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How to Hold a Crystal

The best way to hold a crystal is in whatever manner is the most comfortable to you.

For example, if you are working with a four-sided healing crystal, you should always work with the operating tip (the more acute male termination tip) in the UP position because if you reverse the crystal so that the male tip is facing downward, either your energy field will be depleted as energy drains from your mind/body/aura or you will be too highly grounded to work effectively.


Marcel's Own Quartz Crystal Vogel Healing Wand

It is therefore imperative that you hold a crystal with the operating, male termination tip face up unless you deliberately want to de-energize yourself, to relieve tension or stress.

You may hold the crystal in either the right or left hand as you prefer.

A crystal with the tip up generates a field which oscillates with the bio-energetic field that surrounds the body of a person.

When you have a properly tuned resonator, the system works as a whole, the same way a crystal is cut for use in a radio broadcasting station so that it transmits only particular frequencies.

If the frequency is not proper, we can broadcast, but nobody then can receive. Look on your crystal as a broadcasting station and if you are in attunement with it, there is a harmony, a balance, and a state of wholeness and well-being.

Clearing and Cleaning Your Crystal

With a radionics instrument, such as the Omega 1, I can measure the intrinsic vibrations of a form like the crystal.

The instrument is designed to pick up the subtle vibration or note that the crystal is manifesting in space. When I put a cleared crystal into the well of the Omega 1 radionics instrument, I get the number 454. That is the vibration rate for a cleared crystal and precisely the same frequency as that of water placed in the Omega 1 device.

If you are using a radionics instrument in conjunction with your crystal healing practice, you can check that the crystal conforms to these criteria when cleared.

Radionics Machines and How to Build Them

For DIY Engineers and Crystal Healers, here's a book published in 2020 that you might enjoy, available on Amazon now

Once charged, the value attributed to the crystal varies as dramatically as the vibrations of the person who charges it.

If the crystal gets too greasy, put a drop of detergent in tap water and wash it and rinse it off.

The real cleansing of a crystal takes place when you remove unwanted vibrations. Soaking in water will not remove these.

Crystals accumulate the thoughts and energies of the user. It is therefore important to clear your crystal after other people have handled it, after healing or counseling sessions, and even after emotionally trying times the user may be experiencing.

Clearing a crystal is like re-setting to zero.

Clearing the crystals in sea salt or warm salt water can destroy a crystal. Cracks and crevices in the crystal will gradually be etched with sea salt. In addition, salt water will strip the crystal only of its surface charge, but it will not take out the internal program.

You have to get within that crystal to take that out. You do not have to immerse a crystal in water. You do not have to set it out in the sun. These are not correct ways to clear a crystal.

To totally clear a crystal, hold the crystal upright between the thumb and middle finger of your left hand.

How to Hold a Vogel Crystal While Cleaning and Clearing Energy

The operating tip (sharper angle) of the crystal should be on the ball of the middle finger and the base of the crystal (shorter angle or rough-cut end) should be on the ball of the thumb.

[The right hand with the opposite approach may also be used.]

Grasp two opposing faces of the crystal between the thumb and middle finger of your right hand, which generate their own field.

With the intention of clearing the crystal, take a deep breath, visualize the crystal being cleared or all the stored energy draining out, focus on the crystal and RELEASE your breath pulse sharply through your nostrils.

The current flowing between your two fingers clears the crystal.

Repeat this procedure for each set of opposing faces of the crystal, (i.e. for a four-sided crystal you would exhale twice, for a six-sided, three times, and for an eight-sided, four times, once for each of four sets of opposing faces).

You are then clearing all the major and minor axes of the crystal.

This will clear a crystal or piece of jewelry, and return it to its normal vibrational state. It takes only a few seconds and the crystal is ready to be used again. This also disconnects you from a client and from any built-up storage charge.

Once the crystal has been cleared there is no possibility of an interplay of unwanted vibrations between the crystal and the subject.

The best way to fully clear the crystal is with your intention of love and well-being, through the power of breath.

The other way to clear the crystal is to use a bulk tape eraser/de-magnetizer (available if you search the Internet). Follow the standard directions, replacing the cassette with your crystal or any other gemstones or jewelry you wear. One of these methods should be employed after each use of the crystal.

Tuning In to a Crystal

If you work with a crystal that has another person’s vibration in it already, there will be confusion and conflict with what you see, because you will be picking up the vibrations of someone else beside yourself and will not know how to read or interpret the information you are getting.

When you start, clear the crystal according to the recommended procedure described above, so that each time you use your crystal you can link to with a clear vibration. You must tune the crystal for each person you work with. No one should ever just pick up either a natural or a faceted crystal and work with it without first tuning into the crystal and linking with it.

How to Charge a Crystal

The first step in charging a crystal is to inhale through the nostrils, with the INTENTION of putting a charge into the crystal. The energy you put into the crystal is directly proportional to your degree of concentration.

Rotate it clockwise in your right hand, if you are right-handed, or otherwise in your left hand, until you feel a stickiness on the crystal’s surface, which should take about 30–60 seconds. This stickiness is a surface charge being picked up and accumulated by the crystal.

The friction caused by the stickiness will emit a rubbing sound, indicating that the crystal is charging. This charging builds up the primary field in the crystal itself.

The next step in the process of charging is to create a resonant oscillation.

Inhale a deep breath with the mind focused on the crystal with the intention of becoming one with the crystal. A forcible exhale through the nostrils will charge two opposing crystal faces.

Repeat this inhalation, exhalation procedure until all the faces have been charged. For example, a six-sided crystal will require three super-charged exhalations, also called PULSES.

8 Petal 8 Gate 88 Sided Vogel Wand

To Clean and Clear This 8 Gate 88 Sided Vogel Wand

Requires 4 Pulses Into 4 of the 8 Gates

When you pulse your breath into the crystal, your breath is occupying space within that crystal. This space can be amplified by pulsing in and out with your breath, which drives the expansion and contraction of the field of Universal Life Force energy (electro-magnetic energy) coming from the crystal.

When properly charged, you should be able to feel a small, but distinct vibration within the crystal. This vibration is your unique energetic signature. This energetic signature is distinctively and uniquely yours, like your fingerprint, or your handwritten signature on a check.

Now that you’ve charged your crystal using pulsations of the breath, your unique energy signature, your vibration, has been transferred to the crystal. Now you can transfer a charge to or receive a charge from another person or object.

You can also charge a crystal by holding it in your predominant hand and rubbing one of the faces with your middle finger until you feel the crystal stick or become clammy as you rub it.

When you have completed a round of charging the faces, move the tip of the crystal with an up and down vertical motion about 9 inches from your left hand to feel the effect of the charge linkage and balance.

When a crystal has been properly charged, you will feel an intense point of light, of energy, moving in your opposing hand. It can be almost painful at times.

When your breath reaches the peak of its four-stage cycle, the coolness felt in the left hand will also be at a peak. Breathe out to feel the charge wane.

The period where your crystal is at its maximum usefulness is when you have drawn your breath in and are holding it. It is in the holding of the breath that the charge builds up and reaches its maximum efficiency of charge release potential.

The energy forms a spiral, not just a cone beam. The charge moves forward by the spiraling effect of the pyramidally cut tip of the crystal. When the rotation is accelerated, the spiral takes on many dimensions and builds up a greater and greater linking from the energetic charge being spun out from the tip. This can be measured with radionic instrumentation.

Vogel Healing Wand from the Collection of Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry

The charge is propelled through the large pyramidal tip of the crystal, where the energy flow is amplified and re-directed as the flow of energy encounters the facets cut into the tip. The energy then begins to spiral, traveling up the shaft and into the smaller male termination tip, where the energy flow is once again amplified every time the energy encounters another crystal facet. As the energy spirals into and through the male termination tip, the energy flow becomes an increasingly coherent stream of energy, exiting through the male termination tip as a highly coherent, highly concentrated energy beam.

Your body’s vibration is the force that is linking to the crystal, not any visualized thought-form or image. Therefore, you do not need to deliberately open the third eye in initially charging the crystal. Simply relax and allow yourself to become as one with the crystal as you charge it.

The idea is that your vibration, your love, must be the vibration that the crystal is working with and not any secondary or unwanted vibration.

For example, using a six-sided crystal provides the user with substantial power amplification. To charge the six-sided crystal, inhale, link to the first set of faces, exhale, turn the crystal in your hand; go to the second set, inhale, link, exhale; and do the same for the third. The three sets of faces represent the triad of body, mind and spirit.

To Charge a Crystal Without Your Breath

It is the intention of wanting to charge the crystal that really causes the charge. I can just put my finger onto the crystal and look at it and I can measure a charge transfer.

Most of you would not accept this as reality. But this is the world of subtle energy, where the power of intent is primary and manipulation of physical objects is secondary to the power of the mind. That’s why I’ve given you a bit of protocol to use to give you a sense of reality for what you are doing.

So it’s best to begin with the basic technique, described above. In going through the process of charging the crystal through the use of the basic breathing techniques you empty yourself and come to a maximum level of charge transfer.

As you draw your breath in, you increase the charge held within your body. As you empty your breath, you empty the charge in your body and it is transferred to the crystal in your hand.

Once you have practiced the basic technique for charging the crystal using the breath, you may want to try this more advanced technique.

Look at the crystal and just think for a moment. Form a clear intent to transfer energy from your body to the crystal, visualize a stream of energy passing from your body to the crystal, and the crystal is charged.


144 Sided Vogel Healing Wand

You may want to utilize a piece of equipment to measure the transfer of a charge using your intent alone, but in the absence of such a device, you may have to rely upon your own subjective experience and the subjective experience of individuals you “treat” with crystal energy.

You can compare the subjective experiences using a crystal charged with the breath and the subjective experiences using a crystal charged strictly by mental power and intent. This will give you some valuable feedback on the effectiveness of your techniques for charging crystals for healing and meditation.

Sensations Experienced While Working with Crystals for Healing

  1. Wind
  2. Cold
  3. Coolness or wind on the back of the hand
  4. Tingling or electric like charge across the left hand or fingers when the crystal is held in the right hand and pointed at the left.
  5. Finger twitch
  6. Vibration
  7. Pulsing
  8. Sense of light
  9. Sound in the ears
  10. Flow of energy
  11. Up and down vibration (equivalent to sound)
  12. Circular motion (equivalent to light)

Using a Crystal to Broadcast Energy

Using a previously cleared, natural unpolished, uncut quartz crystal or a natural, faceted healing crystal, charge the crystal as described above using pulsed breathing to charge each pair of facets on the shaft. Make it your intent to share the love in your heart.

Jane Sherry Using a Vogel Healing Wand

As you hold the crystal in your hand, project energy from the tip of the crystal to the other hand. The distance between the hands should be about twelve inches for best effect.

As you stare intently at the crystal, you will at first feel a cool wind striking the opposite hand and then a tingling sensation. You will feel an intense point of light coming from the tip of the crystal, an energy corresponding to the charge linking the crystal to your hand.

The charge is moving through the crystal hand, through the crystal, and into the opposite hand.

To assist you in identifying these vibrations, have another person pass his hand between the crystal and your opposing palm. As his hand moves up and down, you will feel the movement reflected in your palm.

Do this first with your eyes open, and then with them closed. In a short time you will know when his hand is in or out of your field.

This helps establish in your mind the fact that energy is moving from the crystal to your hand, and that it can be interrupted by another person.

Work with intention and do not be concerned whether the crystal is half charged or fully charged. It’s the depth of your integration with the crystal and your ability to transcend all questioning or doubt that allow the crystal to work most effectively.

When you start the process of questioning, it will limit you and your ability to work with the crystal.

After you have conducted this test on your own hand to your satisfaction, charge your crystal and test it by charging a glass of water to show that there is a charge transfer.

 Glass of Water, Kobu Agency, UnSplash

Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

When you taste the water, it will taste more velvety. Test the taste of the charged water against a control sample you have previously set aside for that purpose. This sample should be from the same source as the water you charge with your crystal.

Try using your crystal to charge fruit juices and other liquids, and validate that something is actually happening when you charge it.

This is of course a purely subjective test. For now you do not need to be concerned about testing the charge in the water from a quantitative stand-point of whether it’s fully or half charged. Just use this exercise to develop your sensitivity and awareness about the subtle energy presence in water, both charged and uncharged.

Hand and Finger Motions to Control and Direct Energy Fields

To increase the sensitivity of your hands to the energy from the crystal:

(1) wash your hands in soap and water.

(2) dry them carefully.

(3) rub them together vigorously to build a surface charge.

Now you are ready to experiment with the use of hand and finger motions to control and direct energy fields using a healing crystal.

There are four basic hand motions used with crystals, each applying a different energy field:

(1) an up and down movement creates an oscillating field, a vibration.

(2) a circular clockwise movement which injects a luminous field into the area of treatment.

(3) a counterclockwise motion which works to extract, clear and remove stuck energies, and

(4) holding still, which creates a steady field, although slight movements of the crystal will help you to find the angular position that gives the maximum field strength.

Marcel Vogel Demonstrates Use of Quartz Crystal Vogel Cut Healing WandThe two frequencies of energy that you work with correspond to the frequencies of light and sound and both of these frequencies are being generated and emitted by the crystal device.

You are working with two distinct patterns: the vertical up and down oscillation of vibration equivalent to sound and the circular motion equivalent to light.

When you move the crystal in a circular direction, visualize light streaming out from the crystal in a spiral. You may experience an internal awareness, a visualization, a tone, or a physical sensation corresponding to a beam of light.

When you move a crystal in a vertical up and down direction, there is no internal sensation (on the part of the operator) of light, but purely vibration, corresponding to audio waves.

The index finger resting on one of the tip faces of the crystal serves to regulate the intensity of the field coming from the tip of the crystal. As the index finger moves closer to the tip, the field is intensified, the field narrows in scope and becomes more coherent. As the finger moves away from the tip, the field gets broader.

Sensations Experienced When Rotating the Crystal Clockwise

  1. luminous code
  2. tip being white or emitting white light
  3. sense of pulling in

(rotating in a broad circle on the horizontal)

Sensations Experienced When Rotating the Crystal Counter-Clockwise

  1. black tip
  2. reversal of charge
  3. feeling of going out, expanding, like a vortex
  4. drawing out the charge

(c and d are in reference to horizontal movement)

Holding a Charge

A crystal will hold a charge as long as you want it to hold that charge.

You can take a crystal and charge it and if you have a moment of doubt, the charge is gone. You can have a person come in and start ridiculing what you are doing and you’ll feel the crystal go dead in your hands.

You have to maintain firmness of focus and oneness of being with that crystal.

When working publicly before a large audience, I build an envelope of energy around me to isolate and insulate myself from the attitude and thinking of those who are watching. So I am one with myself and one with the person I am dealing with and I don’t feel or sense anyone around me.

For millennia, mystery school traditions of both East and West have taught an endless variety of techniques for strengthening the aura. The aura is the energy envelope that surrounds your physical body and connects you to more subtle realms of energy, including the astral and causal planes, and extending all the way to the Source of Universal Life Force Energy.


Human Energy Body

A strong aura is absolutely vital for anyone working with subtle energies in meditation or healing, because when we open ourselves to subtle energies we can attract unwanted or detrimental energies present in our environment, in the collective thought-forms of the humans around us, and in the body-mind and aura of the client, if we are conducting crystal energy healing sessions.

This is why we always say that a strong aura is the best protection from negative thoughts and emotions, and from picking up on the unwanted energy of clients.

In addition, a strong aura is the pre-condition for attaining higher states of consciousness during meditation and other spiritual practices.

Spiritual teachers, who have practiced for many years, exhibit large, powerful auras. Because energy travels from the stronger source of energy to the weaker, just as water flows downhill, a teacher or healer with a strong aura will find that their energy travels to the client or student, raising the frequency or vibratory rate of the client or student.

This is why people often report spiritual experiences, stronger meditations, healings, and other phenomena in the presence of a spiritual teacher.

In the Hindu spiritual tradition, one of the most important ways a student can progress is through darshan, which means being in the presence of the spiritual Teacher. The energy flow from Teacher to student elevates the student’s energy signature, strengthens their aura, and increases mental concentration, physical stamina and emotional stability.

Here at, Jane and I offer a variety of techniques to strengthen the aura and for psychic self protection.


Sunrise, Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Here is a Sunrise Meditation technique that I perform nearly every day. This practice is my own personal variation on meditations recommended by Sri Yukteswar, who was Paramahansa Yogananda’s teacher, and by the American Master of Sacred Geometry Drunvalo Melchizedek. From personal experience I can tell you that this Sunrise Meditation provides protection from undesirable external energies while expanding the aura and strengthening the connection between the egoistic personality and the Higher Self through the anthakarana, the three-fold thread connecting monad, soul and personality.

Jane has written a beautiful article entitled Psychic Self Defense that offers a variety of simple techniques anyone can use to cleanse and clear themselves of unwanted or negative energies. Some of these techniques involve the use of crystals and some do not. Use your intuition to select the right techniques for you! Our experience is that you can never have too much psychic protection!

Care in the handling and cleansing of your crystals is as important as the cleansing of your physical body and your aura.

A crystal should never be put away if it has not been cleared. This is because once you have put your charge into a crystal, you are sensitizing yourself to vibrations around you, especially positive and negative thought-forms, and you can become subject to unwanted, unconscious subliminal stimulation.

So, the moment you’ve done your work, clear the crystal. That way no difficulty or harm will be caused. This step will also disconnect YOU from the crystal. Once it’s been cleared, it can be left out or returned to its holder or bag.

A crystal can be a computer. You can put into the crystal any patterns of thought you want it to store for you. If you want to be relaxed, to be peaceful and to have a quiet night’s sleep, put that thought-form into the crystal, put it under your pillow and go to sleep with it, and you will be at peace and quiet. It’s a very wonderful way of de-stressing your body.

Now that you have become acquainted with the protocols for the basic uses of healing crystals, now that you have meditated with and bonded with your healing crystal, you are ready to learn how to use your crystal for healing purposes. That is the subject of the next chapter.


Chapter Eight: Marcel Vogel's step-by-step guide to conducting a healing session with a Vogel-cut crystal healing wand.


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Curtis Lang in Jane's Garden, Roxbury Road, Claverack, New York, 2006,

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