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The International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) has conducted a survey of “America’s Best Hospitals” to determine the extent that Reiki is used at the world’s finest and most progressive hospitals and what kinds of programs if any, formal or informal, are in place.

Reiki is an ancient healing art practiced in great numbers all over the world. It has gained great recognition in the last few years as an effective integrative medical tool and is being utilized at many of the top hospitals in the US with great success.

Many nurses, physicians and outside practitioners provide Reiki services to enhance patient care. The survey results provide statistical data on Reiki’s current use.

IARP will be repeating this study every two to three years to determine the change in the use of Reiki, using the 2002 study as a benchmark.

The hospitals included in the study are among the most highly regarded, recognized and progressive in the U.S. We wanted to find out, first of all, if Reiki is used at these hospitals, what kind of programs are offered, perceptions of and experience with Reiki at these hospitals, who paid for Reiki services if they were offered, and any other pertinent information or comments regarding the use of Reiki.

We encouraged all hospitals to participate even if they did not have any Reiki programs at all in place at their hospital so we could get an accurate picture of the overall use of Reiki in hospitals.  

What we found was: 60% of the respondents have Reiki programs, formal or informal, in place. We define a Reiki program as:

* Outside Reiki Professionals providing services at a hospital on a regularly scheduled basis

* Outside Reiki Professionals providing services at a hospital on an on-call or an as-needed basis

* Hospital Staff trained in Reiki providing Reiki as an adjunct or complementary therapy

* Outside Reiki Professionals or Hospital Staff providing Reiki on a volunteer or donation basis at intervals or on a request basis

Of the hospitals that do not have Reiki programs currently in place, 50% are open to offering Reiki in the future.

This is very significant. As little as five years ago, it was very unusual to find Reiki programs in hospitals, much less this accepted and widespread. We as an organization have worked very hard to get to this point. Reiki has come a long way and we applaud the most progressive hospitals for investigating and trying Reiki -- and realizing the ongoing benefits.

Hospitals today recognize the advantages of utilizing a spectrum of beneficial modalities to enhance healing and the quality of patient care.   Several of the top hospitals added that they highly recommend that other hospitals get involved to include Reiki as an offering to patients.

Patricia Reilly, RN, MSN, Program Manager for Integrative Care at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA has ranked Reiki as highly beneficial for both patient and hospital. Ms. Reilly also added that “From my experience, patients really appreciate and enjoy the treatments.” Based on her experience with Reiki in the program, she highly recommends that other hospitals offer Reiki to their patients.  

Of the hospitals that offer Reiki, just about all said that they believe Reiki to be at least somewhat beneficial for patients. 67% of hospitals that offer Reiki went above and beyond that to say that they believe Reiki to be highly beneficial for patients.

In just about all of the hospitals that offer Reiki, with the exception of special programs, (i.e. studies involving Reiki), patients pay out-of-pocket for Reiki services. Reiki is usually performed by outside Reiki Professionals or hospital staff (Nurses and other professionals) who are trained in Reiki. Some hospitals also utilize Reiki Professionals who may volunteer sessions in certain departments.

Due to the warm response of these progressive hospitals, we envision the growth of Reiki in hospitals to continue to expand in the next few years as more hospitals see the benefits of the modality for their patients, and as more patients request Reiki to complement and enhance their medical treatments as well as to contribute to and enhance their overall hospital stay experience.

We thank the medical community for warmly embracing Reiki and for offering this beneficial modality to their patients.

1- Top 25 Hospitals as ranked by U.S. News and World Report, "America's Best Hospitals", 2002, Honor Roll andIndividual Specialties.

All current IARP members in good standing are granted permission to photocopy this Executive Summary for personal use inclient packets and in presentation packets to hospitals, hospice and other medical settings.

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