New Poetry

My older sister fell off a mountain. 

As she passed by me on her way down,
without a thought my arm swung

out and fingers reached her jacket--
bringing her to rest.

Today my left palm itches, and I wonder why
the birds are ignoring the feeder.
On the table in front of me there's a photograph

of a newborn, still braceleted with hospital ID.
She has made a fist. Her dark eyes seem focused
on the inner world, the recent realm

of the womb. Does she know she’s falling?
Is there someone she’s trying to save?

James Bertolino, Poet & Planetary Visionary

James Bertolino's poetry has been published in magazines, books, and anthologies internationally for almost 40 years, from "Drool" published in 1968 to his most recent, "Pocket Animals: 60 Poems" published in 2002 by Egress Studio Press. Check out his website to purchase his publications through Egress Studio Pressand for more information and free beautiful poetry greeting cards that you can copy & print directly from his website. Read other poems James has kindly allowed us to print at Satya Center in the James Bertolino Archive.

(Artwork by Jane Sherry and the photo of James, courtesy of the poet. All poems reprinted here with the kind permission of James Bertolino.)