar Cayce devoted large parts of many of his psychic readings during the early and mid Twentieth Century to a discussion of the civilization in Atlantis. It is believed that large crystals were used to generate power used to focus laser-like beams of energy that traveled between pyramids, obelisks, temples, stone monuments and other points on a network of grids established throughout Atlantis.

This power grid was used to generate power locally in every area of Atlantis. Crystal power was said to be used for powering aircraft, lighting cities, for long-distance communications, for healing, to rejuvenate aging Atlanteans, and to stimulate the growth of crops.

Many of Edgar Cayce's psychic readings refer to the use of crystals in Atlantis, both for positive and negative uses.

According to Phyllis Galde, writing in the Llewellyn Encyclopedia of Mind and Spirit, 'Crystals were used to light the inner tunnels and chambers [in Atlantis] while the pyramids and Mystery Temples were under construction. . .Crystals were used to control weather, to attune initiates, and in radio waves for communicating with home bases in space (the orbiting Mother ships).'[i]

"Crystals were used to generate energy, which was focused in various ways, not all of which were positive," continues Galde. "The Atlanteans used an advanced form of hypnosis in which complex detailed visuals were projected into a person's brain, either knowingly or not. By doing this, thoughts could be influenced, as could memory banks. Near the decline of Atlantis, the dark priesthood was involved in control over others. They used crystal power to create pestilences and diseases to kill people by projecting holographically the images, fears, concepts, etc., they wanted to impress on people. They experimented on the populace. Scientists manipulated embryos to create subhuman forms to be used as slaves. . .Crystal generators were built which Edgar Cayce called the 'terrible crystals.' . . . .[According to Edgar Cayce it was] the abuse of these energies that eventually caused the destruction of this great civilization. Edgar Cayce stated that the largest crystal generator is buried under the Atlantic Ocean near the Devil's Triangle, and this massive shift of unfocused electromagnetic energy is what causes ships and planes to go astray."[ii]

As we have seen, Cayce believed that part of Atlantis could be found in the Caribbean. Sources say that he also predicted that in the future a powerful "blue stone" first used in Atlantis would surface on "an island in the Caribbean" and would be of tremendous value in healing. [iii]

Asymmetrical Larimar Pendant, courtesy Satya Center

Asymmetrical Larimar Pendant, courtesy Satya Center

Larimar is known as the Healing Stone of Atlantis because of predictions said to have been made by Edgar Cayce. According to many websites, American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce believed that part of Atlantis could be found in the Caribbean. These websites also predicted that in the future a powerful 'blue stone' first used in Atlantis would surface on "an island in the Caribbean" and would be of tremendous value in healing.''

We contacted Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment and spoke to their librarian, Claire Gardener'to find out more about what the famous psychic had said about this healing stone.

According to Ms. Gardener, "Edgar Cayce never spoke of Larimar. The reason for the confusion is that he spoke of a blue stone." Apparently in response to a question about the location of a mysterious alchemical stone known as the "lapis lingua", Cayce responded that it ". . .is a large blue stone. It was removed from the mines of Arizona. It is the 'lapis', not 'lapis lingua', but another form of the 'lapis'."

Ms. Gardener says that A.R.E. is confident that Cayce saw no relationship between the "lapis" and Larimar or Atlantis. Of course, Larimar had not yet been discovered during Cayce's lifetime. Asked if it was true that Cayce predicted that part of Atlantis would be rediscovered in the Caribbean and that on one of these islands someone would discover a blue stone with extraordinary healing powers, we were told that more research would be required to scour the vast Cayce archives in search of an answer. We never heard back from the A.R.E. on this matter, so it is up to each individual seeker to determine the truth of such claims for himself or herself.

Certain Larimar facts are known and verifiable.

In 1974, the world gemstone market was introduced to a blue form of pectolite, a gemstone'variety of this 'hard, white mineral with a vitreous luster, found in hydrothermal pockets, and associated with metamorphic rock formations.

Blue pectolite is of volcanic origin and is found only in a mountainous, relatively inaccessible region of the Dominican Republic overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 'The most important outcrop of blue pectolite is located . . .about 10 kilometers southwest of the city of Barahona, in the south-western region of the Dominican Republic,' according sources at the Larimar Museum.

Villia Miriam, Baharona, Dominican Republic

Villia Miriam, La Cienaga, Baharona, Dominican Republic

 CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In 1974, the world gemstone market was introduced to a blue form of pectolite, a gemstone with a hard, white mineral with a vitreous luster, found in hydrothermal pockets, and associated with metamorphic rock formations. This picture shows a beautiful blue pectolite (or Larimar) pendant with an aquamarine trillium gemstone on top.'Blue pectolite is of volcanic origin and is found only in a mountainous, relatively inaccessible region of the Dominican Republic overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 'The most important outcrop of blue pectolite is located . . .about 10 kilometers southwest of the city of Barahona, in the south-western region of the Dominican Republic,' according sources at the Larimar Museum.[iv]

'In the year 1974, Norman Rilling, a member of the Peace Corps of the United States, and the Miguel M'ndez, a Dominican found [blue pectolite] on the seashore,' says the Larimar Museum source. 'Following the vestige upstream the Bahoruco river, they got to 'Los Checheses', in the town 'Los Chupaderos' about 10 kilometers into the montains from the city of Barahona, the place at which at present the most abundant outcropping is found.'

These two rockhounds gave the stone the name 'Larimar', which came from M'ndez' daughter's name, 'Larissa' and the Spanish word 'Mar' for sea.

Because of its blue color, which is associated with the fifth, or throat chakra in Western Mystery School traditions, Larimar is widely believed to equilibrate and harmonize the energies of the throat chakra.

Illustration of Clairvoyant Vision of the Throat Chakra, C. W. Leadbeater

Illustration of Clairvoyant Vision of the Throat Chakra, C. W. Leadbeater

C. W. Leadbeater, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The throat chakra governs the mouth, the throat and the thyroid gland and stimulates the thymus region. A balanced third chakra stimulates creative communication, and facilitates all forms of work in the mass media.

An imbalanced throat chakra often indicates that the individual has important life issues that have been repressed because of fear, feelings of impotence, and suppressed rage. So wearing a Larimar pendant on or near the thymus is thought to help the individual resolve issues relating to failed communication, to open up to others, and to realize their full creative potential. (See picture above of Larmimar pendant with aquamarine).

Since the 1980s, Larimar has been known among metaphysical rockhounds as the Stone of Atlantis, thanks to Edgar Cayce's predictions.

Since the time of Edgar Cayce, the use of quartz crystals and gemstones for healing and meditation has become a central theme in New Age thought and practice, and is a continuation of humanity's ageless fascination with these spiritual stones, which certainly predates all historical records.

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