I Would Love to Be Your Sun

I Would Love to Be Your Sun

ascension practicesCurtis Lang
In this new poem, Curtis Lang evokes the energy of the Divine Lovers, offering a view of the Cosmic Dance that unites and vivifies all life in this Universe.

Planting Daffodils

geopoliticsCharlotte Boulay
The poet sees a mirror of the immortal Divine Juliet in the dying light of late August flowers, the promise of the eternal recurrence of new life arising from the ashes of our manifest density, a promise of rescue in some future configuration of life force energy, from our obtuse allegiance to destruction.

My Sister's Daughter

love/compassionJames Bertolino
James Bertolino celebrates the mysteries of birth and the cycles of life in his latest poem about the recursive nature of human existence.

The Wedding

love/relationshipsJames Bertolino
This epiphanic love poem by James Bertolino startles the mind and opens the heart.