The Purifying Violet Flame of Alchemical Transformation

The Violet Flame is a powerful frequency of Universal Life Force Energy associated with the Seventh Chakra, the Crown Chakra, and the Seventh Ray, the Violet Ray.

Clairvoyant view of Crown Chakra containing 12 lobed lotus flower, Charles Leadbeater, courtesy Wikimedia

Clairvoyant view of Crown Chakra containing 12 lobed lotus flower,

from Charles Leadbeater's book The Chakras

The Ascended Master named Count St. Germain, alchemist and diplomat, is the Lord of the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order, Ritual and Magic.

The Seven Rays represent the outpouring of energy from the seven centers of force in the Divine Logos, sometimes associated with the Seven Elohim, the seven planets of ancient astrology, and the seven chakras of the human energy bodies.

 In world historical terms, the Seventh Ray is energizing the creation of the new Aquarian Age.

"The Piscean Age, soon to be gone entirely, was governed by the energies of the 6th Ray, the Ray of Devotion and Abstract Idealism," according to the Kuthumi's Hands website. "The Aquarian Age coming in is governed and conditioned by the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order and Ritualistic Magic and Synthesis.” [Kuthumi's Hands offers an excellent overview of the qualities of the Seventh Ray and explains the distinction between the Sixth Ray Age of Pisces and the Seventh Ray Age of Aquarius.]

Image of Aquarius, 15th Century Manuscript, Author Unknown

"Herein lies the importance of the 7th Ray for Planet Earth," Kuthumi's Hands continues. "The New Golden Age in Aquarius, just off to the near horizon, will be constructed with the energies of this Ray, which will directly influence the character of the new civilization, the structure of the new institutions, the evolution of the human form, and the relationship of Humanity to Itself and all other Kingdoms of Nature."

"This is the energy which will transform human civilization and bring in the New World Order in the Sign of Aquarius, and the divinely-inspired Ascended Master Who will supervise the distribution and allocation of these energies is The Master Rakoczi, The One called Saint Germain, The Chohan of the 7th Ray for Planet Earth," says Kuthumi's Hands. "He it is Who will be overseeing the developement of the New Age in following the Master Plan of Sanat Kumara (The Lord of the World and Head of The Hierarchy). He it is Who wields the powerful energies of the 7th Ray."

 Deep Purple Amethyst Point, photo by Jane Sherry

Deep Purple Amethyst Point, photo by Jane Sherry

Amethyst, Diamond and Aquamarine are the sacred stones associated with the Seventh Ray, with Count St. Germain, and with the use of the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Purification.
Whenever you perform the Violet Flame meditation in any form, it is appropriate to wear or hold amethyst, diamond or aquamarine to amplify the power of the energy invoked.
When used repeatedly in Violet Flame meditation, these gemstone allies will be super-charged with high frequency energies, and will provide protection and amplify the Universal Life Force energy flowing throughout your body and bio-field.

 Spectrum of Colors Manifested in Human Chakra System, Digital Painting by Jane Sherry

 Digital Painting by Jane Sherry showing the spectrum of colors keyed to the human chakra system

When invoked with reverence, the Violet Ray descends from the Highest Source of Universal Life Force Energy into the crown of the head, and from there travels down the spine into the heart, where it bursts into a spiritual flame, cleansing and purifying the physical body, the etheric body, the emotional body, and the astral body – the entire human bio-field.

In addition the Violet Flame stimulates the human biofield, and its high frequency energetic excitations create certain qualities of Unity Consciousness – mercy, truth, justice, freedom and forgiveness -- through a process of resonant attraction.

A good way of using the Violet Flame would be to invoke it in the morning and again in the evening for protection both day and night.

You can use your favorite mantra, or one of the I AM “decrees”, as you perform this meditation.


7 Chakras, drawing by Peter-Weltevrede,-CC-BY-SA-2.5-(,-via-Wikimedia-Commons.jpgeter-Weltevrede,-CC-BY-SA-2.5-

7 Chakras, by  Peter WeltevredeCC BY-SA 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

Invocation of the Purifying Violet Flame of Alchemical Transformation 

Sit quietly in your favorite meditation posture, or while lying in your bed.

Visualize a violet disk under your feet. A violet flame grows from the disk and extends up over and around you in an egg shape surrounding you completely from the ground beneath your feet to a space several inches over the crown of your head.

This Violet Flame fills every part of your body. Bathe in this Violet Flame for a minute or two. Breathe slowly in and out from your Hara Center.

It is helpful to breathe rhythmically while performing this meditation.

You can breathe in deeply, from a position in your navel area, to the count of seven, while allowing the stomach to fill with air, then compressing the stomach muscles as you exhale to the count of seven. 

Notice how the transforming Violet Flame feels in your stomach, in your heart, and in your head.

Visualize the Violet Flame filling your physical, etheric, astral and mental bodies as you breathe in each time until you can feel the Violet Flame throughout your Being. 

Visualize the Violet Flame vaporizing the samskaras, or seeds of karma, that exist anywhere in your human biofield and body. These samskaras are simply knots of unwanted energy created by unresolved traumas and other energy imbalances.

 Seeds Within Talisman, by Jane Sherry

Seeds Within Talisman, by Jane Sherry

These unbalanced energies can be transmitted to us through genetics, or from environmental factors and interpersonal dramas that created emotional dramas.

Genetic samskaras include those created by inherited personality traits and predilections. Other types of samskaras include those created by pre-natal shocks, early childhood traumas, relationship wounds, and physical accidents and physical traumas.

The Violet Flame vaporizes these small knots of imbalanced energy, so they cannot blossom into karmic scripts that impel us to recreate past failed relationships, to react unconsciously to triggers in our environment, and to adhere to familial and social expectations to the detriment of our own well being.

Violet Flame

The Viiolet Flame fills the spaces previously occupied by these samskaras, and serves as an energetic incubator, an appropriate container for new perfection patterns emanating from Source and channeled through your Higher Mind, to replace the dysfunctional and unhelpful behaviors and conditions karmic responses trigger in our lives.

Visualize your Higher Self communicating to Source that you have released your samskaras to the quantum foam and that you are now filled with the Violet Flame. See and feel new energies enter your body and bio-field, creating new potential, higher consciousness, and new golden opportunities to fulfill you Higher Purpose while creating the highest and best good for yourself and all around you. 

This is true alchemical transformation! Give a special thanks to Ascended Master St. Germain for making the Violet Flame accessible to us here on Earth during our traumatic transition between the Age of Pisces and the upcoming Age of Aquarius!

Next, transform the violet disk under your feet into a white one and change the Violet Flame into a White Flame extending upwards from your feet, enclosing you in an egg-shaped cocoon of light.

This White Flame fills every part of your body. Bathe in the white flame for a minute or so. You will feel yourself how long you should continue.

Archangel Michael and His Heavenly Hosts

Archangel Michael and His Heavenly Hosts, Magic Lantern Drawing by Jane Sherry

After this draw a silver blue line around the egg shaped white flame and ask Archangel Michael for his protection for the next 24 hours and you are done.

You can also ask the Angels to give you any colours they feel you need just before you draw the silver blue line.

This is a lovely experience!

Figure-8s of Violet Flame for Harmonizing the Energies in Relationships

When you feel discordant energies arising between you and another person, or between you and a group of people around you, you may use this technique to transform any negativity in the atmosphere between you and to raise the frequency of the energy being exchanged between you.

Draw or envision a Figure-8 of Violet Flame around you and the other person, or group of people. You can use your favorite crystal, ideally an amethyst, aquamarine, diamond or Vogel wand, to amplify the energy you transmit during this exercise.

The Figure-8 is another representation of the symbol for Infinity, known as the lemniscate.

Do this three times.

Figure of Lemniscate

Lemniscate of Bournoulli Zorgit, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons 

The Violet Flame energy flows from your hands and/or your crystal toward the other persons, around them and back to the center point between the two of you that defines your relationship. The energy then travels around you, through you and back towards the other(s) you are visualizing.

Now each individual is enclosed in a circle of Violet Flame and the energy is circulating around about them and between them. At the point where the Violet Flame energy lines cross between you, envision a three-fold Violet Flame bursting forth.

Say these words if you like while constructing your Violet Flame Figure 8: “I surround us with the Violet Flame (draw or visualize the Figure 8 three times), and place a three-fold Violet Flame in the center between us. May the energy passing between us be elevated to the highest frequency possible for the best and highest good of all concerned.”