Reviewing the God Theory - Subtle Energy and The Cosmic Field of Fields

The Living Universe & the Nature of Truth

Recently I read a book called The God Theory by renowned astrophysicist Dr. Bernard Haisch. Haisch has worked at UC Berkely and for NASA. His book unfolds one scientist’s view of the Universe, creation and all that.

Quote from Bernard Haisch Quote by Bernard Haisch

I was reading Sri Aurobindo's massive work The Life Divine  around the same time and discovered to my surprise that these two books, one arising from the ancient Vedantic spiritual tradition and one arising from the post-modern Western scientific tradition, shared a common view of an evolving intelligent Universe arising from a transcendent ground of being composed of living loving intelligent energy. 

Sri Aurobindo, courtesy Wikimedia Commons
Sri Aurobindo, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This preliminary review of The God Theory offers some background for a scientific understanding of the soul, transmigration and other metaphysical stuff like that. The thoughts that follow owe as much to the Vedantic tradition as they do to modern science.

The God Theory

Here is our God Theory. Jane and I are not Buddhists, but we do not believe in an anthropomorphic creator God.

We are Interfaith Ministers with a background in mystical Christianity, Qabalah, Shamanism and Buddhist thought.

We have a Hindu spiritual teacher, Shri Anandi Ma, and study Vedanta, which is the ancient Eastern wisdom school teaching tradition from which Buddhism springs. 

Shiva Shakti Hermaphrodite Meditating

The Universal Field is symbolized by Shiva and the Universal Energy is symbolized by Shakti.
Their Union is satchitananda, truth, consciousness and bliss.

Based upon over forty years of studies and spiritual practice, we believe that the Divine is an energy, manifesting within a Universal Field composed of a myriad of fields containing various frequencies of this energy.

That Universal Field of fields filled with various flavors of energy constitutes the Unity hidden behind the apparent diversity of existence which is accessible to our five senses.

The Source of this energy, which permeates the Universe, remains unknowable to those of us living in the space-time continuum.

The Energy is one, the faces of Unity manifest in the diversity of existence are necessarily multiple.

Sages and saints call this Unity by many names.

We believe that all the many gods and goddesses in the Hindu pantheon, and depicted in the many diverse religions of the world, are but “masks of God”, culturally and socially and psychologically and karmically conditioned, necessarily partial manifestations of the Divine, which can be called Brahman, the Divine, the Absolute, The Mother, God, or many other names.


Brahman, A roundel, courtesy Wikimedia
A roundel of Brahma, the creator of the universe,
Wellcome Museum, London
Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


The Divine, or Absolute, existing beyond time and space, is an infinite Void which is also paradoxically a sea of infinite energy, and two primary characteristics of this Source, this sea of energy, are unlimited consciousness and unlimited, unconditional love.

The Divine experiences unlimited creativity and thus has an infinite number of creative ideas. In other words, the Divine has infinite potential and infinite capacity for self-expression.

In order to truly know itself, this Divine loving consciousness chose to filter itself, to limit itself, to create a realm of polarity within which to manifest creativity.

The creative ideation of the Divine establishes a set of basic parameters, which we call “laws of nature”, constants such as the temperature inside stars which allows carbon to form and remain stable, Planck’s constant, and a handful of other mathematical constants which are all set within very tight boundaries to allow this space-time continuum to manifest, stabilize, and grow.

These "laws" provide a structure for the Universe so that creation remains stable and flowers over billions of years.

Light Dispersion Through a Prism, courtesy Wikimedia

Dispersion of Light Through a Prism

Jibin 1840404, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Much as a prism filters white light, or infinite potential colors, into a discrete visible spectrum, the creative ideation of the Divine manifests in these “laws”, including the law of evolution, and in the explosion of energy scientists call the Big Bang, which initiated this Universe in its current manifestation.

That Big Bang took place some fourteen billion years ago, arising from a vast sea of roiling electromagnetic energy.

That energy did not exist in a vacuum. There is no such thing as a vacuum in this Universe. We can conceive of a vacuum, but in nature, at the time of the Big Bang, the Universe was defined by a field of energy known as the Zero Point Field.

Image of Quantum Vacuum, public domain

Public Domain Image, CC0

Astrophysicists say that the Zero Point Field, also called the “quantum vacuum”, is the sea of background electromagnetic energy in the so-called “vacuum” of space. The Zero Point Field is composed of energy wave particles in the quantum realm.

These wave particles appear from and disappear continually into another dimension, beyond our four dimensional reality.

Some scientists speculate that the activity in the Zero Point Field could account for the creation of the conditions that led up to the Big Bang but this is still speculative. However, astrophysicists have already generated a substantial body of theoretical knowledge about the Zero Point Field.

According to these theories, the Zero Point Field provides a discernible, measurable, although mysterious, Source of unlimited energy which manifests as all forms of electromagnetic radiation, light, X-rays, ultraviolet, infrared, and what we call Universal Life Force Energy, or Reiki, prana, chi, kundalini, fohat, et cetera.

Properties of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, courtesy Wikimedia

A diagram of the Milton spectrum, showing the type, wavelength (with examples), frequency, the black body emission temperature. 

See page for author, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This energy permeates the “vacuum” of space, and although difficult to measure, some Nobel prize winning scientists, including Bernard Haisch, author of "The God Theory", believe that it is so vast that one coffee cup full of this energy could boil all the oceans on earth. We do not notice that energy because it is indeed the background energy against which we perceive all other forms of energy.

The Zero Point Field is a kind of mirror image of the Divine, the transcendent, Absolute Sea of Energy which contains infinite potential, unbounded by time, space or any other constraints.

The Zero Point Field is like the reflection of a bright golden moon in still waters.

The Absolute Consciousness is co-terminous with that Unbounded Sea of Energy found beyond all possible Universes.

This Absolute Consciousness creates and sustains the Zero Point Field within the constraints of the “laws of nature” that govern this space-time continuum we call the Universe, and the Zero Point Field in turn acts as a primary mechanism for the propagation of energy and matter in accordance with these “laws” or mathematical constants throughout the Universe.

“Let there be light” may be a precise metaphor for creation.

Light might indeed be the very first vibration in this Universe, if by light one means electromagnetic radiation, of which light is certainly the primary example.

In particular, it appears that contrary to traditional Newtonian physics and Cartesian rationalism, which is a dualistic philosophy, matter is not the primary element in this Universe.

Light is the primary element, and matter is simply “solidified” light.

The Zero Point Field provides the mechanism by which light, or electromagnetic radiation, interacts with quantum wave particles being created and destroyed continuously throughout the space time continuum to create all matter.

Once a huge roiling sea of energy was created by the Big Bang, the movement of the energy throughout the space-time continuum brought the wave-particles of energy into contact with the continually appearing and disappearing energy of the Zero Point Field.

Turbulent Sea and Sea Foam, courtesy Wikimedia

Irish Sea Veins
This contact sets up resistance to the movement of the wave-particles of energy created in the Big Bang, and astrophysicists have derived Newton’s theorem f=ma, force = mass times accleration, from the inertia created by this contact.

In other words, mass, which is the primary characteristic of matter in this Universe, is the result of the interplay of the Zero Point Field with other, more long-lived, stable and visible energies. In addition, the Zero Point Field provides the source of the energy that sustains electrons in their paths around the nuclei of atoms. Without this Source of background energy, they would all fall into the nucleus of the atoms they surround very quickly.

Resistance to the movement of subatomic particles/waves of light through the Zero Point Field is theorized to cause gravity, and to precipitate the coalescing of these particles/waves of light into what we call matter.

This Universal field of energy of various wavelengths, in its movement, as it generates gravitational and electromagnetic forces and fields, forms whirlpools of energy vast and small, creating galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets and even the life forms evolving on the planets thus created.

According to this new science, we are all beings of light, localized fields of crystallized Universal Life Force Energy, interconnected with all that exists by virtue of being contained within the larger Universal Field. My direct experience with Reiki and with meditation and other consciousness expanding techniques convinces me that without a doubt the Universal Life Force Energy that surrounds, inhabits and sustains this physical body, this body of light and this consciousness is a living, conscious, loving energy.

One might say with some degree of exactitude that each of us contains a spark of the energy found in the Zero Point Field, and indeed, a spark of the original energy found in the Absolute, or the Divine, which exists beyond our space-time continuum, and indeed beyond any multiplicity of Universes one may posit.

That Divine consciousness is filtered into our individuated consciousness just as motion picture film filters and focuses white light through a lens to create a virtual reality in a movie theater.

When we are awake, on a physical level, the space-time continuum creates the filter, and our consciousness interacting with that continuum creates the “movie” we call our reallity.  

On a metaphysical level, the Vedantic tradition describes the "samskaras", or seeds of karma, which are stored in the causal body of light, which is part of that which reincarnates, whether you call it a soul or not. These samskaras act as a further filter which modifies our view of reality, and our motivation, hence our actions, our co-creation in its various aspects.

When we are asleep various internal, primarily subconscious processes are the primary factors that create the filter or the film through which Divine consciousness projects the movie we call our reality.

There are many paths to know this Divine consciousness. One is meditation. When we meditate deeply, thoughts cease. Our physical processes and our samskaras persist, but with practice we can drop the mental filter called “lower mind”, “personality” or “ego-consciousness”, while remaining awake.

At this moment, our consciousness more closely approaches its original state of being, the incessant movie within our heads stops rolling, and the light of consciousness becomes increasingly “white” as it were. We experience the infinite potential and the loving infinite intelligence of the Divine Consciousness which is our original home and our True Self  to the best of our ability given our physical condition, our samskaras and the depth and strength of our spiritual practice.

Over time, in meditation, we come to perceive that True Self more directly. As we participate more fully in Truth, which the Vedas call "Satya", we come to realize that each and every sentient being with whom we come in contact is in fact also a manifestation of that Divine Consciousness.

We come through direct perception to understand and to know that the entire Universe and the Absolute Energy that sustains it at each and every moment is within each and every wave and particle of our space-time continuum.

That Divine, loving energy comprises ultimate Being, Consciousness and Bliss, called Satchitananda in the Vedas.

Heart Chakra, depiction by C.W. Leadbeater, courtesy Wikimedia

The Heart Chakra, 
From C. W. Leadbeater's book The Chakras
C. W. Leadbeater, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Over time, through our spiritual practice, this direct perception opens our hearts and we know true compassion for all sentient beings and the entirety of this Universe.

Metaphysically, one might say that we achieve various levels of Cosmic Consciousness, and ultimately Union with Brahman, Christ Consciousness, The Divine Mother or Buddha Mind, depending upon our spiritual tradition.

One of the first steps along this path of spiritual evolution brings us into contact with what is known as the Higher Mind, that aspect of our consciousness which transcends the ego, the personality, and the physical body we inhabit.

Our Higher Mind is a powerful Source of Truth, being connected more directly to the Source of Being, Satchitananda than our normal waking ego-consciousness.

Once we have attained some measure of attunement with Higher Mind, with Truth, our thoughts, emotions, and our actions, even our very wills, become synchronized with the Divine Consciousness, Divine Will and the Divine Plan.

We begin to live our lives so as to be of loving service to others, knowing that in this way we fulfill our own grand destiny.

In this way, through active, conscious co-operation in our spiritual evolution, we are indeed in the very highest sense co-creators in the Divine Plan, which is for the Absolute Energy beyond time and space to know itself fully by creatively individuating itself in a myriad of forms evolving over time within the framework of the space-time continuum until each spark of individuated consciousness comes to recover its true identity.

The Universe is thus in some sense a sentient being, evolving over time, and destined to eventually recover its true consciousness, its own Divinity.

The entirety of this Universe partakes of Divine Consciousness, is infused with Divine Love and in some sense, is One with the Source of all Creation.

Over time, through a series of experiments, each individuated spark of Creation will attain its evolutionary goal, to be a conscious co-creator in this Universal drama.

Krishna Leela, Artwork at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Krishna Leela at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad,
Art by Ramesh Gojrala
Pratishkhedekar, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons 

One can see the entirety of creation as simply “lila” or Divine Play. The purpose of existence and of creation is certainly a subject for much reflection, but clearly one major element of any such purpose is simply self-knowledge, the propagation of self-consciousness, and the joy of existence.

Self-actualization is also clearly an element of any such purpose.

The Absolute Sea of Conscious Loving Energy that somehow creates and sustains this Universe from beyond our four dimensional reality could not know and enjoy its infinite creativity without manifesting its creative ideas.

This Universe is one such manifestation, although not necessarily the only one.

All sentient beings and all non-sentient forms of nature are infused with the energy of the Divine, the Absolute Sea of Loving Consciousness existing beyond our Universe, and with the energy of Divine Consciousness filtered through the “natural laws” that exist to structure our space-time continuum, which we can know and experience at the quantum level as the Zero Point Field, at the macro level as the magnificence of nature, and which we know through our perception on subtle levels as the Universal Life Force Energy in its manifestations as Reiki, chi, prana, kundalini, et cetera.

As part of our evolution as conscious beings, we come increasingly to reverence the entire web of life that sustains us, for we come to understand that in the most fundamental sense we are one with that web of life.

Nature is our Mother, Energy is our Mother, this space-time continuum is her womb, and we are her children. She is most deserving of our love.

The Divine Father-Mother Source comprises the manifested forms of nature, the Energy of nature, and the structures that provide that energy and those forms with a framework for manifestation.

Shiva Shakti


One might call the Energy and the forms of Nature the Great Mother.

One might call the “laws of nature”, the mathematical constants that structure the Universe the Great Father.

The union of the Great Mother and Great Father is known in the Vedas as the union of Shakti and Shiva.

And their union is a reflection of the Unity from which this realm of polarity has arisen, the Absolute Sea of Unconditioned Loving Conscious Energy which provides the source for the energy in the Zero Point field.

We might call that Absolute God, but in the final analysis the mind recoils from that which exists beyond all possible perception and cognition.  How can one assign names or forms to the unknowable?

Here's a short video on "The God Theory" for your further enjoyment. . .

The Truth About Life, Being, the Universe and All That is Within You

Here’s a little something I wrote to explain what Jane and I had in mind when we called our website “Satya Center”.

Path Through the Woods, Courtesy Wikimedia

Path Through The Woods by Rupert Fleetingly,

CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Vedas say "Sate hitam satyam" which means "The path to ultimate truth or Sat is satya".

Hence all the deeds, words, and wisdom that takes closer to the Ultimate Truth are the truth.

According to Wikipedia, "There is a more subtle meaning of the word, 'Satya', which is Citsvaru'pa (the Supreme consciousness) or Parama Purusha. In the field of Sadhana or intuitional practice, the meaning of 'Satya' is 'Parahit'artham' va'unmanaso yatha'rthatvam' satyam i.e., Satya is the benevolent use of words and the mind for the welfare of others. This is to say that a benevolent sage must be truthful regardless of the meaning of satya. Another interpretation however, is "the Truth which equals love."

"The true reality is divine, that is reality. What we think of as reality is an illusion, a lie. Thus we cannot know reality, until we idealize and divinize all creatures, and ourselves. The disciple seeks to know himself, because he wants to reach God himself, to be able to say, as Jesus said, 'My Father and I are one.' 'I am He.' "
-- Bulgarian Spiritual Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, from "Man's Two Natures, Human and Divine".

Finding Our Satya Center

In a state of bliss, comparable to that experienced by lovers and mystics, we discover our own inner truth.

The word satya in Sanskrit means "truth and Honesty". The word satya also implies a unity underlying the apparent conflict and duality of the material world.

The Unity between the Self and Source of creation.

The Unity of the Divine Lovers.

The Grand Hermetic Androgyne, courtesy Wikimedia

The Grand Hermetic Androgyne trampling underfoot
the Four Elements of the Prima Materia, 
Codex Germanicus Monacensis, 1417
Unknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Thus satya implies both inner truth and Cosmic Consciousness.

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and other great spiritual teachers of the East and the West revealed their own inner truth, and we find their Cosmic Consciousness illustrated in their life stories.

The great saints and mystics of all religions around the world have experienced the power of inner truth.

Love released their inner truth and the truth worked miracles in their lives. Their lives changed the world.

Now we live in a world of war, competition, fear, anger, anxiety and alienation.

We've lost contact with our Satya Center.

We've hidden this inner truth from ourselves.

We've closed ourselves to love.

We've exiled ourselves from the Garden of Eden.

A painting of the Kundalini Tantra (18th century), 36.2 x 28.4cm. It depicts tantric symbolism of Sun and Moon, chakras, snakes (kundalini), yoni and lingam

A painting of the Kundalini Tantra depicts tantric symbolism of Sun and Moon, chakras, snakes (kundalini), yoni and lingam,
Unknown 18th century Indian painter, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Yet deep within our hearts, we also carry this inner truth like a favorite wound, a memory of a Golden Age, a primal garden, a starry mountaintop night.

We all know that love is the key to its attainment.

And now we're going to explore different ways we can travel the paths of love and relationship back to the garden.

We're going to discover how we can open ourselves more and more to a divinely inspired and inspiring love.

We're going to come home to our inner truth and find our Satya Center.

Curtis and Jane at Downtown Art Wall, Winston Salem, North Carolina

Curtis and Jane Selfie at the Downtown Art Wall, Winston Salem, NC

Jane and I affirm that you all receive the grace and guidance you require to attain your spiritual and material goals. Reiki Blessings to one and all!

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