Marcel Vogel Working with a Faceted Quartz Crystal Vogel Healing Wand

Crystal Meditations and Visualizations

Anyone can visualize what is going on within a person.

Visualizing is like becoming a child again. Learning to play games with your mind.

The whole process involves letting go and having fun again. Not being fearful of what you see and having the faith in your own direct experience that informs you that what you are experiencing is indeed real.

The reality is your visualization. The illusion is what you are seeing with your senses because our senses are very limited.

With the senses there is an aspect of reality, but if we believe this to be the only reality then we are limiting ourselves to only one aspect of reality.

Crystal healers, meditators, Reiki practitioners and others who have experienced the power of subtle energies commonly report that after tuning into an individual they are able to “see” colors in the person’s aura.

Some sensitive individuals tune into a person and then hear information about important emotional, health and mental issues that person is experiencing.

Some energy workers can visualize energy flows and “stuck energies” throughout the person’s physical body, emotional body, mind and aura.

Some empathic energy workers will feel what the person they are tuning into is feeling, and then the energy worker can more easily pinpoint physical, emotional, mental and energetic issues the person is experiencing.

This is not magic. This is not a special psychic skill available only to the rare gifted individual.

Close your eyes and look at your subject. Notice anything you would not normally see with open eyes.

Look for areas or patches of color in different locations on your subject.

It is not unusual to visualize the color red or black over an area of trauma or disease.

Depending upon what meaning various colors hold for you, an area of bright white or golden light might imply a state of well-being, whereas the color orange may imply that healing is taking place over the particular area.

There are numerous books on color and color therapy available to assist you in developing a color “vocabulary” to help you better understand what you are seeing.

Seven ChakrasTo begin your research, take a look at the Satya Center article entitled Love Partners: How to Know When Your Seven Bodies Are in Alignment. We list the seven energy bodies, which correspond to the seven chakras, and indicate their colors, according to the prevalent Western chakra system. You’ll find information about the area of life that each chakra or energy body relates to, along with some sense of how to determine if two individuals are compatible or incompatible at each of these seven levels of being.

Get used to doing more active mental recall. Go for a walk, look around and when you get back, write down what you saw. Stimulate your inner vision. Do not just feed material in until you become over saturated. Take the knowledge you are absorbing and apply it. Take the faculties God has given you and go to work.

Hold a crystal in your hand and meditate with that crystal several times in the course of a week. Keep a diary of what you experienced during these meditations.

What takes place between two people who are in love with one another? They feel a sense of oneness and togetherness. That is the same thing you can experience with a crystal.

Really, you can teach yourself how to love, how to see the good in other people, by learning to relate to a crystal without discrimination, without criticism, and without preconceived notions of how your experience with the crystal should feel or unfold. It’s the totality of being that I’m trying to reach and share with you. And it is the totality of being that you can access for yourself in your meditations with individual crystals.

If you use crystals as tools when performing energy work on others use a particular crystal to perform several sessions in a row and keep a diary of what you experience. Also ask the clients to keep a diary and to show you what they’ve written.

Compare what you experience with what they experience. For instance if you use a golden colored citrine and visualize golden light around the client, what did they see during the session? You might be surprised by the answer!

Here at Satya Center, Jane and I have extensive client records providing specific cases of clients who experienced different colors of light depending upon which crystal we used to perform Reiki/crystal healing sessions with them, and what our shared intent was during each session.

The great teacher we have who is the ultimate expert on this whole emerging crystal technology is nature Herself.

If you can reach out and touch a plant and feel the wonderful coolness of the vibration that is in a living plant and let yourself become one with that plant, it is the most wonderful teaching, that feeling of oneness, togetherness and totality of being.

Reach out, embrace a pet and feel his vibration, his life energies flowing, and communicate with him without words, only by the feeling of love and the totality of being that you experience with them.

When you walk in the woods, embrace a tree and feel the vibration of that tree talking to you.

Take your shoes off and walk barefoot on the seashore and feel the water flowing over your feet and become your feet as you walk in that water and sand.

Walk barefoot in the forest and feel the squish of the leaves, the wetness of the grass and become that wetness and that grass.

The meditation recommended is learning how to be sensitive to the subtle energies, the power, the forces, the light, the love that is all around us.

These simple exercises help you develop your own innate ability to become one with the crystal and work with those who are with you and have need.

Visualization is important, but it is crucial to visualize lovingly, not with thought-forms you are conceiving. Let a person tell you his thoughts. You ask him to go into his heart and experience his heart. You see the person through their mind’s eye and not yours. The more gentle you are in this work, the more effective, the more beautiful the healing process becomes.

Marcel Vogel Using His Crystal on Woman in WorkshopWhen you have created a safe, sacred space within which to perform your crystal energy sessions, both you and your client begin to experience positive energies and positive emotions.

You may have soothing music playing, a comfortable pillow and massage table for them with a nice cover to keep them warm. There may be beautiful flowers, crystals and candles in the area, enhancing the feeling of being in a sacred, safe space.

As you and your client relax in preparation for the session and share some thoughts and feelings about the client’s condition, both of you are taking concrete steps to reinforce positive emotions, thoughts and energies. Sharing these positive emotions, thoughts and energies creates a positive feedback loop between you, enhancing the electro-magnetic resonance that connects the two of you, and initiating perceptible positive changes in the nervous system, the brain, and the hormonal system that can be measured by scientists.

Establishing good communication with your client is a key part of crystal therapy. New breakthroughs in the study of emotion indicate that good communications between people are accompanied by the synchronization of the individuals’ brainwaves and emotional states. The neurocoupling that results creates very positive results for both the crystal healer and the client.

Neuroscientist Uri Hasson, of Princeton University, has developed a methodology for measuring the brainwaves of numerous individuals engaged in conversations simultaneously, as reported in the book Love 2.0, by Laura Fredrickson, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Principal Investigator of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab at the University of North Carolina.

“Most of the time, across most brain areas, listeners’ brains mirrored the speakers’ brains after a short time lag, around one to three seconds later,” explains Fredrickson.

“Brain coupling, Hasson argues, is the means by which we understand each other,” Fredrickson continues. “He goes even further to claim that communication – a true meeting of the minds – is a single act, performed by two brains.”

Hasson’s clinical studies also showed that during emotional moments, brain synchronization increases dramatically.

“Shared emotions, brain synchrony, and mutual understanding emerge together,” Fredrickson says. “And mutual understanding is just steps away from mutual care. Once two people understand each other – really get each other in any given moment – the benevolent concerns and actions of mutual care can flow forth unimpeded.”

Using the Crystal Correctly

If you work with a crystal that has another person’s vibration in it, there will be confusion and conflict.

As you experience the energy field created by your linkage to the crystal, and to another, such as a client, you could be confused by what you “see” or feel, because you will be picking up the vibrations of someone else beside yourself and will not know how to read or interpret the information you are getting.

When you start, clear the crystal according to the recommended procedure so that each time you use your crystal you can link to with a clear vibration.

You must tune the crystal for each person you work with. No one should ever just pick up either a natural or a faceted crystal and work with it without first tuning into the crystal and linking with it.

Marcel Vogel's Personal Healing WandYou can perform the exercises described in the section of this chapter on Crystal Meditations and Visualizations to tune into your crystal. Once you are comfortable with these exercises, you should be able to simply hold the crystal in your hand, rotate it in your palm, and sense the energy of the crystal. You will know if the crystal has picked up any foreign, unwanted or negative energies, and can sense whether or not the crystal is full charged.

During this process, the most important thing is to relax, shut down mind chatter, and open your heart to love. Make a statement of your intent to be in a space of love and light, and to connect with your crystal ally for the best and highest good of all involved, including the crystal ally with which you are connected.

You are using a crystal incorrectly if you are going through a mechanical series of operations without the element of love and service for the person being treated.

You should hardly ever do the same actions twice, except for the basic fundamentals.

When I work correctly with a crystal, I want that person to experience healing. I do not set myself up as the agent of that healing.

It is the Universal Life Force Energy (prana or chi) flowing through me and through the crystal to the client that empowers the client to heal him or herself.

When I start thinking, trying to use my mind to enact a change I desire in another, or if I start trying with the power within me to cause that person to change, then I am using the crystal incorrectly because all you do when you properly work with the individual with the crystal is to assist that person to heal himself.

The moment you let your ego come into play by thinking that YOU are going to heal that person, then you’re using the crystal incorrectly.

If you begin to feel you are a very powerful healer, stop being a healer and get back to whatever you were doing before.

Once you feel you are a powerful healer, you’re dealing with your ego, you’re dealing with a feeling of power and that will rapidly fade and you will not be proud of yourself as you go deeper into this.

The great teacher is Christ and we can learn much from the way He performed in His healing ministry. He drew the love of the Father into His body and transferred it to each person who came to Him for help or guidance.

Christ was a channel for the love of the Father. So too you and I must be a channel. There is no power within us to heal. It is only the love of God.

Quartz Crystal Sri Yantra: A Model of the Universe, a Doorway to Goddess Laxmi, an Energy and Prosperity Generator
Quartz Crystal Sri Yantra: In the Hindu Tradition, A Model of the Universe, a Doorway to Goddess Laxmi, an Energy and Prosperity Generator


Regardless of religious beliefs or lack thereof, anyone can work with crystals and experience their subtle energies. You can read all about the many spiritual practices from all over the world that have utilized crystals and gems in our online book, Spirits of Stone: A Lightworker’s Guide to Crystals and Gemstones. Learn about the metaphysical origins of Lemurian Seed Crystals and see pictures of the Lemurian mines in Brazil. Explore how indigenous shamanic healers, Vedic sages, Egyptian pharaohs, Buddhist teachers, Jewish mystics and High Priests, Christian Qabbalists and alchemists, and New Age practitioners all have utilized crystals, sacred minerals and gemstones in Ascension practices, meditation, and healing.

The most practical thing I have learned in healing is detachment. There can be no desire in the crystal healer’s heart, no attachment to a desired outcome, no attempt to control the final result of the session.

There are many times when nothing will happen when you work with a person because it is not the right time for that person to be healed by the crystal.

When you heal, you serve with all of your heart and your mind, but the moment you finish, take one breath and release it and detach.

Whether or not the person is healed is of no consequence. That is the key.

If you have done your job properly, forces may have been freed and complications may disappear, or nothing at all may happen.

Whichever occurs, you must be an observer, not a participant. If you do not detach thoroughly, you become subject to a transfer of energy from the client to you.

So, be happy for them and back off.

When I do not know what to do for a particular person I pray.

When faced with very serious situations, you cannot have excessive compassion.

Ask what you can do to best serve this subject and accept the answer you get in prayer or meditation.

The best way to tell if you are pushing yourself beyond your limits, beyond your ability to use the crystal, is “When nothing happens.”

If you don’t get any results, go back to charging water and seeing what happens. Once the water starts tasting better, you’ve got a good solid index. Then move to an apple. Cut it in half and charge it with the crystal. If one side of the apple tastes better than the other, you’ve got your ability back again. Love yourself more.

As Jane and I teach our Reiki students, it is vitally important not to push energy out at the client. This is equivalent to lust of result or attachment to an outcome and will certainly deplete your energy while also providing a clear channel for the potentially unwanted energies of the client to enter your space.

We like to imagine ourselves offering a plate of energy cookies to the client. The client is free to take as few or as many as they like. The body has its own consciousness, and is very smart about energy. You will find that the the client’s body will take what it needs during a session.

We have found the crystal healer uses the breath to charge crystals, it is absolutely essential for the crystal healer to do physical and spiritual exercises designed to keep the healer’s personal vital energy levels at their highest possible levels.

When you perform crystal healing sessions using your breath to charge crystals you are making a love offering of your own vital energies, chi or prana, which is stored in the hara center located two fingers below the navel. You must always make it your intent to give only that quanta of energy that is appropriate for you to give without being depleted.

This is why many crystal healers practice yoga, qi gong, tai chi, meditation, shamanic rituals, and similar disciplines designed to build up vital energies within the individual and connect them to inner spiritual guidance, intuition and creative imagination.

Many crystal healers choose to learn a discipline such as Reiki, which connects the initiate to Source and allows the practitioner to channel Universal Life Force Energy from Source through their bodies rather than using their own stored personal vital energy in the hara center when doing crystal healing work. You can read more about this in our article entitled Reiki and the Zero-Point Field.

Psychic Ability, Spiritual Attainment and Healing Work

If you have a deep desire and a clear intent to experience more love in your life then crystal healing can be of tremendous benefit to you.

If you wish to feel what it would be like to love yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way, the crystal can help teach you how you can go more deeply into yourself without discrimination, without critique or criticism -- and ultimately how to become more completely human.

If you’re after power, control or manipulation, it is not recommended that you work with highly tuned crystals, because they are not geared for this type of vibration or energy.

But if your desire and your intent is to allow yourself to experience loving compassion, that is what the crystal is designed to help you do.

Curtis Offering a Blue Obsidian Ball from the Collection of Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry

And if this experience of compassion impels you to serve, helping to impart a state of wholeness and well-being to others, that is what the crystal designed to help you do.

To see clairvoyantly, you can detach from your body, go into the crystal and then explore the universe beyond this earth plane or other dimensions.

The difficulty in doing this technique is believing it is real.

“What is reality?”

To my mind, as I grow deeper into this study and knowledge, the greatest reality I have is my ability to visualize, to see that which is to be, because in the lifetime of study from a material science standpoint, I have found that the deeper I study, truly, the less I know.

I’ve taken matter apart and I have been immersed in the minutiae of understanding the Universe. If I remain in that minutiae, I find I have lost a view of the big picture.

I’m trying, with the use of these crystals, to help you to develop the big picture, compassion, wisdom, understanding and love of self.

Now that we have explored some of the ways that working with natural quartz crystals in meditation and for healing functions as a robust and highly rewarding spiritual practice, we will proceed in the next chapter to fundamental advice about how to hold, clear, and charge quartz healing crystals.


Chapter Seven: How to Hold a Crystal; Clearing and Charging Your Crystal; Using a Crystal to Broadcast Energy; Hand and Finger Motions to Control and Direct Energy Fields; Holding a Charge; Building Up Your Bio-Energy Field


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Curtis Talking to Plants, Houston, Texas, 1987, photo by Jane Sherry

Curtis Lang Talking to Plants, Houston, Texas, 1987, photo by Jane Sherry

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