Ancient Cellular Memories

When a weeping child wakes
her mother
in another city,

when coins fall in pattern,

when the electron moves backward in time--
the Ancient Ones are there.

You will find them where clouds quicken
with your eyelids, where
prairie dogs flee their burrows
hours before a quake,
where veined temples ache
with the blue silence
of Tibet.

Behind the songs
sung by Humpback whales,

and beneath a child's memory of her own
conception, there you will find

the Template of Ancient Mind.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

James BertolinoJames Bertolino, Poet & Planetary Visionary

James Bertolino's poetry has been published in magazines, books, and anthologies internationally for almost 40 years, from "Drool" published in 1968 to his most recent, "Pocket Animals: 60 Poems" published in 2002 by Egress Studio Press. Check out his website to purchase his publications through Egress Studio Pressand for more information and free beautiful poetry greeting cards that you can copy & print directly from his website. 

(Picture of "Brainstorm" is by Jane Sherry from a personal Talisman and the photo of James, courtesy of the poet. All poems reprinted here with the kind permission of James Bertolino.)

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