August 2012 Aquarius Full Moon Lammas Cosmic Weather Forecast: Increasing Global Tensions with Intervals of Inspired Meditation

crisis of human civilizationCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
Our task as a species is to become increasingly aware of our part in the web of life on Earth so that we can become conscious co-creators of a new Anthropocene civilization that will reverse human-created global warming, and invent sustainable human societies that live in harmony and balance with the Earth. This is a good week to meditate upon this epochal transition and how we can do our part to usher in the new.
February 2013 Full Moon Cosmic Weather Forecast

February 2013 Full Moon Cosmic Weather Forecast

ascended mastersCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
With six planets in Pisces this week, expect this unusual super-watery configuration to unleash a flood of difficult and long-repressed emotions, a cascade of confusing astral glamours, and simultaneously an undeniable soulful yearning for a transcendent realm of peace, unity and healing.

Winter Solstice 2010 Newsletter

christmasCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
As we look back on this year of intense personal change, which began with a move from New York to California just before last spring, we recall the heart-felt agony triggered by the Deepwater Horizon disaster, apocalyptic fires in Russia, the floods in Pakistan, the cholera crisis in Haiti, the periodic panics in global financial markets, the riots in Athens, Paris, Rome and London, the TSA groping scandals, and the sky-high unemployment rate in America.

Full Moon in Pisces, 2010 August Cosmic Weather Forecast

age of aquariusCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
This Full Moon in Pisces humanity ascends the cross of transformation. The challenge for us all, individually and collectively, is to leave behind our everyday concerns, our mental maps of the world, and our typical emotional reactions to stress and conflict, and to allow Spirit to open our hearts and connect us with Higher Mind. The path is one of suffering and the destination is a place where suffering is no more.

Winter Solstice 2009 Cosmic Weather Forecast

age of aquariusCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
After a month or so of very ragged energy, sharp Saturn-Pluto aspects and an active Uranus cycle that seems to affect computers, computer networks, deliveries dependent upon such networks, all technology, tools and houses, and trigger unexpected health crises, we could all use a day or two of sweet Cosmic Weather. Good news! This Winter Solstice is extremely well-aspected.
The Coming Collapse of Globalization: February 2008

The Coming Collapse of Globalization: February 2008

collapse of globalizationCurtis Lang
We are witnessing the slow motion collapse of “globalization”, which is shorthand for a set of political, economic and social policies, including Reaganomics, free trade and the leveling down of global wages, human rights and environmental protection, financial deregulation and corporate oligarchy.

Bush & Brezhnev: Separated at Birth?

crisis of human civilizationCurtis Lang
America is Losing The Great Game of Imperial Conquest. The Reign of Bush the Younger Resembles the Last Days of the Soviet Empire. Seemingly Impregnable and Destined to Rule Forever, Despots Always Fall.

Festival of Humanity 2006 -- Full Moon in Sagittarius

age of aquariusCurtis Lang
This Full Moon is conjunct dark Pluto and the Galactic Center. Pluto in Sagittarius supports the transformation of our culture’s most basic belief structures. When Pluto is conjunct the moon, which is the seat of our personal subconscious beliefs, and also the Galactic Center, the time is ripe for a total shift in consciousness, a transformation of personal and cultural values on the broadest possible scale.

September 2014 Cosmic Weather Forecast -- Harvest Moon

anthroposophyCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
This Harvest Moon, occurring at 16º Pisces, is ideally placed to mediate between the conflicting stellar influences, to open the hearts of all Lightworkers to the ocean of love and compassion known to the Bodhisattvas, and to provide a glowing nocturnal link to the wisdom teachings, inspiration, grace and guidance embodied in Higher Mind, Higher Self and our Spiritual Guides and Teachers.
All Fool's Day: Love and Cosmic Unity

All Fool's Day: Love and Cosmic Unity

ascension practicesCurtis Lang
In Rome, April 1 was the date of the Festival of Veneralia, dedicated to Venus, goddess of love, death, orchards, waters and sexuality. Women washed a statue or image of Venus in rivers and lakes, adorned her with precious jewels and long robes, then burned incense in honor of the Goddess.

The Twilight of The Era of Cheap Oil

age of aquariusCurtis Lang
We are in the twilight of the age of mass industrialization and consumption, of a long spiritual cycle focused on the development of the individual sense of self. The Aquarian age of community is coming soon.

Full Moon in Leo 2005: America's Values Wars, The Bush Inaugural

9-11Curtis Lang
The majority of the American people stand for definite moral values – but not the values of right-wing fundamentalists, Republican globalizers and imperialists.