Sauerkraut and Fermented Vegetables

Sauerkraut and Fermented Vegetables

foods for healingBetsy Cashen, RD
Here is a time tested recipe for natural lacto-fermentation of vegetables, the classic cabbage saurkraut, carrots & beets.

Our Collapsing Food System -- And How to Fix It

biodynamic farming and gardeningCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
The global agricultural-industrial complex is destroying the environment, exploiting farmers around the world, and delivering low-quality, high-cost food to unwary consumers. But a host of alternatives are springing up to provide nutritious food from sustainable farm communities.

Weeds in Your Garden? - That's Dinner, Darling!

foods for healingSusun Weed
I always say the gardener's best revenge is to eat the weeds. I've been doing it for thirty years and can testify that my health and the health of my garden has never been better. Here are a few hints for gardeners who'd rather eat their weeds than hate them (and for non-gardeners who are adventurous enough to try out nature's bounty)

Steamed Quinoa

foods for healingRebecca Wood
All you need to know about cooking quinoa, a most nutritious whole grain with ease.

Foods that Counter Stress

foods for healingRebecca Wood
Counter stress in your lives simply by following this wonderful nutrition advice from Rebecca Wood.

Gemini Foods

astrological forecastsJonathan Pearl
Gemini is an air sign. This is the month for brain food, scintillating conversation and grazing on spring farm produce and fresh, airy breads right out of the oven.

Aries Foods

astrological forecastsJonathan Pearl
If you shop in farmers markets, you know it is spring. Baby carrots, fresh onions, new leeks, green garlic, the first fava beans and asparagus all remind us that new life is bursting out of the ground.

Pisces Foods

foods for healingJonathan Pearl
As the Sun moves through Pisces and approaches the spring equinox, we'll naturally know it is time to clean up. Don't wait for spring to spring clean; the best time is now. This applies to our homes and our bodies.

Dandelion Greens

foods for healingRebecca Wood
Ahh, spring aromas wafting up from the warming earth. How I love foraging. In addition to the anticipation of the upcoming feast, there’s the thrill of the find, the pleasure of piling a basket with freely given gifts and a feeling of inter-relatedness that being outdoors engenders. Indeed, foraging is humankind’s oldest profession.

Herbal Vinegars

foods for healingSusun Weed
A pantry full of herbal vinegars is a constant delight. Preserving fresh herbs and roots in vinegar is an easy way to capture their nourishing goodness. It's easy too.You don't even have to have an herb garden.

Grape Compote

foods for healingRebecca Wood
This sweet yet savory compote is high in invaluable antioxidants and therefore exceptionally healthful. But first things first, it tastes delicious and is quick and easy to make. Purple or red grapes will yield a stellar purple or red color.

Daikon-Carrot Condiment

foods for healingRebecca Wood
Have you ever wondered about the dab of juicy, grated white stuff that's served with tempura and sushi? It's grated daikon. Because this pearly white radish aids digestion it often appears with these dishes. Daikon also is a venerable weight loss remedy in Asia.