I gave a talk to the Church of Religious Science in 1973, and then the next day Dr. McKistry called me and said, “I have crystals that pulsate when you hold them in your hand and I feel impelled to send them to you.”

I accepted and that’s what started my work with quartz crystals. It was not a conscious decision to conduct scientific experiments with crystals.

When I first received the crystals, I picked one out, drew my breath in, and pulsed my breath into the crystal. I pointed it at my friend, Chuck Mignosa, and his head went back and he lost consciousness.

Then I wanted nothing more to do with them. I put them aside and lost them.

They came back. She sent an additional set of crystals.

Once I made a commitment, everything started to open up.

Marcel Vogel Designed Healing Crystal

Marcel Vogel's Favorite Healing Wand, property of Juanita Berlo-Vogel, photo by Jane Sherry

This was not only a scientific struggle to open my mind to the uses of quartz crystals to receive, amplify and transmit subtle energies, but a religious struggle as well, because the use of crystals for communication with spiritual realms or for healing violated many of the Roman Catholic tenets which infer that one should not get into channeling.

My wife was also very much against my working on this level, having to deal with forces that we could not quantify or measure. Such forces were considered as being suspect and rejected by the Church, so I had to put into abeyance my own background as a Catholic, my own scientific knowledge up to this point, and just work alone.

Honestly, the only thing that kept me going was faith. I had to deal with phenomena that frightened people when I exposed them to it. I literally begged other associates in the laboratory to work with me. They would not. They were afraid that they would jeopardize their positions within the organization. I did not have that fear. I was willing to do or experience anything that was necessary to find the truth. And I did it.

I was never commanded, even at IBM, to stop working with the crystals.

The first person I treated at IBM with the crystal was a fourth level manager, Dr. Ko Nishimura. I sat in my office, it was about 5 o’clock, and suddenly I had a disturbed feeling about Dr. Nishimura. I called him. I said “Are you okay?”

He said “No. I can’t get out of my chair.” He was paralyzed. He had injured his back years ago while playing football, and he had run that morning, I think 3 or 4 miles, a little bit longer than he normally does. So when he sat down, his spine froze solid. He couldn’t move.

For about four or five minutes I worked with the crystal on him. The stress in his back left. He could get up, bend his back, get in his car and drive and he was fine. The next day he was fine.

So that broke the ice at IBM, because he was a fourth level manager.

The next person I treated was a work associate, Dr. Siegfried Vogel. He had suffered a ski accident and had fallen, damaged his back, and was in spasm, sitting in his office all hunched over. I said, “Siegfried, do you want help?”

He said, “Please, anything.” I treated him. Within minutes the pain was gone, the stress was out of his spine, and he could get up, move around, and drive home.

Those were the first two experiences I had with crystal healing. My own associates! I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I was willing to experience it and try. That’s what I’ve done all the years that I’ve done work in this area.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I studied hypnotism. I wanted to see if there was truth in the act of hypnosis. So I got on the stage and I performed, with no preconceived notions.

I found that you truly can put a person under and hypnotize him. But I also saw that there was a power, a force, a subtle energy that left my body and entered that of the other person I would work on.

All I had to do was think, and they would respond to my thoughts. I did not want to have anything to do with that. I stopped any work on that.

Fortuneteller, by Charles André van Loo

Fortuneteller, by Charles André van Loo

At that time, I also had studied palmistry. I was very much interested in the characteristics of the hands. I did that as a hobby as a young man.

My mother had been interested in palms. My father had passed away when I was 15, so my mother supported herself by singing in night clubs and then doing card reading, palmistry, tea leaves, and things like that.

I developed these powers and skills through meditation and prayer, not by any deliberate type of training that you would normally think of from a psychic standpoint. I wanted to use them always for the good of mankind or for my own development and growth and linking into the pattern of life, why I’m here, and what I am to do with my life.

In many shamanistic, Wiccan and indigenous spiritual traditions, psychic gifts such as intuitive spiritual guidance, pre-cognition, telepathy, channeling, and more, are considered to pass through the bloodlines of psychics to their children, so it is very interesting that Marcel Vogel’s mother supported herself by using her psychic or spiritual gifts.

Based upon Vogel’s account of his life story, it is probable that Vogel inherited his mother’s talents. This would help explain his unique successes in working with plants, crystals, and subtle energies – his ability to conduct experiments that yielded positive results when others were unable to duplicate the results of such experiments.

Vogel began to cut crystals to use as therapeutic tools in 1974 and 1975, as a result of an amazing, visionary dream that revealed information about sacred geometry and the ideal forms for quartz crystals.

Having reached the limits of formalized knowledge on this subject available through standard sources, Vogel was ultimately rewarded with an intuitive insight that proved to be extremely valuable for his research, and enabled him to construct highly faceted quartz crystals optimized for use by healers working with people around the world seeking relief from emotional, mental and physical imbalances and assorted health concerns.

In late 1974, I awoke one morning and saw a pattern in my mind’s eye, which I later identified to be the Tree of Life as shown in the Kabbalah.


 Model created by Robert Wang, from his book The Qabalistic Tarot

Model created by Robert Wang, from his book The Qabalistic Tarot


I proceeded to work in my glass shop to reproduce this image and make this crystal into the shape that I had seen. I tried various existing shapes: single-terminated, double-terminated, four and six-sided crystals.

Out of this experimentation came the first fundamental instrument for body balancing and research into the release of unwanted fields surrounding the body and allowing the body to come to a state of normal operation.

I found that adjusting these fields could cause beneficial changes in the human body, which, in turn, facilitate healing of a wide assortment of illnesses. I’ve termed this new science Etheric Physics, and the healing practice Transformational Medicine.

It was in this period, during 1974-75, Vogel realized that when you pulse a coherent thought, like repeating a mantra, and simultaneously pulse your breath out through your nose in a series of bursts, you can impart your intent, your loving energy, and a huge stream of Universal Life Force Energy into the energy field of a quartz crystal, where it is held for use in meditation or healing sessions.

This realization provided the basis for the development of Vogel’s basic techniques for cutting, cleansing, charging and programming quartz crystals for spiritual practices and healing purposes.


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Chapter Three: While in India, visiting with Hindu holy men, Vogel has a profound spiritual experience.


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