Mineralogical and Metaphysical Properties of Phenacite

Uncut Burmese Phenacite Gemstone

 Phenacite is an extremely hard, light gemmy form of beryllium silicate crystal, exhibiting a bright vitreous luster, found primarily in Brazil, Italy, Russia and Burma. Phenacite is much harder and much lighter than quartz crystal, appearing most often in hexagonal rods, like this gorgeous gemstone.

Gemologists prize the Burmese phenacite above other types, because it is rare, and a Burmese phenacite gemstone of this type is definitely a mineralogical collector's item, as well as a Lightworker's dream come true, because of the unique energy signature of this type of phenacite. 

Lightworkers, meditators and healers prize Burmese phenacite because of all the phenacite on the market, Burmese phenacite has the highest frequency energy signature, and the greatest ability to stimulate the flow of energy throughout body, mind and aura. 

In our energy work with several phenacites from around the world, one thing is clear -- phenacite increases the flow of prana throughout the mind-body-aura, elevates energy from lower chakras into higher chakras, and helps move awareness to the Higher Mind centers -- assisting us in connecting with Divine Source.

Russian phenacite is less "buzzy" and high frequency than the Burmese phenacite and has a lovely warm and smooth energy signature, while the Brazilian phenacite is mellow and yet uplifting.

When Curtis & I were first introduced to Burmese phenacite on a business trip to meet with a new supplier, he put the small stones in Curtis' hand and said "you need these". Well, I was skeptical, as I found it hard to understand what such small, yet clear and beautiful stones would do for us, so I held one in my left hand as we drove the two and a half hour drive home. Well!!! Within five minutes of holding the stone, I became very excited and told Curtis (he was driving), that all of our healer friends need this stone, that anyone who works with people doing more than one session a day, could really benefit from holding this stone between treatments.

I felt an instant connection with a golden white grid of light, (and I am not normally the one in this household who does grid work) and such clarity all around me. I literally felt energy connecting me to my third eye & crown chakras which set a field of clear and resonant energy all around me. I felt as if I'd been transported to a clear room of light, with no interfering energies of any kind, a simple radiant Light of the Highest Vibration I have yet experienced. It wasn't peaceful exactly, although it did make me feel good, feel grounded, connected to Source and kinetically alive in a brilliant spacial enclosure. It was as if our car, turned into a temple dedicated to the Father/Mother Source and I had just had a drink from their well of crystalline pure waters connecting me in every direction with knowing, with being, with total Love & Acceptance.

Burmese PhenaciteOf course, when we returned home, I did look up phenacite in Melody's wonderful resource guide, "Love is in the Earth". Here are some of the things she has to say about this stone: "The dynamic (phenacite) have recently been discovered and the stone, although expensive, is quite expansive. It is highly stimulating to the third eye, allowing the energy of that center to be activated and to be carried throughout the body, producing an awareness of the complete cellular structure."

"It facilitates deep meditation, promoting an inner 'knowing' with respect to the aspects associated with each of the chakras."

"Phenacite can bring the way of love, the way of heavenly being, into ones physical reality. The corresponding energy center for the stone is in the etheric body, above the crown chakra of the physical body."

She goes on to mention how this stone can be a gathering stone for working with several different crystals during a treatment to help facilitate healing.

The phenacite gemstones we have for purchase are from Burma. They are small cylindrical stones, typical of phenacite, with one end having facets. They are basically colorless with a golden glow and clarity and light emanates from them. At first glance, they are very unassuming, until you really give a good look, see the light field around and within them, and experience them first hand. They are spherical or cylindrical, slender bits of stone which can easily fit into your hand, can be placed onto the various chakras of someone on a table or can be carried upon the body in a medicine bag, or pocket.

This compact cylindrical phenacite, has a faceted end and a rough end and is a lovely clear stone with a hint of golden light.

To use this crystal in meditation, simply hold it in your left, receiving hand, and feel the energy flow, as this powerful gemstone works to open your chakras and strengthen the flow of kundalini energy throughout your body. Sometimes you might try placing the small phenacite crystal on your crown chakra while meditating. Just be sure to sit up straight, or it will fall off. If it does fall off, it's very hard so it is unlikely you would damage it.

To use this crystal when giving energy treatments, place the crystal on the crown chakra, the third eye, the heart, or any other chakra that needs extra energy, and give the treatment as usual.

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