I Would Love to Be Your Sun

I would love to be your sun

Solar Flares, courtesy NASA, Apod

Your love is transforming me.
ou direct my mind's fingers deep
within the soil of my soul
and there I caress the seeds of the future
hidden within my heart.

In your honor and by your loving grace
I climb the luminous ladder rising up my spine,
and as the vines of life entwine beneath my skull
I enfold you in an eternal, celestial embrace.

I am an ape evolving beyond my elemental nature,
a radiant source of light,
once flickering in the wind,
now stable and steady,
fixed and rooted in a new orbit,
light-years beyond the spot where love took flight.

My one desire is to become your dependable Sun,
to pour out my warmth upon your homespun gown
at dawn, as you step out into your garden,
drowsy and covered in dream fragments.
I live to illuminate your astral treasures.

I would refresh your heart with flaming golden droplets,
mined from deep within my violet crown.

At dusk, I would refresh your lunar smile with streaming light,
transmitting my heart’s delight across the womb of falling night
with the metronomic regularity of a lover’s waltz.

Your quicksilver glances quicken the pace
of our energetic dance of love,
and mirroring our ecstasy,
enigmatic stars embrace the void,
creating rainbow phosphenes in my field of vision,
strewn like diamonds across smooth velvet.

Our souls now sharing one intent,
to count the stations of love’s death and resurrection
in the sacred script of God --
hieroglyphic constellations mirror our ascent.

The Sun, Thoth Tarot

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