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Winter Solstice Festivals Around the World: Hanukkah, Shab-e Yalda, & Saturnalia

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Dec 10, 2017

Winter Solstice Festivals are celebrated by Christian, Muslim, pagan, and Jewish religious observances. All hail the return of the Light!

A Christmas Story and Meditation Upon the Divine Mother

By Curtis Lang on Dec 25, 2014

There is a simple way to reconnect with the Christ within us, and to true Christmas Spirit. That is through connecting to the Divine Mother. We can connect with Mary through a contemplation of the spiritual powers inherent in nature, and through Mary we will connect with the Holy Spirit.

Winter Solstice Gabriel Meditation

By Curtis Lang with Jane Sherry on Dec 21, 2017

We are pleased to offer you these instructions for obtaining “The Gabriel Initiation", a simplified version of an Ancient technique that was originally offered only to advanced students of the Western Mystery School traditions.

Test of Discernment: Winter Solstice, Gemini Full Moon, Sagittarius Solar Festival Cosmic Weather Forecast

By Curtis Lang with Jane Sherry on Nov 29, 2017

With Sun, Moon and Neptune in a conflicted Mutable T-Square configuration in the heavens, this Full Moon will see a lot of mental activity (Gemini), a surplus of righteous striving (Sagittarius) and a double helping of astral glamours, propaganda wars and emotional and mental confusion (Neptune in Pisces).

Taurus Full Moon , Scorpio Solar Festival November 2017 Cosmic Weather Forecast

By Curtis Lang with Jane Sherry on Nov 3, 2017

Sexy. Spooky. Spiritual. Scary. It's the Scorpio season once again! For the first time in years, the outer planets are entering a more harmonious configuration, at least for a while. That's cause to celebrate!

Vegetarian Feast of Gratitude

By Jane Sherry on Sep 19, 2016

Delight in a combination of local fresh and exotic ingredients in this multi cultural vegetarian feast. Gratitude to all who tend their gardens so lovingly to feed us all.

Seasons Greetings Peace in the New Year

By Jane Sherry with Curtis Lang

wishing you peace of mind

Spirits of Stone: Chapter 7 -- Quartz Crystals and Digital Technology

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Jan 14, 2016

The digital age is powered by quartz crystals. Pierre and Jacques Curie first demonstrated the piezoelectric effect in quartz crystals in 1880, stimulating a flood of technological advances utilizing quartz crystals. Who could have predicted at that time that experiments using tin foil, glue, magnets, wire and a jeweler's saw would set the stage for the development of electric guitars, radar, sonar, computers, and a vast range of digital technologies within the next 100 years?

Rose Cardamom Lassi

By Jane Sherry on Aug 23, 2011

Make this delicious easy healthful and fragrant drink for any special occasion. A lovely way to add fragrance to a Holiday Meal!

Brussel Sprouts Fast & Fancy

By Jane Sherry on Nov 5, 2009

Even people who swear they despise brussel sprouts will love this dish. A great fast & fancy side vegetable dish to grace any autumn or holiday table.

Chapter 5: Sunrise Meditation

By Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry on Jun 27, 2008

Reflect on the rising sun and reflect on the qualities of the sun you would like to make your own. This meditation combines techniques taught by yoga masters and techniques taught by Aquarian Western teachers.