Hematite Heart

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This lovely reflective polished hematite heart is beautiful, heavy but light enough to hold during meditation or simply display on an altar to admire its beauty.

Hematite is a crystalline form of iron oxide with a metallic pearly luster, often occurring naturally in hexagonal or rhombohedral formations in igneous rock strata.

We find hematite very grounding, calming and cools hot minds. It's a wonderfully protective stone. When we first started in this business, I used to become a bit dizzy and disoriented while shopping in giant warehouses full of crystals. Early on, a crystal dealer saw me fading out and said, "here Jane try putting this in your pocket." It was a small piece of hematite, and sure enough, I was able to make it through the rest of the shopping trip in his warehouse! Thank you Barry!

Hematite transforms negativity into love, harmonizes and balances yin-yang energy within the energy body, and stimulates the desire for peace in one's life. Hematite promotes a grounded meditative state very helpful to those seeking to unite heaven and earth within themselves. Hematite is used by crystal healers to promote spinal alignment, and in treatment of broken and fractured bones.

Hematite is also said to be a very grounding stone, good for equilibrating mind, emotions and body. Because hematite is believed to foster a peaceful, tranquil mind, this stone is considered ideal for attaining a relaxed, meditative state of being.

Note: weight above is shipping weight. Average weight is 4.30 oz. Each piece is unique and may vary in appearance and dimensions. Each piece is guaranteed to be beautiful and to meet with complete satisfaction.

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