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To contact Rebecca or schedule an appointment for diet consultation, check out her beautifully redesigned website.

Rebecca writes, "Since childhood when I entered buttermilk biscuits at the state fair I've been fascinated by nurture, and it has become a lifelong passion. Some of my readers who have cooked along with me for over three decades are well aware that my diet, and therefore the diet I recommend, has evolved.

A diagnosis of advanced, third stage cancer in 1989 caused me to make some dietary changes. I was able to reverse the cancer using natural methods, but also by adding meat back to my diet and by reducing my carbohydrate consumption. Whether you're vegetarianor not, it's important to determine and implement the diet thatworks for you.

The core of my advice since my earliest cooking articles and classes remains the same. Let yourself feast upon delicious and freshly prepared foods. Favor sustainably grown, seasonal, regional and whole foods. And, using the energetic and medicinal properties of foods, skillfully adapt your diet to your specific needs. May this information serve you well and may we all be well nourished."

Rebecca may be reached for kitchen coaching to:

*Put real meals on the table even when there's no time to cook
*Gain two secrets to increase well being and energy
*Identify and resolve food cravings or sensitivities
*Determine best kitchen set up and equipment

Check Rebecca's website to schedule an appointment for diet consultation for yourself or your family, send Rebecca an email
. Or check the website for more information, articles, recipes and books. Each month new recipes and articles are posted. Or subscribe to her newsletter to read new articles each month.

Read at Satya Center, what Rebecca did to cure herself of cancer.

(Most of the information here is from Rebecca's website, with her permission. Jane Sherry, Founder of Satya Center says, "Rebecca has been one of my most trusted nutrition resources. I consult her Encyclopedia of Whole Foods regularly and offered it for the Roxbury Farm CSA members, when the pickup site was in our garage. It allowed people to become familiar with new & unfamiliar vegetables the farm was offering in the weekly share, explaining not only the nutrition information about those foods, but also offering ways to enjoy them with advice on various cooking methods. I had the honor to experience Rebecca's warm and nurturing approach to cooking firsthand in one of her workshops several years ago, and consider her one of our national treasures.")

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