I had arythmia of the heart in 1982, a heart attack which put me in intensive care. But in 1983 I had a real coronary, an angina attack. Without my knowledge and use of crystals, I would not be alive. In fact, I would not be physically here if I had not used crystals.

Diagram of Healthy Human Heart, created by Brandi Catt, courtesy of Wikimedia, under Creative Commons license that allows anyone to use it for any purpose, provided that the copyright holder is properly attributed.The day I had the heart attack as I was leaving the house, I got to the door and I stopped, and something in me said “Go upstairs.” I went upstairs and I got the four-sided healing crystal which I normally never carry, and I put it in my pocket. I got 4½ miles from IBM and there was an accident and traffic was bumper-to-bumper. As I started to approach these cars, I got hit with a massive coronary, like a sudden blow to the chest. I couldn’t breathe. Because of the accident, I couldn’t get off the highway.

I reached in my pocket, got the crystal, and just held it pointing at my heart. Immediately the pain went away. The pain was first a sudden blow to the chest and I couldn’t breathe.

As soon as I brought the crystal up to my heart, the pain ceased. I could breathe, and breathed in a reasonably normal way. I held the crystal there for the fifteen minutes it took to go the four miles, and that was an eternity.

I kept repeating, “Dear Lord, help me get to the laboratory.”

When I had my heart attack, I put the crystal directly on my chest, despite the fact that most of my work with the crystal had been at the etheric level. I had touched my body with it as opposed to holding it at a distance because I wanted it linked directly to the artery in the physical body to stop all spasm. I had to close the circuit. The circuit head could not be open.

Mind you, I had to deal with two modalities. First, I still had to drive the car with one hand, and second, I had to deal with treating my body at the same time. I was working with the dual modality of my mind functioning and I had to recognize the seriousness of it. I had to see the damage that was there, and when you assess that you can be frightened. It would be very natural to be fearful and that’s the last thing I could have taking place.

When you are working at the etheric level, you are dealing with the product of mind and body interacting and producing this program. There is a time constant connected with it. All the more so in the case of a heart attack.

Amazingly enough, I was able to drive the car in to the IBM building, park in my normal parking spot, walk into my office and call my manager.

I said to him, “I have had a heart attack. Would you please call the paramedics.” All the time I had the crystal on my chest. There was never another pain or any other secondary indications.

They put me on a gurney, took me to the Santa Theresa Hospital, and put me immediately into intensive care. Sure enough, a coronary condition was indicated, but I had no secondary attack.

I kept the crystal focused all the time and just breathed, and the program I put in said, “No pain. No additional coronary attack.” And that was the program.

The next day they assigned a doctor, a specialist in coronary difficulties, and I had an angiogram, where they look at your heart with x-rays and they run it out on film. He took one look at that and said, “There is only one hope for you and that is an immediate open heart surgery, because one of the main arteries coming out of your heart is 94% occluded, almost completely constricted.” One more attack and the thing would have collapsed, and that would have been the end.

I said, “Doctor what other alternatives do I have?”

“There’s another procedure which is an angioplasty. I don’t recommend it. It’s not too secure a procedure.” I told him I wanted to weigh both of the alternatives. So, a couple of days later I was discharged from the hospital and I went to see Dr. Sheehan and the other doctors who were recommending the open heart surgery, and there I brought Dr. Laskow along, plus another doctor as a referee and they ran their full procedure of what I would be faced with for each of the procedures, open heart and angioplasty.

In the meantime I had the crystal in my hand at all times. Never once did I have any further attack.

Then I had the doctor present the two cases to me and I made the decision that I would do the angioplasty. I would not take the open heart surgery.

So I went back and made arrangements, leaving a one month interval between that date and that of the operation.

Marcel Vogel Working with Vogel Healing Crystal

Every morning I would take the crystal, go into occluded area with my mind’s eye, visualize the artery, (I had seen the pictures of what it looked like), and just cut away at the plaque and the formation.

When it came to operation time, they got me on the table and they looked at the problem area with x-rays. They almost did not want to operate, because the main artery had gone from 94% occludance down to 74%, quite a reduction.

The doctor said that there must have been something wrong with the original picture. I said, “No. You have the original picture.”

When they finished the operation I said let’s play the video of before and after, and they did that, and there was the original artery almost completely sealed over, and the new picture of the artery much more open. I have these records.

The doctor said he did not understand what took place.

I said, “I did a healing on my body.” This is a case wherein I did the healing myself with the crystal. I consider that a real healing because my inner intuition had a forewarning that there was something wrong.

If I had ever needed convincing on the value of crystals, this would have been the proof.

However, there was never at any moment of time a need for me to be convinced. I knew it from the very beginning.

I would never have dedicated myself as deeply as I had originally had I not known this. All I ever asked for is the instrument or tools to discover the methodology of measurement so that I could get the data to present to the outside world. My inner self knew.

The moment I touched the crystal I knew. The episode I had upstairs in my room with Chuck Mignosa where I held the crystal in my hand, drew my breath in, pulsed it, and pointed it at him, and his head went back like it was hit with a poleaxe, and I knew. I said, “That is a force to be reckoned with, and one has to be very careful with it.”

Before the heart attack, I had made the decision to retire and had laid the grounds for starting the PRI laboratory, first renting a place on The Alameda. It was a single room and I had young people working with me.

One day someone broke into the laboratory and one of the microscopes was stolen. So that was the end. I just pulled back on that. Then the space opened at the Mahedrin Restaurant and there was sufficient room to put some of the laboratory gear and some of the things that I had accumulated that I could not store in my own house. The quarters were very, very poor to say the least. They were cast-off office rooms.

We had that for about a year, or a year and a half (rent-free, which was fine). Despite the primitive circumstances, we got going in research.

Dr. Laskow had come over. We worked on doing a mental transfer of the essence of various drugs through the crystal into the area of the body needing treatment.

We learned a lot in this period.

The key statement is that the crystal is a bio-energetic transducer. Cut in the proper shape and form it can, and will, absorb radiations, amplify, and transmit.

So we qualify the definition of a transducer by saying that it is a bio-energetic or biological transducer.

Now the transduction or the conversion of energy can be a step up or a step down activity as well.

Using Crystals for Therapeutic Purposes

Marcel Vogel Instructs Crystal Healing Students at Workshop

Then I formed a group of people here, ten or eleven, and we would meet every Monday. We would discuss ideas; we would do brainstorming. I have got about two years of dialogue all on this, all recorded in my notebooks on opening up the potential core of information. That gave me the background to step out and really start working. So, it has been a real adventure and a challenge.

In 1981 and 1982, I started giving lectures with a group of doctors. It is fascinating how this all came to be.

The lectures came about from an article that appeared in The National Enquirer on this IBM scientist who not only bent metal but fractured metals.

I had been invited to Stanford University by a professor of Astrophysics who was interested in the work of psychics who could bend metals with their minds.

What happened at Stanford University was that they had me come there and they had rods of about 1/4” to over 1/2” in diameter that had been slightly bent by internationally acclaimed psychic and spoon-bender Uri Geller.

They also brought another man who claimed to be very proficient in bending metals mentally. They also had a woman there who was a professor of metallurgy.

“So,” I said, “if you want I’ll see what I can do with it.” So they handed me one of these rods. I took one look at it, pulsed my breath, and the thing went “boom”. Just like that. It was like a sonic boom – the metal rod broke in two pieces. I told them “Here it is. Now, please study it.” It shocked them.

There was a man next to me who had trained to be a metal bender. I turned to him and said, why don’t you try the next one. He threw his hands up and said, “No, no, I don’t want to touch it.”

I said, “Why?”

He said, “You do it, you do it.” He was frightened.

I said, “All right, I’ll do one more for you.” Then I repeated the demonstration. And I said, “Please study it and let me know what you come up with as far as your data.”

Somehow Stanford leaked the information to the National Enquirer and it got into print with my picture on it, with my taking metals and just with the power of mind bending them and snapping them into pieces.

That is what stimulated a medical doctor, Dr. Tang, in San Francisco, to call me, inviting me to meet a group of doctors. They were meeting once every couple of months – about 10 or 12 of them, and I gave them a talk on crystals. They had never been introduced to crystals before and they were fascinated with them. We hung together for close to 5 years. These doctors were the first ones to get the specially cut crystals.

I had started cutting the crystals myself in my garage in 1974 – 1975, as described above. I had awakened one morning and I had seen the image of the Tree of Life and that’s what started it. The shape was double-terminated.

3-D Model of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, Robert Wang from his book The Qabalistic Tarot

3-D Model of the Qabalistic Tree of Life,

Robert Wang from his book The Qabalistic Tarot

I started to cut crystals into that shape. It took about a year of experimentation. I started this in the glass shop with a friend who was a glass blower, Alex Kelbin, and I would cut the crystals on this big 18” saw, and then learned to polish them on these flat laps that we had there for finishing rock specimens.

Then, over time, as I achieved good results with the crystals I had cut, I began to give talks to the doctors.

I would meet once a week with a group of people from all around the Bay Area, and we would discuss the future of PRI and what would be required to get going to bring a technology like this into being.

It was a wonderful combination of people including a woman (who was, again, an excellent channel), and a scientist from Stanford Research Institute. We brainstormed together and I drew on this as a root source of information and spiritual insights I used to help me to formulate my plans as to where I would go and what I should do.

I used three basic sources: 1) my own inner intuitions, 2) the channeling expertise of Kay Von Damm, 3) The input of a group of people during round-table discussions. That was the rooting of the ideas that I was formulating for the laboratory.

Because in America, the creation of crystals in a faceted form to receive, amplify and transmit Universal Life Force Energy, loving emotions and healing thoughts did not really exist before I started cutting crystals for healing and meditation.

144 Sided Vogel Healing Wand, Cut by Ray Pinto, photo by Jane Sherry

21st Century144 Sided Vogel Healing Wand Cut by Ray Pinto, Photo by Jane Sherry

The whole spiritual technology was biased towards natural crystals – they were to be left untouched so as not to damage them. It was a Native American tradition that to tamper with the natural stone by cutting it was wrong.

The opposite side of the fence is the faceting of gems to bring out the quality of the gemstone which is the brilliance of it’s coloration. So we have these two diversities of opinion.

On the one hand, Native Americans view the gems and crystals embedded deep underground as the nervous system of Grandmother Earth, very sacred vessels essential to maintain the dynamic equilibrium of climatic conditions conducive to human civilization and healthy growth of plants and animals.

On the other hand, Eastern Indians, with a several thousand year old written and oral spiritual tradition so rich, vast and deep that it boggles the Western mind, have traditionally used extremely highly faceted gemstones for healing and by astrologers to ameliorate the negative influences of badly aspected planets in the birth chart.

The Hindu people feel that diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are the strongest conductors of subtle energies of various frequencies, flavors and uses, and that although natural quartz crystals have similar properties, their power is only a minute fraction of the power of true gemstones.

To learn more about the different ways spiritual traditions both East and West have used crystals and gemstones for healing, meditation and in their own Ascension Practices, read our free e-Book entitled Spirits of Stone: A Lightworker’s Guide to Crystals and Gemstones for Healing and Meditation by your editor, Curtis Lang.

Marcel Vogel began to research the different wisdom school traditions regarding the use of crystals and gemstones in healing at this time.

I started to buy books as to what are the traditions connected with stones and gemstones, as far as their healing properties are concerned.

The more I read, the more confused I became. I felt there was a germ of truth but the more I read, the more confused I’d get, until finally I took the whole thing and just pushed it aside, finally saying I’m going to deal with it on my own.

Vogel’s approach was based ultimately upon the scientific method combined with Catholic prayer and meditation. Vogel did not see the need for a spiritual teacher and avoided the traditional approaches to gems and crystals.

Marcel Vogel Oil Painting, Collection of Curtis Lang and Jane SherryVogel believed that an open mind, acute powers of discernment, a reliance upon observable facts and duplicatable experiments, and a loving heart would enable him to fully understand the power of quartz crystals for healing and meditation, and to create highly faceted quartz crystals that would be the optimum energy tools for use by practitioners of all spiritual and healing traditions, East and West.

Vogel’s path was the path of scientific experimentation, inner spiritual exploration, and the direct experience of altered states of consciousness to facilitate healings.

Almost from the beginning, Vogel sought out the opportunity to test his highly faceted healing crystals on sick people who had sought healing, by allying himself with medical doctors and encouraging them to use his crystals on patients.

At the same time that I had started, a cult of people were also teaching crystal healing, but this was only with natural crystals. The leaders of these groups were Nick Nocerino and his protege, Dale Walker, with other independents like Bill McNeill, Randall Baer, and Warren and Carol Klausner coming in later.

Nick Nocerino and Dale Walker tend to follow the tenets of old alchemy and magic combined with some of the traditional American Indian teachings.

Seal of the Rosicrucian Order: "Visit the Interior of the Earth and There You Will Find the Hidden Stone"

Seal of the Rosicrucian Order:

"Visit the Interior of the Earth and There You Will Find the Hidden Stone"

Randall Baer utilizes more of the old Atlantean approach, whereas Bill McNeill uses channeled information as his basic reference guide.

Warren and Carol Klausner started with the traditional Indian and added the current scientific aspect that they gained as we worked together.

Oh Shinnah has been teaching her traditional American Indian methods with her adaptations for well over a decade now.

I stepped out counter to all of these traditional teachings and said if we’re going to use a crystal, they have to be cut and tuned properly, but I had no base line.

That was my real difficulty, and that was a pioneering step, because I moved away from the tradition.

I had nothing I could fall back on from the traditional point of view or from the knowledge of the historical point of view, which is the use of gemstones from Ancient Egypt and such.

So I said, “I’m going to deal with only one stone, quartz, silicon dioxide – I’m going to deal with it because it is piezoelectric. It has the very powerful property of converting energy.”

Simplified model of an SiO2 Quartz crystal between two electrodes, image courtesy Wikimedia Commons

(a) simplified model of an SiO2 Quartz crystal between two electrodes.

(b) Mechanical pressure shifts the positive and negative centre of charge.

This creates a dipole inducing an electrical voltage at the electrodes.

MikeRun, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

And I followed that path, the threefold path: my own intuition, I would meditate, I would read whatever book I could find, and then pray, and at night time I would process.

I would go to Mass, then write down in my notebook the thoughts that came to me. I’ve got about 20 to 30 notebooks, and I’ve gotten back to these now.

One idea I had for an experiment was to use a photographic film as a dosimeter for the energy released by a crystal, as a film badge is used as a dosimeter for detecting radiation exposure in x-rays and nuclear exposure. I want to get a quantitative measure of the exposure of a crystal powered generator.

I wanted to get a radiometric base because I’m cutting these crystals at various angles and I wanted to see where I would get the maximum output.

I got some exposure but I couldn’t make it quantitative. I had to work out light shields and then had to check out temperature, humidity, time and the effect of the body with calibration. This is just to give you an idea of what I was going through.

Marcel Vogel with Omega One Radionic UnitI knew I had to have a measuring instrument if I was going to proceed. I put it out in prayers and then a month later, I received an Omega I Psychotronic instrument from Daniel Perkins in Nevada and that came right out of the blue sky in 1974. So I had the Omega I at the time I was introducing a group of doctors to my highly faceted healing crystals.

I was cutting crystals and meeting with all the doctors in our group and soon they all had specially cut crystals. I have a record for each of them and the radiometric values that I got for them.

I lectured intently to the doctors. I opened everything to them. I watched them react with minimal use. Minimal. That was a discouragement because I thought if I could get a group of ten doctors willing to practice, test it, use it, then I could expand the whole storehouse of knowledge that I have and then we really could build an information store from their experiences that we could get into literature and publish. That was my intention. It did not work out.

Little did I know how radical it would seem to them. I mean, it is perfectly logical, but radical for their use, because it would force them to jeopardize their reality. There were things that I had to experience and understand.

The initial reaction of the doctors to working with the crystals, given the fact that it was something beyond their scope of standard medical practice, was fear.

And the sad part is that most of them never overcame it. “Well,” I said, “here it is.” I put everything out in front of them. And I said, “Test it for yourselves.”

Then, one day Dr. Chang had an accident. He was hit on the head, causing damage to his brain, and his body was partly paralyzed. A lot of that was dissipated through the use of the crystal.

Then they said, “Well, all right, we will bring our patients in.” So they brought their patients in and I did treatments on them.

The effects were very, very dramatic. I suggested they get going and try it out for themselves. “Don’t just sit and listen to me,” I told them.

But they exhibited something like a psychic block. They told me only I could do it, but not they. That it was, in fact, the same kind of personal power that allows me to do metal bendings, so, therefore, THEY couldn’t do it.

Later in the Eighties we had a 50-person audience in the Joy Lake seminar and I was demonstrating spoon bending and three people in the audience could not do it.

Those three were all doctors. After much patience and struggle, they finally were able to bend. The same thing happened in the doctors’ group.

It really discouraged me because I tried to be absolutely out front and honest with them, and 3 people finally stood out. One was Dr. Bernard McGinity of Sacramento, another one was Dr. John Adams of Los Angeles, and then Dr. Leonard Laskow of Mill Valley, California.

In therapeutic work with crystals, the thing I have found you need is to be loving, to be absolutely sincere in your intention, and also to learn when to release.

Marcel Vogel with Teddy Bear at Crystal Healing Workshop, courtesy Satya Center

Marcel Vogel with Teddy Bear at Crystal Healing Workshop,

courtesy Satya Center

In the case of one of the doctors, I had been with him from the moment he first came to me, his weakness has been that he wants to use his ego. He wants to exemplify his ability as a practitioner to create a change in that person.

So if nothing happens at first, he will keep at it minute after minute. Finally even up to an hour, almost to the point of exhaustion of both he and the patient.

That is totally wrong. I told him point blank this is not what I have taught. That is when he diverted from me.

He is out there now. It is going to be a battle with him and the patient.

I said “No, it’s a sharing and the patient makes the decision, and if they don’t want a healing, you release them and let them go.”

Now, the same thing happened with another doctor. He devoted himself thoroughly, building a clinic in my name and working around the clock healing. But he burned himself out because he felt he had to heal every person who came in, and when you do that you can easily burn out.

All energy healers need to understand that their job is not to “fix” people, but rather to provide people with the energetic support and loving energy they need to heal themselves. We are simply being the vessels through which the Universal Life Force Energy is flowing and being delivered to the recipient. So we are partners with the recipient. There is no healer-healed hierarchical relationship at all.

Marcel Vogel Demonstrates Crystal Healing at Workshop


All energy healers must learn that they are not to push energy out at people, but rather to offer energy to them, and they can accept it or not. Conscious desire for healing on the part of the patient is essential.

When I work with a person, I am loving, but detached. As soon as a transfer of energy has taken place I support them, but I turn the control over more and more to that person until finally they are running the ship and then I back off. I am done.

Now it is their decision whether they want to remain whole, to correct whatever difficulty they may have had and from then on they either come out of it and they’re okay, or they remain where they are, or drop again. And that is a big transition.

And it is a whole different way than traditional medicine is practiced. It is an entirely new way of dealing with healing.

It has taken every ounce of my strength to walk that narrow line between old and new therapeutics, because the moment I start to share this, people grab and run prematurely, not wanting to learn any more.

They think they know it all, and I just have to leave them alone. Or they will just hang on and take only a fragment and then they develop a complex in not wanting to go beyond that.

This is the real reason I have made the decision to write a book.

I want to turn it all over to the people. To teach them how to heal themselves, where it does not involve medicine, or any form of medical practice. In other words, the crystal work and theory is beyond currently practiced Western allopathic medicine.

The criteria is learn how to be loving, to help a person come to the root of what they are suffering from, what they are struggling with, and support them as they pull that root out, release it and free it, and then heal the wound and let the body start to heal.

I have had to work in a vacuum and the normal, trained, scientific mind does not like to work in a vacuum.

I mean with any technical mind you deal with what you are able to handle and then you work with it in a systematic way. You work out the cause and effect relationships.

In this case, I have had to turn myself over to a higher power, the love I have in Christ.

Christ Healing the Blind, Oil Painting by El Greco

Christ Healing the Blind, Oil Painting by El Greco

I said “Fine, I will dedicate myself now to You, the talents that I have, what I have learned in this lifetime. If I’m to apply it in a rightful, meaningful way, I need Your help. I have just had it. I put it that way. So, I am asking You for this help. I will do my part.”

And help has been forthcoming.

The greatest test I personally have been put through in terms of continually working with the crystals is the doctors, observing the minds of doctors and maintaining my own faith and integrity while watching these people act the way they do.

Peer groups have not been quite as hard because there I am a different person. There I am talking within my own scientific field.

I talk in the language of science and we can communicate on certain lines of specialties which I have, such as luminescence or the field of liquid crystal systems.

But to communicate the whole picture is very difficult, to speak of the soul, to speak of love as an integral part of the teaching modality as an integral part of the healing process, that is hard for people to hear.

The doctor doesn’t want to hear that the crystal’s effectiveness is based on the openness of your heart and the purity of your intention.

That does not exactly sound like four years of medical school.

Or to say a short prayer before you start any healing process with a person.

Doctors who specifically brought in patients and knew what those conditions were and saw the patients change would shake their head in amazement.

And to what did they attribute the change? They had no explanation for why the healing occurred.

And out of those 10 or 15 doctors, only three really embraced the technology strongly.

I have seen people with all different ranges of ability and professional credibility each try to embrace the technology. And yet there has to be an integral level of soul connection or integrity of purpose in order for it to work.

Now, another very real challenge I have found is that a person must work with these crystals without fear. They are really not to be feared, but once you create fear it projects that fear. It amplifies whatever you are. There is nothing in the crystal to be feared.

Where do I see this all leading? My vision is the following, that this has got to be put into clinics. That we must choose now, and I’m going to do my best with the powers that have been given to me to make a series of logical recommendations of the evidence that we have acquired up to now as the most likely steps that any practitioner could apply and get meaningful results, and recommend that these be tested now in clinics. Doctors have been afraid of repercussions, i.e., malpractice suits and the AMA.

The key that comes to mind is for crystal healers to assist the doctor in the practice of medicine, to help promote healing in cases like shock, automotive injury, etc.

We have one woman on video tape who had a head-on collision. This was followed by many, many surgeries and her body was still out of balance.

In one crystal healing treatment, her body balanced, and she became normal. I think every individual who is subjected to shock, accidents and the like, should be treated with crystals and I propose that case studies be done. In this book I hope to be giving everything that practitioners can use to prepare to perform work with crystals in a therapeutic setting.

My plan is to turn this into a real handbook, besides just a source book of information.

The other area to pursue is long-term versus short-term treatment. I can’t do that. I cannot, and I will not, because I am not a medical practitioner. That’s why I used the words “will not.”

I will TEACH by treating a person.

I will use crystal healings for research purposes, to lead me to where I want to go, but the moment a person comes to me for repeated healings, I will invariably shift them over to a doctor or their practitioner who can then help the patient to unfold the patterns that must be recognized in order to release their strong hold on their chronic ailments.

See, we are cutting virgin territory with the crystals the way we have prepared them. People are starting to write books now on faceted crystals.

But it is just coming out now. But the real knowledge of why and how is still contained in my head and is in the writing that we have here.

Part of the growth of the public interest in crystal healing is that many people are replicating what they think are the acute angles that represent the maximum focusing of the energy and yet, our work began on the basis of sacred geometry.

There is a difference between faceting in a random way, or even in a uniform way, and faceting in the way that is aligned with higher spiritual principles.

Vogel Healing and Meditation Wands Cut by PRI, signed by Marcel Vogel, from the Collection of Satya Center

Vogel Healing and Meditation Wands Cut by PRI and Marcel Vogel, from the Collection of Satya Center

No two of my crystals are the same. They may achieve the same purpose, but there are no two crystals that come to me that are the same.

So you have to consider the intrinsic property of each natural crystal, and you have to cut away the amount that will bring that crystal to that vibration of 454 [a measurement calibrated by the Omega One radionics device], the same vibration as that of water.

Once you get that, you have the crystal that will do the work.

Another key criteria is that they have to be cut with love.

I cut, I would say, the first 75 to 100 crystals.

And then my son, Marcel, Jr., took over and he cut the next four to five hundred, and then Andrew came in.

There are three major sources of the rock crystal raw material, Arkansas, Brazil, and Africa.

Our first supplies came from the Coleman Mine, and the second from the Don Burroughs, Mount Ida mine, both in Arkansas.

Our next and current source is Brazil. Initially the source came from a stockpile of Brazilian crystal that the government had from World War II, and when they released a lot of that, I bought up whatever I could.

One current/future source is Madagascar. They are just starting to export in large quantities.

The type of quartz material we look for is the clearest possible optical quality crystal, and I’ve been led towards that.

Now I’m working within the quartz family with only three types: the pure, clear crystal, smokey quartz, and citrine.

The citrine has been very popular, but I can’t get too large a supply. Although citrine can now be made artificially (from the heating of amethyst, or you can take the smokey quartz and some of it can be bleached down), the citrines that I have gotten have been all natural from Brazil.

We never even realized that they were citrine until we cut away on what we believed was clear quartz.

What we have talked about up to now is the personal crystal, an individual crystal that a person would use in his hand for meditation or for therapy or for healing.

Another type is the crystal to be used for wearing, not a natural, uncut one, but cut and made into amulets and talismans.

These are mounted in combination with various woods that we are studying from Africa and from all over the world. So we’re really bringing in the earth, fire and water.

We are also making micro-crystals 1/8” to 1/16” across.

These are being used now for acupuncture therapy. The first trials have been very impressive.

They are placed on an acupuncture point on the body of a person, taped in place, and they continually stimulate that particular acupuncture site.

At the same time you can program your intention into the crystal and do a treatment on that person. These can be laid onto the site and you can treat the person remotely without any harm to the person.

Another thing we have been working on are the multi-faceted crystal pendants that people wear around their neck.

I measure the angles on these and find the critical angle that gives the pendant its maximum output, that is the stimulation that the crystal wearer would receive. We’re getting quite interesting results with that.

[Scroll down to read more about the Star of David Cut]

Another area that we’ve worked into, and I’m waiting for the patents to come through, is the application of crystals in a device for the structuring and purification of water.

The water will be spun around the crystal and it will purify the water from hydrocarbons, from radiation and unwanted contaminants, particularly the chlorine.

The water tastes cleaner and has a much finer overall vitality to it.

I want to apply this now to agriculture.

There’s the extension, the horizon of the use of crystals as I immediately see them.

The Star of David Cut

One result of Vogel’s work is the Star of David crystal pendant. Marcel Vogel wore one for protection and to strengthen his aura.

Water Clear Quartz Crystal Star of David Pendant

The Water-Clear Quartz Vogel Star of David, is composed of two triangles, one pointed up and the other down, makes use of a symbol that has been used for millenia and represents the merging of the higher and lower worlds, enabling us to connect to the Divine on our path of spiritual evolution.

The Star of David is a versatile Lightworker's power tool that serves as a receiver, amplifier and transmitter of Universal Life Force energies and strengthens the bearer's bio-field, or aura.Mystery school traditions of both East and West have for millennia taught many difficult techniques for expanding the aura, for amplifying the human energy field. The reason is simple. The stronger the aura, the more tuned in the individual is to Source, and the better able they are to conduct Universal Life Force energy from the Source.

Universal Life Force energy travels from the person with the most highly charged auric field to the person with a less highly charged field. This is how Spiritual Teachers, Ascended Masters, Gurus, Saints, Guides and angelic beings of light can have profound effects on all those who enter or are touched by their auric fields, and explains why the traditional Mystery School teachings of the East emphasize that the student must seek to be in the physical presence of the teacher to receive "darshan", the Light of the Teacher, which will bring the student many gifts.

Outline of the Human Body and Aura, Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Outline of human male body with auric glow.

Random user 39849958, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In addition, a strong aura is the best protection from unwanted energies of all kinds, and serves as an energetic shield, protecting the bearer from all kinds of environmental toxins assailing us on the subtle levels 24 hours a day.

Those who work in the healing arts or in counseling know that a major issue for all health care providers and Lightworkers, bodyworkers and counselors is protection from the negativity encountered in the course of working on people who are wounded, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

We all need protection from negative thought forms, other people's emotional debris, and other unwanted energies encountered in the everyday environment. The Star of David pendant is also excellent for amplifying and transmitting beneficial energies to others at will, in casual and clinical settings alike.

The Star of David crystals are very advanced precision tools for use in lightwork and vibrational healing.

The Star of David crystals have two sides. The front is flat and has an upward pointing triangle. The back is fatter and has a downward pointing triangle.

The front face is the male face, and it transmits Universal Life Force energy. The back face is the female face, and it receives Universal Life Force Energy

When you wear the Star of David pendant, you put the female side next to your heart, and the male side is pointing out, away from your body. When you see the translucent crystal from the front it appears to have a Star of David engraved on it, because of the two triangles cut into the faces.

This way, the female, receptive side of the crystal will pick up the energy coming from your heart, the crystal will transmute that energy into a very high frequency vibration, and the male side of the crystal will radiate that high frequency light energy in all directions around you, enveloping you and filling your aura with the cleansing, healing energy. This strengthens your aura and helps protect you from unwanted, intrusive energies of all kinds in your environment.

In addition, you can actively use the Star of David cut crystal in healing energy work.

For instance, if you have a favorite essential oil or flower essence, and you would like to deliver it to a particular part of your body for healing purposes, this is what you would do.

Lavender Hawk Moth on Lavender Flowers, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Hummingbird hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum)

on lavender flowers in the allotment garden

Georgfotoart, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Take the oil or flower essence and put a drop or two on the female side of the crystal. Place the crystal male side down on the part of the body you wish to treat. Place your hand over the female side of the crystal and direct your life force energy into the crystal from the chakra in the palm of your hand. Pray for healing.

The female side of the crystal will pick up the subtle energies from the flower essences, the crystal will amplify that energy. Then the male side will radiate that energy through the male side of the crystal into the affected area.

You can do this for yourself and for others.

If you choose to use this healing crystal in this way on others, it is recommended that you clean the crystal afterwards.

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Chapter Five: Physical and Electro-Magnetic Properties of Quartz Crystal; Cutting Meditation and Healing Crystals; The Effects of Color and Clarity; The Use of Faceted and Unfaceted Crystals in Healing; How Vogel Healing Wands Are Made



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