Blue Moon Forecast: Turbulence and Healing Ahead!

Leo Solar Festival, Aquarius July 2015 Blue Moon Cosmic Weather Forecast

Full MoonWelcome to Satya Center’s Leo Solar Festival, Aquarius July 2015 Full Blue Moon Cosmic Weather Forecast, brought to you by your Editors, Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry. 

Cosmic Weather Forecast 

The Full Blue Moon in Aquarius, opposite the Sun in Leo, occurs at 3:43 am Pacific Daylight Time, Friday July 31, and because this is the second Full Moon this month, it is called a Blue Moon.

The Full Moon at 7° 56' Aquarius is opposed by the Sun at 7° 56' Leo, along with Mercury, Jupiter and retrograde Venus, all also in the sign of the Lion King.

Activation of the Leo-Aquarius axis is all about reclaiming our own status as Divinely inspired beings and balancing the often conflicting claims of self and others.

The Cosmic Weather Forecast for this next lunar cycle calls for unpredictable recurring periods of dissatisfaction within long-standing relationships, eruptions of negative emotions connected to ancient karmic patterns of behavior, and heart-wrenching tensions arising from a fundamental disconnect between our most heart-felt dreams and our perceived ability to manifest our deepest desires.

This week’s starscape also offers tremendous support for all efforts designed to strengthen our self-esteem, to bolster our healthy feelings of Self-love, and to confront and release recurring patterns of failed relationships that have caused us pain and suffering time and time again in our lives.

Sooo, another difficult month with potential for major upheavals in our private lives -- and in global affairs. But a fantastic month for inner spiritual work and therapy designed to enhance our feelings of self-love and uncover long-ignored deep-seated karmic issues bedeviling us and our close relationships. It’s another opportunity to release toxic emotions related to low self-esteem, failed relations, and the blocks we put in our own path to achieving the overflowing love in our lives that we all so dearly desire.

Mars in Cancer square Uranus in Aries is no longer exact but will still be felt as impatience and irritability. To help counterbalance this combustible influence, Saturn is in a harmonious trine to Mars in Cancer, which indicates that the Cosmic taskmaster can help facilitate emotional healing, should we choose to accept the hard work of engaging with our wounds on a deep energetic level. 

What is Power by Jane Sherry

In addition, retrograde Saturn in Scorpio is in a square with the Moon and the entire stellium of planets in Leo, creating a T-square in Fixed Signs, so all those with birth-signs in Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus will find that these challenging aspects affect them more directly than most others.

Jupiter in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio will continue to create difficulties for all of us for the next six months, indicating that our unharmonious relationships may well reach levels of discord sufficiently upsetting to trigger either a break or a commitment to serious therapy of some kind.

Squares and T-squares in fixed signs indicate emotional high watermarks in life, along with the unexpected surfacing of long-repressed or suppressed negative emotions, especially negative emotions connected with our close relationships, past, present and future.

Better to work to release these negative emotions than to wallow in them,  because we may be surprised by the depth and intensity of these feelings.

from History Lesson by Jane Sherry

In a month or a few we will no doubt look back on this Full Moon as a time of melodramatic self-involvement with emotional issues we had thought we long ago resolved. But the fact is that the emotions surfacing at this time provide us with a golden opportunity for accelerated spiritual advancement. 

If we can view these toxic emotions with clarity, we may find they are connected to recurring patterns of unhappy or negative love and family relationships, which are grounded in karma accumulated in this life and previous lives. 

Such emotional toxins and persistent karmic issues indicate the need for self-love, forgiveness and the healing that comes from gentle, controlled release of wounds accumulated in the past.

The antidote to feeling unloved, under-appreciated or unable to find satisfaction in our lives and our relationships is enhanced communication with our significant others, playful engagement with our loved ones, attention to our own needs and a healthy affirmation of self-love.

Archangel Michael

Jane and I have put together a series of Five Minute Meditations on Self-Love and we recommend you try one out this Blue Full Moon weekend.

In addition, Jane and I would like to share a guided visualization meditation we have given to our Reiki students in the past, and used with a large number of Reiki and crystal healing clients over the years.

It is The Michael Meditation for Releasing Hooks and Cords. 

This weekend or anytime during the next lunar cycle would be a great time to perform the Michael Meditation to free yourself from the “ties that bind you” in relationships, while opening up a healing space for everyone involved. 

May Michael be your Defender and your Liberator from this day forward!

Jane and I affirm that you and your loved ones are blessed to receive the grace and guidance you most require to meet your loftiest spiritual and material goals.

Full Moon over Claverack, NY by Jane Sherry

Meditation Moment



"Inside this new love, die.


Your way begins on the other side.

Become the sky.


Take an axe to the prison wall.



Walk out like someone suddenly born into color.

Do it now.


You're covered with thick clouds.

Slide out the side. Die,


and be quiet. Quietness is the surest sign

that you've died.


Your old life was a frantic running

from silence.

The speechless full moon

comes out now."


-- Rumi 

Picture Credits: "What is Power" and "How to Avoid Emotional Outbursts" from History Lesson by Jane Sherry, Archangel Michael by Guido Reni, Photos of Full Moons both by Jane Sherry, 
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