Pandit Pravinji Vedic Astrologer

astrological forecastsPandit Pravinji
Pravinji is a Pandit and performs various rituals. He has been awarded the degree of Jyotish Kovid in Vedic Astrology.

Creative Relaxation

yogaLouise Goldberg, M.A., R.Y.T., L.M.T.
The teaching principles of Creative Relaxation are as follows: make a sacred space, engage the student, provide tools for success, and create opportunities for independence.

Herbs that Ease Anxiety and Fear

herbsSusun Weed
Herbalist Susun Weed shares her favorite herbs and simple home remedies for dealing with fear, anxiety, nervousness, grief, depression, rage, fatigue, and sleeplessness.

Morning Meditation for Radiance and Cellular Transformation

meditationSteve Diver
Fill yourself with Light to transform each day with this beautiful meditation from Steve Diver.

7 Natural Ways to Avoid the Flu

acupunctureMaoshing Ni, L.Ac., D.O.M., ABAAHP, Ph.D
Stay healthy this winter and all year long! Here are easy to implement herbs, advice and superior foods you can use to boost your health & immunity, including a recipe for an immune boosting soup.

The Role of the Mind in Ayurvedic Health and Healing

ayurvedaDr. Usha Khosla
The three gunas are the qualities that govern our responses and actions in wordly life. They function on the mental plane as subtle energies. Similar to the doshas that determine our physical constitution, gunas determine our mental constitution and impact our physical health as well.

Herbs for Hags

cancer - tools for healingSusun Weed
"I'm so glad I'm finally old. Sadly, many of my friends don't like me to use that word. They say they don't want to be 'old'. I think what they really mean is they don't want to be the kind of old that's infirm and dependent. I agree." Read Susun's take on being a Crone Elder.

Menopause is Enlightenment -- Kundalini is Power!

herbsSusun Weed
Kundalini is usually represented as a serpent coiled at the base of the spine, but women's mystery stories locate it in the uterus - or the area where the uterus was, if a hysterectomy has occurred. During both puberty and menopause, a woman's kundalini is difficult to control and may cause a great number of symptoms.

Yoga Is More Than Physical Fitness

meditationTrue Alisandre
Establishing a daily practice of 15 - 30 minutes of yoga asanas & breath control followed by an equal period of meditative sitting will begin the journey without words to reuniting with our One Self, or True Nature.

Balancing Your Head -- Getting It Centered on Your Shoulders

yogaTrue Alisandre
This simple 1 - 2 minute exercise will noticeably enliven you, and greatly reduce the strain and pain you habitually carry in your upper body.

All About Vedic Astrology

ascension crystals and gemstonesPandit Pravinji
Vedic astrology is a spiritual science that derives knowledge from the study of the microcosm and the macrocosm.

The Universal Mantra: Ba’ba Na’m Keva’lam

ascension practicesTrue Alisandre
Chanting this spiritually charged mantra, infused with the vibrations of countless spiritual teachers over many lifetimes, charges one's aura with the energy of Unity Consciousness.