Jane and Curtis are publishing this FREE web-based e-book here at SatyaCenter.com called Back to the Garden: Cultivating Love in Our Lives. The book is being published as a series of articles, and includes sections on self-love, romantic love, partnerships and the New Age of the Divine Lovers. The book discusses family relations, friendships, love relationships and your relationship to spiritual worlds.

Keep checking back to this section of our website to read the latest chapters in the book.


Self Love

The true story of the fall in the Garden of Eden, the nature of the original sin of egoism, and how to surrender to the Higher Self


Romantic Love

The war between the sexes and how it is fueled by karma, egotism and the tragic nature of romantic attachments



Strategies for building lasting love relationships based upon equality, unconditional love and spiritual partnership


Divine Lovers

The path of return to the Garden of Eden, Paradise regained, and a new mythology for the Aquarian Age