America's Racist Legacy: Pluto Transits in the American Natal Chart and the Black Lives Matter Movement

America's Racist Legacy: Pluto Transits in the American Natal Chart and the Black Lives Matter Movement

global pandemicMalvin Artley
Plutonic influences in America's natal chart shaping our society and today's Black Lives Matter Movement

Drug Cartels, Managed Violence and the Russian 9/11, Part 3

9-11Peter Dale Scott
What are the connections between 9/11, the US Government's Narco-Trafficker Allies in Afghanistan, CIA Related Russian Companies Affiliated with Neil Bush, Muslim Terrorists and International Arms Dealer Adnan Khashoggi?

9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics

9-11Peter Dale Scott
The unthinkable — that elements inside the state would conspire with criminals to kill innocent civilians — has become not only thinkable but commonplace in the last century. Is the American "deep state" somehow implicated with al-Qaeda in the atrocity of 9/11?

The Libyan War, American Power and the Decline of the Petrodollar System

9-11Peter Dale Scott
If only to stabilize and reduce oil prices, it is in America’s best interest now to join with Ban Ki-Moon and the Pope in pressing for an immediate cease-fire in Libya. Negotiating a cease-fire will certainly present problems, but the probable alternative to ending this conflict is the nightmare of watching it inexorably escalate.

The Doomsday Project: Creating a State of Perpetual Emergency

9-11Peter Dale Scott
For the last 30 years the Federal government has implemented "The Doomsday Project": secret plans to suspend civil liberties in a state of emergency in America. 9/11 triggered the formation of a "shadow government" utilizing elements of these "emergency plans". The agenda? Erosion of civil liberties, suspension of constitutional protections, militarization of local police, and creation of a "soft" surveillance state where citizens live in a state of Perpetual Emergency and War Everlasting.

The Road to 9/11

9-11Peter Dale Scott
How covert US Asian operations financed by heroin trafficking empowered radical Islam. How big oil entangled America in unsavory alliances to control Asian pipelines. How it all led to 9/11. Discover the role of the CIA, Big Oil and the Shadow Government.

The Occupy Uprising: An Astrological Perspective

astrological forecastsBill Herbst
My intention is to illuminate Occupy through the lens of astrology, primarily by giving it a context in time. What is the meaning and the role of the Occupy uprising in this most amazing of periods in our history, specifically over the decade to come? What does it represent in the overall scheme of what is unfolding and might come to pass?

Toward an Activist Sprituality

The integration of magic and activism sometimes means bringing magic into an action -- doing a spiral dance in the midst of the tear gas of Quebec City, or in Grand Central station surrounded by riot cops. It might mean starting our strategic planning with a trance or a Tarot reading, or invoking Water as we work against the privatization of water resources.

A New Revolution-Lilipoh Interviews Nicanor Perlas

crisis of human civilizationNicanor Perlas
Today, with the increasing dominance of global economic systems and a few superpowers, both supported by propaganda masquerading as mass media, a revolution can occur without the usual external appearance of a state takeover.

Follow the Money

US politicsCurtis Lang
Eliot Spitzer’s insurance probe promises to shake up business as usual in the $1 trillion industry -- and in Albany, where campaign finance reform may be the only solution to the problem.

Drug Cartels, Managed Violence and the Russian 9/11, Part 2

9-11Peter Dale Scott
It would appear that Davidovich and Kosman were in Khashoggi's villa to talk about more than just Chechnya. It seems likely that a drug-route was discussed involving Abkhazia, which has become a key heroin transiting point.

Shady Customers: How S&L Suspects Profit From the Crisis

global financial crisisCurtis Lang
The same unscrupulous real estate developers and high-flying financiers who built low-quality, see-through office buildings and unneeded condos across the country are now poised to buy foreclosed properties from the government at fire-sale prices.