Lithium Quartz

chakra systemCurtis Lang
Learn about the metaphysical & physical properties of Lithium Quartz.

Lithium Quartz

chakra systemCurtis Lang
Learn about the metaphysical & physical properties of Lithium Quartz.

Libyan Desert Glass

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Metaphysically, Libyan Desert Glass is a uniquely powerful Ascension Stone, a stone of protection, with powerful energetic connections to both the Ascension Practices of the Egyptian Pharaohs and with the Cleansing and Purifying Sword of Archangel Michael, as described in the teachings of Esoteric Christianity.


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Crystal healers say that Larimar facilitates deep insight into one's own true nature as a spiritual being incarnated in a material world, and helps the bearer to release attachments to sensory stimuli and to release materialistic thought-forms and mental maps of the world. Larimar stimulates the upper chakras and prompts the bearer to view existence from a more spiritual perspective, providing a taste of the way that angels see reality.

Espiritu Santo Rutilated Amethyst

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Espiritu Santo Rutilated Amethyst is one of the world's premier ascension stones, valued for its ability to ground the bearer while connecting them to Divine Source. Espiritu Santo Rutilated Amethyst energizes the aura, and the very best protection from unwanted or negative energies in our environment is always to strengthen the auric field.

Enhydrous Bubble Crystals

Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry
Enhydrous Bubble Quartz   The word enhydrous comes from the Greek and means "having water within". The American Geological Institute’s Glossary of ...


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Danburite energizes the entire energy system, body, mind and aura, opening the chakras and increasing the flow of prana, or Universal Life Force energy. For this reason, you may find that using Danburite during meditation or other spiritual practices can result in increased body temperature, tingling sensations in the spine, and in the perception of an "expanded aura".

Crystal Spheres

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The crystal ball is a microcosm, a doorway, a transmitter and receiver of energies and a very valuable ally for those involved in divination or meditation.

Clear Quartz Crystals

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Quartz crystals have been used by healers, spiritual teachers, and scientists of the sacred throughout history to receive, transmit, store, focus, amplify, transform and balance the various forms of energy found in our Universe, all of which can be considered to be interchangeable forms of Universal Light.


ascension crystals and gemstonesCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
Celestite is good for mental activities. It can synchronize the egoistic mind with higher aspects of your Divine Nature, promoting mental balance and helping you to achieve a peaceful, tranquil mental state. Celestite is a good communication stone and can promote clairaudient communication with the angelic realms and with your spiritual Guides and Teachers.

Ametrine Crystal

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Ametrine combines the purifying and elevating energies of amethyst with the cleansing and energizing properties of citrine. If you're ready to LIGHTEN UP, this stone's for you. In meditation, ametrine gives the bearer a feeling of buoyancy. The flow of prana increases dramatically, the mind stills, and the heart rejoices.

Amethyst Crystal

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Amethyst is the gemstone variety of quartz -- popular with royalty, sages, mystics and magicians for centuries.


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Brazilianite, sodium aluminum phosphate, is a moderately hard stone made up of short prismatic forms. It is a gemmy stone with good translucence an...

Elestial ET Crystals

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Properties of the Elestial ET Scepter Crystal   Elestial sceptre crystals were used by ancient high priests and priestesses in a variety of spiritu...