Full Moon in Scorpio April 2013 Cosmic Weather Forecast

age of aquariusCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
Our challenge this Full Moon Festival is to overcome fear, take courageous risks to advance the onset of the Forces of Light and Love, patiently endure the frustrations of a time when oppositions create a kind of Cosmic gridlock in the stars, and meditate deeply upon matters of human death and transformation. This can lead to empowerment.

Full Moon in Leo, Aquarius Solar Festival 2016

astrological forecastsCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
It's a best of times, worst of times Full Moon. The Neptune-Uranus square will dominate the Cosmic Weather patterns of 2016, so immense discernment is required to avoid being manipulated or simply making uninformed choices that will be detrimental to us and all those with whom we are related.

Full Moon Eclipse in Libra, Aries Solar Festival 2016

archangel raphaelCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
This month’s Cosmic Weather patterns are dominated by a long-standing mutable T-square which is entering its three month peak March 23, and persisting through June 29, 2016. Celebrate Easter, Spring Equinox and Holi by joining us in meditations outlined in this newsletter.
Summer Solstice Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, Gemini Solar Festival 2016

Summer Solstice Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius, Gemini Solar Festival 2016

age of aquariusCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
The now-infamous Grand Mutable Cross forms and re-forms this month, perfecting this Sunday, June 19, and regressing into a potent T-Square on June 25. There is a fog of confusion, paranoia, anger, recrimination, and ego-inflation blanketing the collective consciousness. We are in the no-man’s land between one age and another. The way forward is uncharted. There are no gps systems that provide co-ordinates for the unfolding new world that will emerge in the new age to come. If anyone approaches you with a treasure map or some other deal that seems too good to be true, rest assured, it is!

Archangel Michael Hooks & Cords Meditation

archangel michaelCurtis Lang
This meditation is designed to enable us to extricate ourselves from toxic relationships that drain us of our energy and generate negative emotional dramas in our lives that prevent us from experiencing love, wisdom, light and joy.
Traveling Between Two Worlds

Traveling Between Two Worlds

ascended mastersCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
We are now being given the opportunity to achieve greater awareness through self-transformation. The Universe is gently bringing us face to face with our control issues, our fears, our anger, and our other "sore spots" so we can relinquish our identification with these bad habits, which are not part of our essential nature in any way.

July 2015 Leo Solar Festival, Aquarius Blue Moon Cosmic Weather Forecast

archangel michaelCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
This week’s starscape offers tremendous support for all efforts designed to strengthen our self-esteem, to bolster our healthy feelings of Self-love, and to confront and release recurring patterns of failed relationships that have caused us pain and suffering time and time again in our lives.

Gemini Full Moon, Sagittarius Solar Festival, Winter Solstice, Hanukkah and Christmas 2014

archangel raphaelCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
This Mercurial Full Moon in Gemini will be in a harmonious trine to Mars, which entered the Air sign of Aquarius on December 4, 2014, and the combination should create a powerful vortex of transpersonal mental activity that will sharpen the intellectual faculties, provide easier access to Higher Mind, and spark a strong increase in spontaneous sharing, amplifying Holiday feelings of community.

Taurus Full Moon, Scorpio Solar Festival 2014 Cosmic Weather Forecast

divine loversCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
The Full Moon in Taurus is traditionally a lovers’ moon, perfect for romance, which combines the emotional, sexy watery nature of Scorpio with the earthy sensuality of Taurus.

Gemini Full Moon, Winter Solstice, & Christmas 2013 Cosmic Weather Forecast

archangel gabrielCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
This Christmas season is full of challenging astrological aspects that have provoked a chorus of dismay from astrologers around the world, and we here at Satya Center are providing our readers with a treasure trove of Wisdom teachings and Solstice and Christmas meditations to help you cope with the Cosmic cross-currents we are encountering in every area of life!

Libra Solar Festival, Aries Penumbral Eclipse Full Moon 2013 Cosmic Weather Forecast

age of aquariusCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
We can expect that this Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse in the Cardinal sign of Aries will pump up the tense, conflicted energy that is being unleashed by the recurring Grand Cardinal Cross. However there are also several potent Trine aspects that indicate ease and grace, and promise that if we make an effort to connect with our spiritual guidance we will find we have all we need to navigate through the economic, political and environmental crises unfolding simultaneously on Planet Earth today.

August 2012 Aquarius Full Moon Lammas Cosmic Weather Forecast: Increasing Global Tensions with Intervals of Inspired Meditation

crisis of human civilizationCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
Our task as a species is to become increasingly aware of our part in the web of life on Earth so that we can become conscious co-creators of a new Anthropocene civilization that will reverse human-created global warming, and invent sustainable human societies that live in harmony and balance with the Earth. This is a good week to meditate upon this epochal transition and how we can do our part to usher in the new.