In 1976 I went to The First International Conference in Psychotronics and Paraphysics in Russia and I chaired the section there on Man-Plant Communication.

While I was there I met Dubrov, Presman, Naumov and others and Russian scientists connected with the field of parapsychology, so I got to know a cross section of all of these people within a very short period of time.

There is where I saw their work on hypnotism. I saw the mind control devices that they were working on, and was subjected to a psychic attack by them after I returned.

I went through months of feeling weak, compared to my own normal state, and my ability to think clearly was impaired.

KGB EmblemFinally I knew there was something wrong and I struck back.

I brought one of the men from IBM into my office and we located the source.

A woman in Russia who had my calling card was focused on me. I built one ring of light around her and then put another ring of light around her and then pulsed it, collapsing it. When I did that for the third time, the light went out, all of that pressure in my body left, and I was free.

I also wrote this up and reported to our management at IBM what took place from a standpoint of preventing an equivalent type of psychic attack.

I also reported this to the CIA.

What they do is they steal undergarments. Or they will take your business card, and these items will act as psychotronic devices that they can tune in on. They link to you, and then they can tap into your patterns of thinking, your thoughts, and literally drain this energy from your body that way.

Soon after this difficulty, Vogel began to host small informal gatherings in his home for people interested in exploring the world of subtle energies and crystal healing. These lectures and demonstrations were offered free of charge.

The first lecturing started right here in my home. My wife would prepare the meals.

In the first lectures, we invited a small group of people. Then it expanded.

Then I gave a small lecture at City College, San Francisco. Being with this group of people, I had just started to feel that the quartz crystals had a power to them, and little by little I would show crystals to groups of people.

Crystals fascinated them. They discovered they could feel a pulse coming out of them.

The original topic was three-fold: the integration of the body, the mind and the spirit. I always spoke on the triune basis of the forces and how one must develop these.

Journey to India, Kundalini Awakening

By this point in Vogel’s development, it had become clear that his work was now more spiritual science than conventional engineering or basic science.

Vogel believed that in order to experiment with subtle energies, communication with plants, or the use of quartz crystals for healing and meditation, it was essential for the experimenter to undertake a course of study and applied inner work not so different from the spiritual practices taught by Native American shamanic practitioners, Zen Buddhist monks, and Hindu Yogis.

In the next several years, Vogel would move to the next level with his yoga practices, as the Universe synchronistically offered him the spiritual experiences he needed to grow and develop as a researcher into the mysterious world of subtle energies.

Swami Vishnu Devananda Teaching, This picture is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.In the late 1970s I met Swami Vishnu Devananda, and I made a crystal for him that he uses at the Sivananda Yoga Center in San Francisco.

I had been invited down to Los Angeles to a Festival of Light. Swami Devananda was there with a group of people. I spoke on The Power of Crystals to Focus Energy of Mind and what could be done with crystals, and Marilyn Rossner was there, and I held a crystal in my hand, a little crystal ball, and as I pulsed the crystal, she went into a trance, on the stage, and she was suddenly out of it all and started to channel to Swami Vishnu, that he should pay attention to crystals and should consider them as a very important instrument for his spiritual growth and development. That all happened in Los Angeles. Then he called me within a couple of weeks and said he’d like to come up and visit me.

In the meantime, when he went back home, other girls delivered channeled messages to him, telling him that a crystal would be made for him.

Next Swami Devananda’s teacher called out to me at my office at IBM. Suddenly, as I was sitting in my office, a voice spoke within me and I felt the presence of Swami Sivananda, the father of the Sivananda Yoga Organization, and I heard the words that I should make a crystal for Swami Vishnu. [2]

So I had a large natural six-sided crystal. I cut the thing right down the face, all by hand. Realize there were no guides. I didn’t clamp it. I was guided just by feel. The minutest movement and the thing would have just fractured off. I had to be rock steady.

When Swami Vishnu came and saw me in my office I said, “Here is your crystal.”

And he was frightened because he hadn’t spoken to me. Nobody had spoken to me, and I said, “Here is your crystal. Now, if you want, I will give you the final crystal in the completed form, but you must come to me for guidance of how you are to use it.”

He said that he would. So another two weeks went by and I’d finished the crystal for him. I went ahead every day cutting, and I polished it. He called me on the phone and invited me to come to India with him for two or three weeks. The moment I met him in New York, I said, “Here is your crystal.” I repeated, “You must come to me for instruction on how to use it.”

While in India, visiting with Hindu holy men, Vogel had a profound spiritual experience. Vogel’s story of this powerful event closely resembles prominent accounts of the kundalini awakening which brings Cosmic Consciousness.

Through these yogic experiences, Vogel received validation from the yogic community that the breath carries human thought, and thus human consciousness. The breath can also carry a highly refined human intention, like the thought of healing or Union with the Divine.

The breath carries human emotions, like love. All this is possible because the breath carries prana or the Universal Life Force Energy that travels throughout the human bio-energy field, maintaining health, consciousness and life itself.

Here is Marcel Vogel’s account of his spiritual epiphany in India, from a talk he gave March 18, 1978 at a Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island, Nassau, after returning from India.[1] Vogel gave this talk with Swami Vishnu, whom Vogel affectionately refers to as Swamiji, and another Yogi in attendance.

Marcel Vogel's Personal Healing Crystal

Marcel Vogel's Favorite Healing Wand, from the collection of Juanita Vogel Berlo, photo by Jane Sherry

What Swamiji is holding in his hand is a crystal that was made by me with my own hands -- a gift to him and to all of you -- to open, to illumine. This crystal was used in the mountains. Swamiji and myself tuned into the crystal and a power was ignited in my body.

I am a scientist. I have devoted my life to this study of phenomena, the aspects of nature that are amenable to study through the analytical instruments that science has to offer.

The most wonderful instrument we have is our bodies. This is what God designed us to be, an instrument of service to Him. We are made in the image of God and as we let this light shine forth, we illuminate this body, cause it to illumine us, to emit its light and sound its note which then manifests the teaching that comes from within.

The crystal which Swamiji holds is quartz; I have a similar one in my own hand. They are designed to take the energy of mind and bring it into focus and start the spiral of life moving through the crystal.

As we, together on the mountain in intense sunlight, went into this crystal, we felt a pulse moving in the crystal.

When that pulse took hold, my body became as of fire. One side of my body became hot, the other side intensely cold.

Diagram of Kundalini AwakeningThat power continued to increase until I almost had to cry: out. It was then that the illumination took place.

mage appeared. That image was a temple, a temple which was on that mountain. In that temple were people; suddenly there was a fire. I saw flames coming up, red flames and the people screaming in terror and the temple coming down in flames. Then suddenly there was no more; that was the end of the image.

It was then that I asked myself why we were here; what was the purpose of making this mission to the mountain. It came to me that we were there as instruments of purification.

I then went with Swami Brahmananda to the forest. I asked Master Sivananda, through this man, what was the purpose of the visit and why were we there.

The answer came directly through him that we were there to “ignite the flame”. I asked that question three times and as he said these words, he remarked, “I do not understand what I am saying. It does not make sense to me”.

As I asked this question and received the answer, there was with us a clear image of Sivananda. His image was precise. He was there; it was a real phenomenon.

I saw that we can, with love, bring back the culture that India has given us and from that true fusion, a linking of the East and West will take place. In my heart, I feel that Swami Sivananda had this as a primary objective all his life and we had the privilege and the opportunity of fulfilling it.


Chapter Four: Vogel's voyage of self-healing led to the creation of energetically potent faceted quartz crystal pendants and wands.


[1] Crystal Knowledge Workbook, page 103

[2] Swami Vishnu Devananda Teaching, This picture is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Courtesy of International Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Centres.]


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