Marcel Vogel with Healing Crystal, Oil Portrait from the Collection of Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry

Oil painting of Marcel Vogel meditating with cut and faceted quartz crystal wand, from the collection of Satya Center

What Are Quartz Crystals?

Grown by Nature during the cooling, formative states of the earth’s development, six-sided clear or milky quartz crystal prisms can be found as beautiful single individual crystals and in groupings of multiple crystals in varying geological formations around the world, from the Himalayas to the Brazilian rainforests, and from Arkansas to the Alps.

Colored quartz crystals are known by many names such as amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, and smoky quartz.

Arkansas Clear Quartz Cluster, from the Collection of Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry

Quartz is one of the most common minerals in any class of rock and is found under all sorts of conditions. Its chemical composition is Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), being 46.7% silicon and 53.3% oxide. Quartz exhibits a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making this crystal the hardest of common minerals found on Earth.

In comparison with glass, the refractive index of quartz crystal is different, its specific gravity is different, and quartz crystal is also heavier than glass. It is harder to scratch quartz than glass, which has an average hardness of about 6 on the Mohs Scale.

Window glass, usually a soda-lime glass, has a refractive index in the range of 1.5-1.6, while quartz crystal has a refractive index of 1.458.

Transmission of light through quartz is far superior to transmission of light through glass, and quartz has a much higher melting point than glass. Extremely clear quartz glass is used in creation of optical fiber networks that transmit digital information across the globe.

Glass is an amorphous solid material composed of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), while quartz crystal, also composed of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), has a definite, homogenous crystalline structure composed of atoms, molecules, or groups of molecules that create a repetitive geometrical pattern.

Quartz grows in nature in a right-handed spiral from a particle of silica, which acts as its nucleus.

This growth results from a consciousness which determines, at the moment of its inception, the totality of the structure which it is to form.

Biologists are dealing with the question of how organisms develop, and there are some who suggest that the organism’s structure develops from an energy template, which might be considered to imply a form of consciousness. Similar energy templates, comprising fields of energy, might also direct the formation of different types of crystals.

Normal Cell: Photo of Histological Slide, Courtesy of National Cancer Institute, photo in public domain, from Wikimedia“The question of biological development, of morphogenesis, is actually quite open and is the subject of much debate within biology itself,” argues visionary biologist and author Rupert Sheldrake in his article Mind, Memory and Archetype.

“An alternative to the mechanist/reductionist approach, which has been around since the 1920s, is the idea of morphogenetic (form-shaping) fields,” Sheldrake elaborates. “In this model, growing organisms are shaped by fields which are both within and around them, fields which contain, as it were, the form of the organism. This is closer to the Aristotelian tradition than to any of the other traditional approaches. As an oak tree develops, the acorn is associated with an oak tree field, an invisible organizing structure which organizes the oak tree's development; it is like an oak tree mold, within which the developing organism grows.”

“Each species has its own fields, and within each organism there are fields within fields,” Sheldrake explains. “Within each of us is the field of the whole body; fields for arms and legs and fields for kidneys and livers; within are fields for the different tissues inside these organs, and then fields for the cells, and fields for the sub-cellular structures, and fields for the molecules, and so on. There is a whole series of fields within fields.”

“The essence of the hypothesis I am proposing is that these fields, which are already accepted quite widely within biology, have a kind of in-built memory derived from previous forms of a similar kind,” Sheldrake says. “The liver field is shaped by the forms of previous livers and the oak tree field by the forms and organization of previous oak trees.”

“Through the fields, by a process called morphic resonance, the influence of like upon like, there is a connection among similar fields. That means that the field's structure has a cumulative memory, based on what has happened to the species in the past,” Sheldrake contends.

“This idea applies not only to living organisms but also to protein molecules, crystals, even to atoms,” says Sheldrake. “In the realm of crystals, for example, the theory would say that the form a crystal takes depends on its characteristic morphic field. Morphic field is a broader term which includes the fields of both form and behavior. . .”

Quartz Crystal As the growth of the quartz crystal progresses, the internal quartz crystal lattice and its informing consciousness often develop a hexagonal structure at the macroscopic level, which is evident in the hexagonal shaft of many quartz crystal rods found in nature, along with their characteristic six-sided termination tips.

According to modem science, quartz crystals have a naturally balanced, solid-state energy field.

During the 20th century, solid-state electronics replaced earlier vacuum tube and gas-discharge tube devices as conductors, insulators and semi-conductors used in production of transistors, microprocessors and the Random Access Memory (RAM) chips used in computers, among many other applications. The Integrated Circuit (IC), Light-Emitting Diode (LED) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) are further examples of solid-state technologies that utilize crystalline components.

New developments in mineral therapies and in meditation with highly faceted natural quartz crystals have reached the stage where we are showing substantial anecdotal evidence for completely new uses of quartz crystals to receive, amplify, and transmit subtle energy to and from human beings, for healing and to help us in the manifestation of our highest potential.

Though this subtle energy, prana, or chi, cannot generally be experienced by the five senses, and is difficult to measure with standard scientific instruments, its affect on our totality is like a breath of fresh air to our mental and physical being. The striking beauty and extremely useful structural perfection of quartz crystals is a gift of nature to aid in mankind’s quest for balance and tranquility.

The ancient Chinese and the American Indian revered quartz crystals as symbols of strength, purity, clarity of mind and inner peace.

Plato’s writings referred to extensive use of crystals during the period of Atlantis.

Edgar Cayce, the famous seer, cited many examples of prescription and healing in his works through the application of quartz crystals. Recently available new works enlarge upon mineral therapy.

Using Natural Quartz Crystals in Subtle Energy Work, Healing and Meditation

The crystal is an energy converter. Quartz crystals can convert mechanical energy to electrical energy and vice versa.

“Piezoelectricity is the ability of certain crystals to produce a voltage when subjected to mechanical stress,” according to the open-content online encyclopedia called Wikipedia. “The word is derived from the Greek 'piezein', which means to squeeze or press. The effect is reversible; piezoelectric crystals, subject to an externally applied voltage, can change shape by a small amount. The effect is of the order of nanometres, but nevertheless finds useful applications.”

Pierre and Jacques Curie first demonstrated the piezoelectric effect in quartz crystals in 1880, stimulating a flood of technological advances utilizing quartz crystals.

The piezoelectric property of quartz crystals enables them to receive energy, process it, and transmit the oscillations outward in precise patterns of vibrations.

Quartz crystal’s piezoelectric properties became the foundation of our rapidly evolving technological society. Scientists found that the patterns of vibration that quartz crystals receive and transmit could be manipulated to augment, store, amplify, transfer, transform and focus other vibrational frequencies of energy, including sound, electricity and even mathematical or written information in the form of precise periodic pulses.

Cell phones, sonar, radios, cigarette lighters, transistors, computer chips, liquid crystal displays, digital watches, cars, satellites and many other technological pillars of today’s global society utilize quartz crystals in their manufacture.


Computer chips have a fascinating birth history. Silicon dioxide forms naturally as quartz crystals. Over time, quartz erodes into beach sand, which is a non-crystalline form of silicon dioxide.

Computer manufacturers extract pure silicon from the sand, heat the silicon to 1,500 degrees Celsius, and dip a tiny quartz crystal into the super-heated solution. The crystal is rotated and slowly extracted from the mixture, creating a larger mass shaped like a cone. The cone is turned on its side, and sliced into flat disks, which are then sub-divided into the tiny computer chips so ubiquitous in our homes, offices, cars, airplanes, purses, pockets, and briefcases.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Digital Age is the age of the quartz crystal. And quartz crystals are being used by millions of daring explorers of subtle energies like Marcel Vogel, all over the world, to explore inner space, to achieve expanded states of consciousness, and to facilitate healing, maintain optimal states of health, and to enhance feelings of well-being and Unity with the great Web of Life.

Quartz crystals can be used to amplify, transmit, receive, and modulate Universal Life Force energy in a variety of ways. Quartz crystals can be used with conscious intent to infuse a person’s body, mind and aura with Universal Life Force energy in ways that can relax the mind and body, help optimize physical health and promote healing.

Natural quartz crystals convert the subtle vibrations or energies carried on our breath, which we release through our hands, into an electric field or charge.

The crystal healer or meditator holds a quartz crystal and uses the power of mental intent to receive, amplify, and/or transmit the subtle energy known as prana (in the Vedic tradition of yoga and Ayurvedic medicine), chi (in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and martial and meditative arts like Qi Gong), or Universal Life Force Energy.

Every cell communicates with every other cell in the body through the electro-magnetic radiation emitted from the nucleus of the cell, which centers in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum. The well-being of a cell is expressed in these radiations, and each cell responds to the energies of light, sound, pressure, and love it encounters in its environment.

In a series of experiments that began in the 1970s and continue to this day, several well-respected scientists have evolved new theories about how cells communicate, and how organisms achieve the extraordinary degree of coherence and dynamic equilibrium that sustains life.

Remarkably enough, these experiments indicate a major role for the transmission of electro-magnetic radiation in living organisms, including ultraviolet light, just as Marcel Vogel postulated.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho“Is it possible that molecules recognize and find each other by singing the same note(s), or flashing the same colour(s)?” asks Dr. Mae-Wan Ho. Dr. Ho is a Visiting Reader in Biology at London Open University and a Visiting Biophysics Professor at Catania University in Sicily. She has been one of the most influential figures of the last decade in the debate within the scientific community regarding the use of genetically modified organisms. She is a highly respected global scientific figure and a well-known critic of neo-Darwinism and reductionist thought in Biology and Physics. Dr. Ho has authored hundreds of scientific articles and many books on a variety of subjects.

In 1999, she founded The Institute of Science in Society (ISIS), a London-based nonprofit organization that works globally to promote social responsibility and sustainability in scientific research and scientific practice.

Dr. Ho is studying and formulating new theories of cellular communication based upon the idea that molecules in cells receive and transmit electro-magnetic radiation of certain frequencies that cause state-changes in the molecules receiving and transmitting the energy.

“This theory has been supported by Dr. Veljko Veljkovic who now heads the Center for Multidisciplinary Research and Engineering, Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vinca,” according to Dan Eden in his article Is DNA The Next Internet? “She dared to ask the question that has forever puzzled cellular biologists: What is it that enabled the tens of thousands of different kinds of molecules in the organism to recognize their specific targets? Living processes depend on selective interactions between particular molecules, and that is true for basic metabolism to the subtlest nuances of emotion. It's like trying to find a friend in a very big very crowded ballroom in the dark.”

Irena Cosic, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, worked for years with Veljkovic and Cosic extended the research dramatically over time.

"Veljkovic and Cosic proposed that molecular interactions are electrical in nature, and they take place over distances that are large compared with the size of molecules,” according to Dr. Ho in her article The Real Bioinformatics Revolution. “Cosic later introduced the idea of dynamic electromagnetic field interactions, that molecules recognize their particular targets and vice versa by electromagnetic resonance. In other words, the molecules send out specific frequencies of electromagnetic waves which not only enable them to 'see' and 'hear' each other, as both photon and phonon modes exist for electromagnetic waves, but also to influence each other at a distance and become ineluctably drawn to each other if vibrating out of phase (in a complementary way)."

This theory of electromagnetic resonance and electromagnetic communication throughout the living organism has not been accepted by many scientists but active research continues to generate theories and findings that support the work so far completed. These theories could eventually explain the mysterious energetic interaction between the crystal healer, the quartz crystal and the client.

The electro-magnetic radiation emitted from a quartz crystal healing device is the crystal healer’s communication link with the body cells of the client or patient.

Quartz can transmit electro-magnetic radiation in the ultraviolet wavelength region, as low as 1900-Angstrom units.

“UV rays from the sun are the best source of the vitamin D your body needs to ward off cancer and dozens of other health problems,” says Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. in his article Harnessing the Healing Power of Light. “But that’s just the beginning of what ultraviolet light can do. Not only is it an extremely effective disinfectant with the ability to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the air and on surfaces, but UV light also has the potential to prevent—and even cure—infections and diseases that other treatments are powerless against.”

“Ultraviolet radiation can eliminate or reduce pathogens floating in the air,” says Dr. Wright. “This process is called air ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, or UVGI. UVGI is an important technology in many hospitals, research centers, and laboratories where contamination with bacteria and fungal spores poses a serious health risk.”

“Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, or UVBI, also goes by the terms light therapy, phototherapy, photophoresis, and photoluminescence,” Wright explains. “It uses UV light of varying wavelengths to destroy blood-borne pathogens, as well as to treat diseases not clearly linked to specific pathogens, and to improve general health. During a session, a small amount of blood, ranging from 60-250 cc, is withdrawn from a patient and sent through a chamber where it is irradiated with specific frequencies of UV light (since certain frequencies have different effects), and is then reintroduced into the body. This creates a kind of self-generated vaccine that can have many beneficial effects.”

Tree of Life DiagramWhen we cut and shape the crystal, it is cut according to a pattern in sacred geometry known as the Tree of Life, which is diagrammed in texts found in the Hebrew sacred tradition called the Kabbalah.

When a natural quartz crystal is cut into a double-terminated, four, six, seven, or eight-sided crystalline form a link to the water molecule is taking place.

As a consequence, the moment an electromagnetic charge is stored and released from a crystal, it links into the water molecules that are in the body, structuring and storing these vibrations.

To the best of my knowledge at this time, the charge that is transferred by intention and breath from an individual operator through the crystal is stored inter-atomically. In other words it is stored in the inter-lattice spacing of the crystallographic molecular structure.

This charge or vibration has a magnetic-like component to it and can be erased from the crystal, either by a bulk tape de-magnetizer or by the intention of the operator in clearing the crystal using a strongly directly burst of breath.

We do not know truly what this vibration is. It can be transferred to water and the water exhibits the magnetic component in its structure and we have also detected a change in the pH of the water itself.

If a cell is out of balance, send it love, harmony and balance through the crystal. Acknowledge its perfection. The subtle energy vibrations you transmit utilizing a crystal, charged by your breath and intent, will be transferred to the watery medium within the cell. It is the exchange of the sodium and potassium across the cell membrane which is controlled by the forces around the cell that produces a charge. The quartz crystal helps to balance the charges governing the cell. There has to be a balance of charge to keep that cell happy.

Cut or Uncut Crystals for Healing?

You can take a block of wood, a section of a tree, and as beautiful as it might be, it is still not a violin. The same thing is true of a quartz crystal.

An uncut crystal can serve many functions: you can amplify the field within your body, you can remove pain, you can remove some element of stress, but when it comes to healing, a specially cut crystal becomes a precise instrument of service.

In the crystal healing community in America, there has been some controversy concerning the use of uncut and unpolished crystals versus crystals that have been cut and polished according to principles of sacred geometry and physical science.

To say that a crystal is more potent in its natural state is a total misstatement.

A natural ruby, aluminum oxide chromium, for instance, is a non-descript piece of stone. If you put it on a faceting machine, it becomes a gem.

If you go one step further and carefully cut and polish it into a cylinder and put what are called booster windows on so that the light we pump into it is reflected back and forth, we have then a laser, a ruby laser.

By pumping energy into that ruby laser, the energy that comes out can cut a hole through diamond or steel. Likewise, a specially cut quartz crystal can form specific functions that an uncut crystal cannot match.

Natural quartz is advantageous over synthetic because of the slow growth of the crystalline patterns in the natural growth cycle, giving it a more harmonious resonance with the vibrations associated with the ultraviolet band of the electro-magnetic spectrum. This resonance is the oscillation you feel when you tune in with a natural crystal being used with intent for healing with love.

A synthetic quartz crystal is made by hydrothermal means, by heat and pressure. In our research we have not been able to effectively store a charge in these crystals.

Natural crystals must accommodate to environmental conditions which have an impact on the crystal and interfere, causing variations in its normal energetic growth cycle.

The Effect of Color and Clarity

Because color plays a part in the vibration within the body, the color of the crystal used will affect the body of the user. Different colors elicit stimulation in various parts of the body.

Smokey quartz, for instance, absorbs energy because of the imperfections in its crystalline lattice structure. This makes it very difficult to wear for some people because of its draining or weakening effect.

Slender Purple-Tipped Lithium WandSlender Purple-Tipped Lithium Wand Used for Relaxation, Meditation and Stress Relief

The purple or lavender color of an amethyst will stimulate the vibration of purple throughout the body, which has a calming effect.

The color vibrations act like a food to the body and the body responds according to the particular nourishment provided.

A clear crystal is the most neutral, yet the most universal, as it exhibits no color if its own, yet prisms out into a full spectrum of colors.

A little shading, which can be a growth plane or interruption in the growth pattern, does not disturb the energy flow in the normal crystal.

Inherent fractures or inclusions can play a part.

In general, the clearer the crystal, the more profound the effects are.

The Difference Between Healing and Meditation Crystals

With a healing crystal, the healer’s energy goes from the hands into the crystal, which then amplifies that energy so that it can be directed and released out the opposite end of the crystal at a higher energy level.

Basic healing crystals are designed to bring a body into balance, into resonance with itself, so that in the process of ion exchange a charge transfer can take place. Then the body becomes whole and heals itself.

Double-terminated crystals are designed so that the energy fields surrounding the body of the patient are permanently changed.

Single-terminated crystals are designed for meditation, for going into yourself to build up an energy field, and to come to peace and harmony with yourself.

Wooden Box with Meditation and Healing Crystals Cut by Marcel Vogel, from the Collection of Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry

Wooden Box with Meditation and Healing Crystals Cut by Marcel Vogel,from the Collection of Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry

As you draw your breath in, you are pulling the energy from the atmosphere through the crystal and into your body, into your bloodstream, and amplifying it.The single terminated meditation crystal is designed to amplify, to cohere, and to bring your energy together so that you can hold it at a higher level. It is designed to act as a one-way valve.

The crystal more precisely fixates whatever program you intend for it. Or, it can rapidly clear you of negative thought forms. As you interact more and more with it, it amplifies and builds a picture of your own inner feelings.

Your meditation crystal gives a very quieting effect when rolled in your hand. Breathe in and just let it keep rolling in your hand. You will find that by using this action, there is a release of stress and charge. You will have a tremendous sense of peace, quiet, and tranquility.

The meditation crystal draws the energy of your mind into a precise form in the crystal and then reflects it back into your mind. It is a mind – mirror.

You can listen to a lecture while holding a meditation crystal in your hand, storing the contents of that lecture in the crystal like a tape recorder and later play it back by writing out your notes while holding the crystal.

There is a tremendous amplification of information storage through the crystal signal. A natural uncut crystal has a much weaker signal because it does not have the same precision of faceting. It is as nature created it. The cut crystal is designed for these specific purposes.

We enclose each of these crystals in a hardwood box, one that is heavy enough to handle the vibration emanating from your specially tuned crystal. This box helps to store that vibration.

Making a Healing Crystal

The Vogel-cut healing crystal is designed to match the vibrational frequency of the water molecule. This frequency can be measured radionically as well as by means of spectrophotometry, which determines the charge transferred to the water itself.

Marcel Vogel's Own Healing CrystalWhen a crystal is cut and designed as we have made them, the operator can transmit patterns of vibrations into the crystal. The crystal amplifies the coherent pattern or stream of Universal Life Force Energy and the operator can then transfer these energies at will to the body of the patient.

The crystal is readily cleared by means of a demagnetizing field from a bulk head de-magnetizer and/or the pulse of your own breath with the intention of releasing the unwanted fields from the crystal.

Just as one takes a raw crystal of ruby and forms it by deliberate manipulation into a device which, when light is pumped into it, causes this light to become coherent and develop tremendous power to cut metal or drill holes into diamonds (laser), we form these crystals to cohere the energy that a human body generates and direct this radiant energy into the body of the patient.

A healing crystal is selected for quality and cut on a diamond saw to exacting specifications.

Natural quartz crystal is six-sided, so the basic four-sided healing crystal is re-formed and doubly terminated. Each termination has a different formula.

The base of the crystal is cut in the normal pyramid angle of approximately 51.5°, but the tip of the crystal is cut at a higher or more acute angle and is designed to resonate at the individual vibration of a person.

As it is ground down, you can feel the vibration increasing, until it comes to the critical resonance. When it does that, it is just like a living energy that you are holding in your hand. You are creating something that fits precisely.

All this information came from my guidance within.

A meditation crystal has only one re-formed, pyramidal termination. The other end is ground flat so that it acts as a receiver.

The six-sided healing crystal still needs re-forming to have the faces identical, and the eight-sided of course is totally re-formed.

These crystals are polished and cleared of any energy not conducive to their purpose.

Since every person is unique, each crystal is cut specifically for its user.

Always taken into account are the body weight of the individual, his age, and the vital energy vibration of the individual which is measured radionically.

There are many different vibrations emanating from your body, but there is only one primary, fundamental note, the sum total of all your notes, your personal note, which you carry with you always. That is your vibration, the OM that is within you. This is the one that we use.

The Effect of Intent on Cutting a Crystal

When you are emotionally disturbed and you try to cut a crystal, the tip will often shatter. If you persist, the result may be a totally deformed and distorted crystal.

The crystals we make are done with love. They are sung to as we cut and grind them.

It is an exceedingly demanding procedure.

As you are cutting, there is cold water flowing over your body and you are exposed to constant crunching sound that comes from grinding away excess crystal, both with the diamond saw and flat laps that are used to bring the crystal into form and balance.

As much a possible, we hand-select and finely tune each crystal for the individual who ordered it. At times, a delay will occur when we feel that a particular crystal is not right for the person to have, even though they ordered it and are patiently waiting.

We try to be as personal and dedicated in making these crystals as humanly possible. It is very difficult to produce a satisfactory healing crystal without proper intent. We have cut over 1000 crystals that are in use today.

If there is a severe change in the physical or emotional state of a person who has been using a crystal, it is not uncommon for some physical change to occur in the crystal itself. Frequently, you will see that a chip appears at the tip. As stress builds up inside the crystal, it will release it in this way.

If you go out of phase with the crystal because what you express with your higher self is not what you are thinking with your mind, you are in conflict with “you” and that conflict reflects through the vibration of the crystal and finally into the body of the person you are treating. If you persist in this, and it has happened again and again, the crystal can shatter in your hand. The tip can fly off or there can be concoidal fracturing on different parts of the crystal.

Electromagnetic Properties of Crystals

Crystals emit an electromagnetic force. At our laboratory, we have been able to induce a magnetic charge into water up to .007 gauss using charged crystals.

Carbon (graphite) is dia-magnetic. Any ferro-magnetic material in a magnet form which has a North/South pole will have an attractive or repelling force.

The organic portion of the human body is essentially carbon. We are composed largely of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

So, according to the intent of the operator, a force is attracted from the operator’s body into the crystal. It comes from the activity of the cells in the body.

The movement of this force can be accelerated by the indrawing breath and released with the outgoing breath.

The opposite charge at the base of the crystal repels it back again. Opposite signs repel. The crystal creates a push-pull effect.

When you work with a specially cut crystal, the charges you transmit into the body of the patient are never drawn into the body of the healer.

You draw the patterns of energy of the patient into the crystal and release them when you expel your breath in the course of cleaning the crystal.

The Differences Between the Vogel-cut Four, Six and Eight-Sided Healing Crystals

Each of these crystals is cut and tuned to the 454 vibration of the water molecule as it is charged by the Earth’s vibration, as measured on the Omega I Psychotronic instrument.

A Vogel-cut crystal is designed to give you the ability to project a field of subtle energy and to be shielded from the energy field of the patient.

The crystal acts as a one-way valve, or transducer.

The number of sides of the crystal is directly related to the charge capacity of the crystal.

For example, if you have a glass that will hold 4 oz. of water, that is all that that glass will hold. A glass that will hold 6 oz. holds more water and an 8 oz. glass still more.

Increasing the number of sides increases the capacity of this instrument to hold a charge. This capacity is measured by us on the Omega Radionics Machine, getting values from charging each of these crystals in exactly the same manner.

Our results indicate that the six sided crystal holds a larger energy charge than the four sided crystal. The eight-sided crystal holds a much larger charge than the four or six-sided crystal.

When you put a charge into a crystal, that charge bounces around, and this determines the crystal’s rate of vibration.

The differences between the four, six, and eight-sided crystals can be exemplified by the differences made by four mirrors and eight mirrors in reflecting light. You get thousands of internal reflections using four mirrors, while you get millions with eight mirrors.

The four-sided healing crystal is cut for most general types of healing applications that a practitioner would encounter, such as a general treatment of the body for pains and aches, dealing at the level of the subtle body.

The four-sided healing crystal is designed to operate on the subtle bodies, to interact with the programs contained in and around the bony structure. Ninety percent of my work has been done with the four-sided crystal. These are totally safe instruments to work with.

Since the six-sided crystal emits, when charged, a more intense, powerful field, it can be used to penetrate into and act upon various organs of the physical body, as well as difficulties involving the emotions.

This crystal is being used now in cosmetology to assist in the removal of unwanted hair and in the release of wrinkles on the skin. An increase in field gives the six-sided crystal the ability to penetrate more deeply into the physical body, instead of just the subtle body.

The six-sided double terminated crystal is designed to go deeper, to penetrate more profoundly and to affect multiple linkages. With the four-sided double terminated crystal you do a single linkage with the pattern of thought of the individual. With the six-sided crystal you link with both that which is within and that which is without, that which is subtle, mental, or emotional, and that which is physical.

One of the advantages of the six-sided crystal is the ability to lock into the karmic activity within the patient’s body. It enables you to link into past-life activities the patient wants to be rid of. These past-life karmic activities cause us inner conflicts, uncertainties, sex role reversals, and prevent us from understanding why we do the things we do. You can link these together, the past and the present, and bring them to a point of realization and release them. This is a big step.

The eight-sided crystal moves beyond the physical body. It is designed to remove multiple layers of pattern which do not come out with a four or six-sided crystal.

Female End of 8 Sided Vogel Healing Wand
Female End of 8 Sided Vogel Healing Wand

The eight-sided crystal has even sharper angles on the tips. The rate of penetration is even higher. And the precision you must work with is even more exact.

With an eight-sided crystal you can link with the subtle bodies of a person, their programming, and with the total intention of that person to be free and move on their path.

The eight-sided crystal can be used for difficulties involving deep shock, severe trauma, difficult birth experiences, etc., touching down into the soul level.

When used in treatment, the eight-sided crystal can be rotated in the hand at the same time as you draw and release a charge, allowing two rotations simultaneously.

You rotate the crystal clockwise in the hand, and at the same time you rotate the crystal counter-clockwise above the subject’s body. In this manner, one delineates two counter-rotating spirals. These release blocked vibrations of even deeper nature than the six-sided crystal.

They are serious instruments to be used for healing and therapy and for a higher purpose, to serve mankind.

If you have all three of these crystals in your possession, meditate on the question, “Which crystal am I to use on this individual?” Select the correct crystal and use it. By keeping careful records, you can develop your own best use of your crystals.

Now that you are familiar with the basic properties of quartz crystals, and the basic types of faceted Vogel crystal wands for use in meditation and healing, we will embark on an experiential journey in the next chapters, which contain a variety of useful techniques for using your crystal wand in meditation and healing.


Chapter Six: Crystal Meditations and Visualizations; Crystal Work as Spiritual Practice; Using the Crystal Correctly; Psychic Ability, Spiritual Attainment and Healing Work

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