Winter Solstice Poem

Winter Solstice 12.21.2012 12 noon


We receive the same signs

again and again

and still we refuse to see.

There are persistent rainbows

amidst the sun and rain

showers every week this month.

There are lyrical skyscapes

Of wandering clouds,

wafting feathers, angels

creatures of our own design.


The message hides in plain sight.


Again and again

we receive the information

we need for our journey

yet fear turns our feet to clay,

some days it is hard to move a single step.


Those days are for dancing in place.


We find ourselves lost in a new land

It is the birdsong, earthworm and weeds

moving through clay soil to take form

that becomes a garden, that

makes this place familiar.

A single marigold cluster still blooms

orange-gold and red-vermillion.


A familiar plant ally that reminds me

we are part of a larger garden.

To end the year, I was able to

ask for help in releasing

bad habits, self negating thought forms

and especially anger. I was able

to forgive someone from long ago

who I love but who hurt me.

I let it go with a gift-

a sweet treat to replace

sorrow and bitterness.


I gave the gift of music to

one who least expected anything.


I give thanks for countless strangers

who help me do my job every day.

I give thanks for this precious earth

this puzzling, amazing, infuriating,

inspiring gift of life.


I made peace with my family.

I planted peas in the garden

and today they flower green and white

against a grey sky ribboned with silvery clouds

and blue skies with rainbows peeking through.


Rise up from the ash of abandoned dreams,

terrible weather, homelessness, poverty,

injustice, hunger, greed and pain.

Rise up through the ashen landscape

Of what-if’s, could-be’s, if-only’s and

create yourself anew.


A chance to begin again.

A new cycle. If I wait

for inspiration or a knock at the door

I fear I will wait forever.

Instead, I say a silent prayer for peace.

I sing a mantra for protection.

I tell you all how much I love you.




Jane Sherry, one of the owners of Satya Center is an artist and poet. Her artwork is in various collections including The Getty Museum, MOMA NYC, The NYC Public Library and the Library of Congress. A poem called Family was published in the summer of 2022 by NC Bard Anthology.
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