I Would Love to Be Your Sun

I Would Love to Be Your Sun

ascension practicesCurtis Lang
In this new poem, Curtis Lang evokes the energy of the Divine Lovers, offering a view of the Cosmic Dance that unites and vivifies all life in this Universe.
Angels Over Babylon

Angels Over Babylon

9-11Theolyn Cortens
Sennacherib has returned To haunt the empty halls of Ninevah. Archaeologists have peeled his face From palace walls and sent His lion victories to London. . .

I believe in turnips

poetryJames Bertolino
A bit of earthy admiration from James Bertolino,the poet of planetary magic

Indra's Falls

great goddessJames Bertolino
Experience a transformative & benevolent Uni-verse in Bertolino's timeless paean to Indra.

Be Not Immune

poetryJames Bertolino
James Bertolino shares his raw vulnerability to the impulses of his Muse with our readers in this new poem.

Emerging Islands

devasJames Bertolino
James Bertolino's new poem explores the intersection of intent and meaning, and asks whether we can ever know the full, true significance of our own utterances.

What Is Not Allowed!

geopoliticsRichard Tillinghast
Internationally acclaimed poet Richard Tillinghast explores the web of rationalizations that underpin the casual, bureaucratized cruelty that imprisons millions of innocents in Palestine, now known most commonly as "The Gaza Strip", a convenient fiction that denationalizes Gaza citizens and strips them of their legitimate history.


poetryJames Bertolino
We CAN create & inhabit a world of vision & beauty.


great goddessJames Bertolino
Metaphysical poetry about the poet's love affair with the Great Goddess.

Dying for Rain

poetryJed A. Myers
This hymn is dedicated to the poet's heart entangled in a World Wide Web of human desires, full of courage and strength.

The Template

ascended mastersJames Bertolino
Read James Bertolino's Paean to the Blueprint of Immortality.

Not Into the Mirror

global financial crisisJed A. Myers
Read Jed Myer's latest poem which reflects upon the spirit of greed, and the introspection required of each of us in all of our relations.