The Poet's Heart Entangled in the World Wide Web

I’ll hurtle my own heart, in its soft
   and brittle car, this ensemble
of watery parts, through the forests
   of the earth’s tongues, my desire
entangled with everyone’s on the road
   until old and young are discernible  
as the silver and gold in the mane
   of the one many-eyed blue-green
daughter-son, cloud-eyed, coral-brained,
   the enslaved ambassador,
wrapped up in the leather trade
   since the last ice age, chained
in chromed alloy to the walls
   of a cliff house, dying for rain,
for a flood or a fall again—
                                           or I’ll hurl
my rabid soul, prayer-feathered spear
   in the air, and around the world
to pierce this creature through
   the part that sputters my name.

                                                                    Jed Myers 2/8/08

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Jed A. Myers is a Seattle poet and musician whose writing has been published in various journals, posted on web sites, heard on radio, and performed, mostly by Jed, in an array of settings in the Pacific Northwest. He’s won several regional awards, and hosts a regular poetry gathering in his part of town. His loose network of collaborators, ArtsforHearts, puts on benefits in local spaces for a wide range of real life causes.

Credits: Jed's Poem reprinted with the kind permission of the author. Photo provided by Jed Myers. Illustration at the top reprinted from one of Jane Sherry's one-of-a-kind books.