ascension crystals and gemstonesCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
Danburite energizes the entire energy system, body, mind and aura, opening the chakras and increasing the flow of prana, or Universal Life Force energy. For this reason, you may find that using Danburite during meditation or other spiritual practices can result in increased body temperature, tingling sensations in the spine, and in the perception of an "expanded aura".

Elestial ET Crystals

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Properties of the Elestial ET Scepter Crystal   Elestial sceptre crystals were used by ancient high priests and priestesses in a variety of spiritu...

Infinite Eye Pendant

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Metaphysical Properties of the Infinite Eye Pendant This amazing new pendant, cut according to principles of sacred geometry, resembles the legend...


ascension crystals and gemstonesJane Sherry & Curtis Lang
In our energy work with several phenacites from around the world, one thing is clear -- phenacite increases the flow of prana throughout the mind-body-aura, elevates energy from lower chakras into higher chakras, and helps move awareness to the Higher Mind centers -- assisting us in connecting with Divine Source.


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Fluorite is said by crystal healers to enhance our powers of discernment, and help us reach a balance in relationships. All colors of fluorite are effective for clearing the aura and energy centers and can facilitate a deep state of meditation.

Amphibole Quartz

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Because Amphibole Phantom Quartz stimulates the third eye and crown chakras, it is considered to be useful for connecting to the higher-self, for astral travel, to promote lucid dreaming and to facilitate interdimensional communication.


chakra systemJane Sherry & Curtis Lang
Read about the physical and metaphysical properties of black tourmaline & the other colors of this magical gemstone.