Traveling Between Two Worlds

Virgo Solar Festival and the Pisces Full Moon

Welcome to the Thursday September 11, 2011 edition of the Satya Center newsletter and Cosmic Weather Forecast. This week we celebrate the Virgo Solar Festival and the Pisces Full Moon, also known as the Harvest Moon.

Warm greetings from your Editor, Curtis Lang and your co-editor, Jane Sherry.

As this Full Moon approaches, we have felt a tremendous outpouring of Love and Light, and we have been given a profound gift -- a vision of the path ahead for individuals and for humanity during these troubled times.

We are pleased to share that vision with you this month. We offer you both Master Astrologer Bill Herbst's vision of the next few years and our own Tarot reading for Lightworkers, seekers, visionary activists, and all of humanity during the next phase of the slow-motion collapse of Industrial Civilization.

The ChariotBasically the message is that we are now being given the opportunity to achieve greater awareness through self-transformation. The Universe is gently bringing us face to face with our control issues, our fears, our anger, and our other "sore spots" so we can relinquish our identification with these bad habits, which are not part of our essential nature in any way.

As we ask for help from Spirit and agree to let these old energies be released from mind, body and aura, we will achieve greater poise, balance and grounded stability, empowering us as we synchronistically connect with those who are destined to be our traveling companions as we journey between two worlds.

Just in time, these connections strengthen us to face the impending meltdown of economic, political and environmental structures.

Working together within our spiritual families we will make the transition through perilous paths until we arrive at a new home, and a new equilibrium in a safe, protected, high-energy space.

The time to begin the transformation is now! Join the Full Moon Star Goddess meditation this weekend. Our intent is to sit in Silence until Awareness dawns.

 Cosmic Weather Forecast

The Full Moon occurs at 05:26:42 am (EDT) Monday September 12, 2011, or 02:26:42 am (PDT), at 19°17' Pisces, while the Sun opposes Luna, at 19° 17' Virgo.

We round up to the next degree when calculating Sabian Symbols, so the Pisces Full Moon reflects the meaning of the Sabian Symbol for 20° Pisces, which is "A Table Set for an Evening Meal", indicating that this Harvest Moon will find us seeking the company of our spiritual family where, ultimately, our needs will be met.

The Sabian Symbol for the Virgo Solar Festival, occurring at 20° Virgo, is "A Caravan of Cars Headed for the West Coast", indicating that the time is propitious for adventurous journeying in groups to a "New World".  We would do well to seek like-minded individuals to form groups that will travel together into the New post-oil 21st century world, because it is only through co-operation, not competition, that we will find our way safely and successfully to new forms of civilization, new ways of living and being together as the old social structures collapse on the "East Coast", which symbolizes the economic oligarchy, seated in New York, and the Imperial military mindset, seated in Washington.

Round Valley Park

Tarot Reading for the Passage Between Two Worlds

Yesterday, before looking up the Sabian symbols for this month's Full Moon Festival, I asked for guidance I could share in this newsletter and did a Tarot reading. After all, I have been a Tarot reader for over 40 years, and I am not a professional astrologer!

The result was quite interesting. I used the Osho Tarot deck, created by the Hindu Master Baghwan Rajneesh in the 1970s, and I found that every picture tells a story, an important story, about our collective journey into a post-Industrial Age, post-Imperial future. Here I will discuss a few of the prominent cards with special importance for us all. [See below for pictorial view of reading]

The significator is called Awareness, which is The Chariot in conventional Western decks, and indicates our way forward. The environment in which we find ourselves is the card called Fighting, traditionally known as the Prince of Swords.

Here's a beautiful message for us all. The Awareness card depicts a small Bodhisattva head emerging as through a torn veil, a veil which is also a shadow representing the egoistic self.

That egoistic self has been displaced and is no longer in command. Now the Higher Mind and Higher Self have taken control of the physical vehicle and can determine the Life Path more directly.

The ChariotHowever the emerging Bodhisattva of the New Age is surrounded by the energy of the rampant ego, represented by the card called Fighting which represents the Prince of Swords in the traditional Western Tarot deck. The armored warrior stand with hands clenched looking for a foe, and is surrounded by shadowy figures representing perceived opponents, opponents that have been conjured out of the paranoia, anger, and military mindset of the egoistic mind, which runs rampant in the personality type symbolized by this card.

The Wheel of Fortune is in the immediate past, because the dramatic changes that have shaken the economic foundations of the global economy, and brought devastating global environmental catastrophes to countries East and West throughout the world, are actually necessary to bring the old order to its knees and impel us all to make the dramatic, difficult changes necessary to forge a new global civilization based upon co-operation, environmental sustainability, and an economy that works for the people, rather than for a handful of oligarchs.

The path forward is called Traveling, the Eight of Wands in the traditional decks. The picture shows a bird's eye view from far above the mountains, and a solitary figure traveling across the mountaintops at sunset far below.

Here we have a vision of the difficult passage between worlds. The arduous trip from today's dysfunctional global society to a new paradigm leads across uncharted, extremely challenging terrain, but this is the only way forward for us all.

SwiftnessThis card is called Swiftness in some decks. The recent economic and environmental catastrophes resonating globally are sending us swiftly into uncharted territory. We are swiftly entering a new world, and all our old ways of controlling our environment, ordering our societies, dealing with friends and enemies, have been left behind. We can no longer rely upon "business as usual" solutions, traditional wisdom, or other staples of the egoistic personality. Only the emerging Bodhisattva of Higher Mind, traversing the heights of the causal plane, has the answers we seek, and only the Higher Self can guide us, protect us and be our vehicle to a New Land, a New World, as yet unseen and unknown.

To successfully navigate the difficult passage between two worlds, we are faced with the need to overcome some bad habits, individually and collectively. The bad habits involve control issues, clearly indicated by the Fighting card, and by the card at the foundation of the reading, called Control, the King of Swords in traditional decks, representing the Taurus-Gemini cusp personality type.

The picture shows a totally rigid figure encased in pyramidal shapes which seem to reflect the light surrounding the figure, preventing the light from entering almost totally. Here we have a personality which has cut itself off from Source and dedicated itself entirely to mental control of the environment. In fact the entire lower half of the individual's body is shaped like a blade, the symbol of mental analysis, separation, and division. This person is locked away in a rigid world of petrified forms, and there appears to be no way out.

Naturally, at a time of profound global transformation, environmental catastrophe, resource shortages and economic collapse, there is a powerful tendency to try to control everything around us. This is true equally of individuals, communities, classes, and nations.

King of SwordsThe traditional tools of control are of course, war and other forms of violence, promising physical control of spaces, communities, and resources, on the one hand, and propaganda and other forms of mental and social control on the other hand.

Control resides at the base of the reading, and is the foundation for the entire passage from the Old World of hyper-individualistic egotism, war, environmental exploitation and unbridled economic competition on the one hand, and the New World of co-operation and environmental stewardship.

Attempts to control the entire world's resources through force and violence and ruthless exploitation of natural resources and of entire populations, are the root cause of the current crisis. America provides the most striking example of this behavior although it is also true that the ruling elites of other nations and races behave much the same as the Americans, but lack the sophisticated technological-military-financial tools of control available to elites in the United States.

On an individual level, when we succumb to fear and anger, we respond by attempting to control our environment, to control those around us, and to exercise self-control by suppressing our natural emotions, our natural feelings of empathy and compassion for others, and our own best and highest impulses generally. Then we resort to crude methods of physical and mental violence of one sort or another to work our will in the world and with our families and loved ones, according to the dictates of our rational minds.

Prince of SwordsThis leads from Control to Fighting, and could result in a war of all against all in a worst case scenario. This card in traditional decks is the Prince of Swords, the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp.

The antidote to Control issues is not to suppress fear and anger, but to transform the entire psychic universe of the individual. By shifting the center of consciousness from the egoistic personality and the rational mind to the Higher Mind and Higher Self we can rip through the veil and our inner Bodhisattva can emerge in a flash of Awareness that brings about complete transformation of our behaviors, preferences, and ways of perceiving the world.

Awareness is our Chariot to the New World. There is no other safe, secure vehicle for us to utilize in our epochal journey into unknown territories of human evolution.

The near future in this reading is represented by a card called Guidance, the three of rainbows, which corresponds to the three of disks in the traditional deck, also called Work.

The picture is of an angelic figure with rainbow colored wings leading a forlorn looking individual forward, as the person keeps their head firmly fixed upon the past, facing in the opposite direction. It is possible the person is totally unaware that they are being Guided forward, and that they are being dragged along to their Destiny by forces within that they little know or comprehend.

Here we have the promise that inner spiritual guidance is available to us and that although we may not be aware of it, nevertheless this guidance is leading us forward to our Destiny, to our best and highest good.

3 of DisksSo we seem to be moving fast into a New World, with our eyes fixed firmly on the past. I know that Jane and I have felt that we are in that position quite a bit lately, although we are doing our best to stay connected to Source, our Guides and Teachers and Angels, and our Higher Self at all times. It is extremely hard to let go of the habits of a lifetime, of a comfortable lifestyle that rests upon hundreds of years of civilization's development, and upon the handy, familiar bag of tricks our egoistic personalities and rational minds have used throughout this lifetime to provide us with careers, money, success and other "necessities" of life.

The good news is that we need not look outside ourselves for spiritual guidance. We do not need the wisdom of space aliens or the advice of self-help gurus to find our way forward. In fact, although we may not realize it, our inner spiritual guidance and Higher Self are organizing events in our lives to facilitate the relinquishing of past life strategies and the journey to new ways of thinking, feeling and being in the world.

Often, dramatic and harsh events in the outer world are merely another way that we are being released from dead-end lifestyles and guided forward on the path of Spirit toward our true Destiny.  We must trust that this is so, and when we meditate upon our lives we will see the truth of it.

The card in the position of Hopes and Fears is The Fool, which in this deck shows a youthful male figure gazing at a white flower as he steps off a high mountain path, seemingly into thin air.

We are traveling fast along a path high in the mountains toward a new world, as seen in the card of Traveling, and we can see a sunset ahead of us. So when you are up that high on a difficult path the fear is the of making a foolish mistake, of losing one's footing and of taking a long fall.

The FoolIn this card, The Fool is focusing on a beautiful white flower and appears to be in danger of falling off a cliff. The fear is that if we focus on the white flower, symbol of innocence, purity and trust, we will take a big tumble, but that white flower is our best protection, our true Guide, and a Sign that we must take a leap of faith, follow our hearts, and allow our inner spiritual guidance to take us safely through the trials and tribulations of our great journey to a new home.

It may appear foolish to do this, but we must allow ourselves to relinquish the tools of the rational mind, the control strategies perfected during aeons of time by human civilization, and open ourselves to new partnership strategies of peace, equality and respect for the Web of Life on planet Earth.

This is not easy, and it may also appear to others that by following our hearts we are taking a big fall and a big risk. But the Fool card promises that if we maintain our trust and stay centered in the present moment as firmly as a newborn babe, if we allow ourselves to step off the well-worn path of conventional wisdom, if we abandon the strategies of violent confrontation and mental control that are used in every society in the world to manage the crises erupting in every area of human existence, hurling ourselves off the cliff of business as usual, and into a seeming Abyss of unknown depth, into an adventure where all things are new, then, contrary to the expectations of the crowds, we will have a safe, soft landing in the right spot at the right time, everything in Divine order.

Thus The Fool is both our fear and our great hope.

The Fool is true to himself, and being true to oneself is most difficult in these times when there is great social pressure to conform, to sell out, to adopt strategies designed to "beggar thy neighbor" in order to protect and improve one's own lifestyle and physical well-being.

MoralityStockpiling food and guns will not protect you and your family during this global transformation. Only purity, innocence and trust will do that.

The outcome for this reading is not one card, but several. I drew 10 cards in a row for the outcome, something I sometimes do when guided.

The overall outcome suggests that the biggest obstacles on our path to a New World are our own failed life strategies, our own cultural conditioning, our own mistaken mental maps of the world, which trap us in dead-end pathways leading always back to the familiar, the known, and thus to all that which has created the very crisis we seek to escape.

Fortunately, the outcome indicates that through the growth of inner Awareness and with the help of inner spiritual Guidance, we will definitely purge ourselves of the failed lifeways that have trapped humanity in our current global crisis, and we will find our way to a safe, protected space where we can begin to envision a New Life and a new civilization.

The first outcome card is called Morality, corresponding to the Queen of Swords in the traditional deck, the Virgo-Libra cusp personality type. Morality shows a Puritanical figure clothed in lace and with an iron latticework where the chest and heart should be. The person's face is desiccated, and they seem bent upon judgement.

Here we have the full flowering of dualistic thinking and moralistic mental judgements designed to enforce outmoded ways of thinking and being in the world.

The antidote to the Inquisitorial harshness of moralistic systems lies in the flowering of Awareness, the first card in this reading. As Osho says in his interpretation of the card Morality, "Unless awareness arises in you, all your morality is bogus, all your culture is simply a thin layer which can be destroyed by anybody. But once your morality has come out of your awareness, not out of a certain discipline, then it is a totally different matter. Then you will respond in every situation out of your awareness. And whatever you do will be good. Awareness cannot do anything that is bad."

In short, the antidote to rigid morality and unthinking conformity is always to become more Aware, more conscious, more connected to Source, Higher Mind and Higher Self. Out of that expanded consciousness, a Higher Morality will be born, a beautiful compassionate way of being with others that will reveal the best and highest good of all concerned.

Clinging to the PastThe reading indicates that although Awareness is dawning within individuals around the world, and even collectively within humanity's Group Consciousness, and although individuals and groups are receiving enhanced Spiritual Guidance during these difficult times, we will all have to confront our own inner Puritan, our own inner tendencies to conform to societal expectations, and to social norms that could entrap us within a rigid grid of dead behavior patterns suited to the past and totally unhelpful in today's present circumstances.

The next card is Clinging to the Past, the Five of Cups, called Disappointment in the traditional Tarot. Naturally we are all called upon to confront the many ways we continue to respond to new, unprecedented challenges with the same old behavior patterns exemplified by our parents, our culture, our religions, and our own life strategies that worked so well for us prior to the ongoing collapse of the Industrial Age civilization in which we live.

None of us are exempt from this hard work, and in fact our own inner Awareness and our inner spiritual Guidance are bringing us precisely to this confrontation with our own control issues and our own reflexive use of outmoded and mistaken maps of the world, so that we can unload this unneeded baggage from our mind, body, heart and aura, lighten up and pursue the path of the Fool into the New World.

The following cards are very auspicious.

Moment to MomentWe see Moment to Moment, corresponding to the Two of Disks, Harmonious Change in traditional decks. The picture shows a robed figure, alert and upright, with arms outstretched for balance, stepping from stone to stone, crossing a rushing stream. In the background one sees a large modern downtown cityscape. This indicates that the person is able to maintain a balance between spiritual and material concerns, and remains equally at home in 21st century high tech civilization and in the realms of Nature.

Here is a great depiction of the new ways of life being birthed through the growth of Awareness and the grace of spiritual Guidance. We need to remain alert, centered and balanced to navigate the pathway to the New World of humanity's future, and to do that we must remain poised between the world of the cityscape and the requirements of the Web of Life comprising the Natural World.

So the implication is that after confronting our own inner moralist, warrior and control freak, we will emerge well-prepared to walk the path of harmonious change into a future we cannot now envision.

The next card is We Are The World, corresponding to the ten of disks, called Wealth, in the traditional decks. Here we see a group of figures holding hands, surrounding the globe. This indicates the community of Lightworkers, Ascended Master Guides and Teachers and Big Beings of Light who are working around the clock to assist humanity during their arduous journey between two worlds.

We are the WorldBy joining with like-minded others we may meet serendipitously as we walk the path of Spirit and by linking always to those in Higher Realms with whom we have an affinity, we multiply our power, and access the Wealth of wisdom and love that resides in true community.

Once we have attained the balance and poise required to walk the path of global transformation, we will be ready to join the Army of Lightworkers working to uplift all humanity.

And the following card is Thunderbolt, called the Falling Tower, Trump 16, in traditional decks. There is a meditating figure whose spinal channel is on fire, and thunderbolts fill the air around the figure's head. The figure is also a Tower, and that tower is being blasted by lightning, destroyed completely. Two figures, of a man and woman, are falling to the ground.

Externally, this indicates that secure foundations of everyday life are being destroyed by forces far larger than individual human beings. Change is being forced upon us all. Sudden change. And it appears that this change is coming soon.

I take this reading to indicate that we have some time remaining to confront our issues, and to attain poise, balance and Awareness, but not too long.



On the other hand, in the aggregate, Lightworkers and other seekers who are on the path of transformation will certainly attain that state of Awareness and also connect with needed Allies prior to the collapse of the current societal structures that serve as the underpinning of our current way of life.

Following the destruction, the rest of the cards speak of creating a new reality magically and in conformity with the True Will, with the blessing and inspiration that comes from Higher Mind, Bodhisattva Awareness and spiritual Guidance.

The CreatorThe card of the Creator (the King or Knight of Wands in traditional decks) sits in meditation and holds a ball of fire in his hands, centered above his lap. He is creating the energy field necessary to fuel the creation of new visions on the material plane of existence.

This card is followed by Existence, Trump 1, called the Magician in traditional decks. A naked meditating androgynous figure atop a lotus blossom contemplates the night sky as a shooting star passes overhead. Is the seated figure merely observing, or is the Magician so inter-connected with the entire Web of Life, with all of Existence, that he or she can actually manifest the shooting star as a Sign of New Life and a New Age? Can the Magician follow the shooting star to the New World, just as the Magi followed the Star of Christmas to Bethlehem thousands of years ago? The implication is that this is so.

The last three cards are Maturity, Friendliness and Turning In. The final card, Turning In, represents a seated figure surrounded by a powerful aura of light, which protects the person from the many menacing, shadowy figures surrounding them.

Through mature, good judgement, friendly co-operation and spiritual practices designed to connect us to Spirit and to strengthen our auric vehicles of Light, all Lightworkers can be protected and assured of a safe space during the tumultuous times ahead.

These times are nearly upon us. I do not have a specific time frame for these events, but they are certainly in the relatively near future. Not years and years ahead, perhaps months, or a year or two, if I am understanding my guidance correctly.

Thus this reading represents an urgent call to all Lightworkers and Seekers. The time of tribulation is nearly upon us. Now is the time to do the work to get ready.

Turning In


Full Moon Star Goddess Meditation

SilenceThe time to begin the transformation is now! Join the Full Moon Star Goddess meditation this weekend. Our intent is to sit in Silence until Awareness dawns.

This Harvest Full Moon is a great time to pursue Awareness, connect with Guidance, and sit down at the community Dinner Table with one's spiritual family.

I pulled one final card from the deck, Silence, known as the Star in traditional decks.

Out of Silence, Awareness comes, a golden Goddess, Dawn.

According to the Vedas, the Light of this Dawn is "like a thing of delight, it orders the light everywhere in many forms." (III.61.7) "She finds speech for every thinker", the "young and ancient goddess of many thoughts who moves according to the Divine law." (III.61.1)

As a first step, sit in meditation one night this weekend or on Monday, the day of the Full Moon. Contemplate this final card, called Silence, known as The Star, Trump 17, in traditional Tarot decks

 Then go outside if weather permits, and contemplate the night sky. Observe the starry night, and allow yourself to pass into a meditative state.

See if you can see the face of the Goddess in that starry sky. See if you can hear the profound Silence which is her message. Enter into that silence as completely as you can. Within that Silence lies Awareness and Guidance, Grace, Healing, Wisdom and Love. Become that Silence, and you will shed the limitations of the rational mind and the egoistic personality as the snake sheds its skin.

When you meditate on the starry night sky, the Dawn within can awaken.

Jane and I wish you health, happiness, well-being and success in all your endeavors. May you accept the Grace and Guidance offered you and walk the path of Spirit with ease and confidence.

If you are interested in having a Tarot reading, or if you want to share something with us concerning your own life-path, or if you want to comment on this newsletter, please don't hesitate to email us at


Fool Focusing on the Purity of the Divine

New Article This Week at Satya Center

This month, we are fortunate to have another article from Bill Herbst, the veteran astrologer who has written over 100 articles on the Grand Cardinal Cross and other outer planet alignments that are the characteristic signs of total global transformation and the heralds of our passage from the Old World of Industrial Civilization into the New World that lies unrevealed ahead of humanity.

Bill's article is entitled "Uranus-Pluto and the Murdoch Meltdown", and in it Bill discusses the many ramifications of the upcoming epochal transits we will see in the next few years.

"From mid-2012 until late-2015, Uranus and Pluto will jockey for position around a 90° arc between them," Bill explains. "Seven times over that period, they will be exactly perpendicular. Only two previous Uranus-Pluto transits were comparable: a seven-pass transit from 1755-1758 that set up the American revolution, and a nine-pass transit from 1496-1500, that marked the beginnings of colonization of the western hemisphere by Europeans. The 2010s will be just as important."

Bill compares these upcoming transits with similar passages in the 1930s and 1960s and predicts that the sudden, unexpected meltdown of Rupert Murdoch's media Empire is only the first instance of a large number of similar incidents, that will bring low many rich and powerful oligarchs around the world, and consume entire social structures completely. Don't miss the full story.




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