Brazilianite GemstoneBrazilianite, sodium aluminum phosphate, is a moderately hard stone made up of short prismatic forms. It is a gemmy stone with good translucence and is used in the jewelry industry because of its brilliance and luster. It was named after Brazil when it was first discovered there in 1944. Deposits have also been found in New Hampshire in the USA. 

This is one of our favorite gemstones  here at Satya Center, and both of us have very much enjoyed meditating with Brazilianite. Like several of the other yellow-green gemstones, such as helidor, amblygonite, apatite and peridot, Brazilianite seems to work with a high frequency energy signature, quickening the heart, solar plexus and upper chakras, while centering consciousness in the heart. It is a deeply replenishing stone, offering a good chi boost!

Use this wonderful specimen in meditation, vibrational healing and any energy work for great results! Lightworkers will want to place this stone on their client's heart or solar plexus chakra during energy treatments to facilitate physical restoration and energize the individual's will forces enabling them to move through obstacles which prevent them from connecting with Higher Will, Higher Mind and Divine Guidance.

Meditators will find that this stone will enable them to go deeply into a meditative state while simultaneously enhancing their heart - mind connection and strengthening their Life Forces.

Lightworkers who have yet to discover the powerful energy signature of Brazilianite will be amazed at the way this stone increases the flow of prana, enhances will forces, vitalize the physical body, connects intellect with Higher Mind & therefore, assists in integrating body, heart and mind. 

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