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Pandit Pravinji
1205 Oak Haven Way
Antioch, California 94531
(925) 757-3816

Email: pravinji@sbcglobal.net

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Pravinji is a Pandit and performs various rituals. He has been awarded the degree of Jyotish Kovid in Vedic Astrology. A native of Bombay, India, Pandit Pravinji has been practicing the path of Vedic astrology in India and America for 35 years. He learned this sacred science by divine grace and has received blessings from well known Vedic astrologers and saints. Pravinji has written articles on Vedic astrology and spirituality, and has taught classes at the International Symposium on Vedic Astrology.

In Vedic astrology, the horoscope represents the karmic map. The astrologer must be very sensitive and intuitive in interpreting it, and discreet and graceful in communicating about the areas of concern. To this end, Pravinji performs regular spiritual practices to receive“divine light” through meditation.

Pravinji has done much to educate Americans about Ayurveda, the Indian science of healthful living and longevity. Pravinji utilizes his deep knowledge of the sister sciences of Jyotish and Ayurveda to prescribe mantras, gems, herbs, lifestyle, dietary and spiritual practices to help minimize the negative influences of planets and planetary transits.

Pravinji also performs and explains the inner meanings of various Vedic rituals upon special request. For those interested in deep study of Vedic ceremony and ritual Pravinji teaches agnihotra (fire ceremony for purification).

Astrological Services

Life Reading - $150

Interpretation of the birth chart includes guidance on important emotional, spiritual, and financial issues arising throughout life.

Yearly Updates (Varshaphala) - $150

Analysis of celestial factors likely to be influential over the next 12 months provides help in making decisions.

Relationship Analysis - $200

Useful for people considering marriage or business partnerships. Analysis of planetary factors that affect compatibility between two people. Guidance on aspects of the relationship that need special care and attention.

Spiritual Readings - $150

Each person has a unique spiritual path. Based on the positions of planets in the chart, guidance is given to strengthen spirituality and select a personally appropriate deity.

Astrology for Health - $125

This analysis of the birth chart is focused on psychophysical predispositions. Guidance is provided on diet, herbs, lifestyle, and mantras for a healthy life.

Auspicious Timing for Actions (Muhurta) - $75

The success of a major step in life depends upon right timing. Selecting an auspicious date and time for marriage, for purchase of a new house or vehicle, for starting a business venture or other project, etc. maximizes chances for success.

Auspicious Rituals - price varies

Upon request, Vedic rituals are prescribed and performed for overcoming adverse situations foreseen in the birth chart. Ceremonies are also performed for life’s passages: invocation of blessings, homa yagna (fire ceremony), marriage ceremony, various pujas for improving planetary influences, and new beginnings (for example, moving into a new house, opening a business, birth of a baby, etc.).

Religious Ceremonies

Pravinji and his family - wife Jashu and son Umesh -can perform these ceremonies on your behalf in their place of worship. Contact him for an estimate.


Navagraha Puja-Worship of the Nine Planets to remove negative influences.


Planetary Puja-Worship of a single planet for mitigating adverse affects.


Gem Empowerment Puja-Gems are often prescribed to aid in mitigating negative influences of a particular planet in your birth chart. Once obtained and set in a ring, a gem’s effects can be greatly potentiated through a gem-empowerment puja.


Kalasarpa Puja-Some astrological charts are strongly influenced by the North and South Nodes of the Moon. This condition is generally considered to be adverse, but can be relieved through a kalasarpa puja.


Vedic Wedding Ceremony-Pravinji performs marriages according to the 5000-year old Vedic tradition, with English narration.


Satyanarayana Puja-This is a general ceremony to improve your peace, happiness, and harmony.


Homa Yagna-Ancient fire ceremonies of varying duration and complexity are dedicated to Gayatri-Ganesh, Guru, Chandi and others for prosperity, health, peace of mind, success in projects and relationships, spiritual advancement, and other purposes.


Vastu Shanti Puja-This two-day ceremony greatly improves the energetic conditions in your home.


Vastu Shastra Consultation-Advice on the layout of your home or office according to the Vedic science of vastu shastra (Indian feng shui).

“My wife and I both felt you understood us more than any Western astrologer we have known, and that your advice to us concerning ceremonies, jewels and diet that could benefit us was incredibly astute. Your beautiful practice, combining Vedic astrological insights with Vedic ceremony, gave us deep insight into our strengths and weaknesses and tools to improve our lives at the same time” 

- Curtis Lang, Reiki Master and Editor, SatyaCenter.com, Boca Raton, Florida

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