Gemini Full Moon, Winter Solstice, & Christmas 2013 Cosmic Weather Forecast

archangel gabrielCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
This Christmas season is full of challenging astrological aspects that have provoked a chorus of dismay from astrologers around the world, and we here at Satya Center are providing our readers with a treasure trove of Wisdom teachings and Solstice and Christmas meditations to help you cope with the Cosmic cross-currents we are encountering in every area of life!

Libra Solar Festival, Aries Penumbral Eclipse Full Moon 2013 Cosmic Weather Forecast

age of aquariusCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
We can expect that this Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse in the Cardinal sign of Aries will pump up the tense, conflicted energy that is being unleashed by the recurring Grand Cardinal Cross. However there are also several potent Trine aspects that indicate ease and grace, and promise that if we make an effort to connect with our spiritual guidance we will find we have all we need to navigate through the economic, political and environmental crises unfolding simultaneously on Planet Earth today.

June 2012 Cosmic Weather Forecast Part 2: Uranus-Pluto Global Financial Meltdown Part Deux

global financial crisisCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
Europe is melting down. The top ten industrialized debtor nations owe $70 trillion. There are $700 trillion in derivative debt instruments resting upon that $70 trillion in debt. So if these countries’ debts begin to default and financial markets and banks lose confidence in the ability of counter-parties to make good on the $700 trillion in extremely complicated wagers and counter-wagers they have made to one another it’s game over!

June 2012 Cosmic Weather Forecast Part I: Stellar Fireworks Display!

age of aquariusCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
This month the sky is filled with signs and portents of earth-shaking change, some hopeful, some ominous, and the energy streaming in to us from the Cosmos is so powerful that our very physical vessels are challenged to maintain equilibrium. The task of humanity is to step forward into the Light with courage. The courageous are not necessarily fearless at all. The courageous are those who follow their Higher Purpose despite their fear!

June 2012 Cosmic Weather Forecast Part 3: Ongoing Global Radiation Risks From the Fukushima Crisis

astrological forecastsCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
There is a 90% chance of a large earthquake in the minimum three years required to remove just the most unstable part of the fuel load at Fukushima Daiichi. The probability of a large earthquake in the 10+ years required to completely defuel the plant is virtually 100%. If a big earthquake happens before that fuel contained there will be global environmental catastrophe with many deaths.

August 2011 Cosmic Weather Forecast & Global News Roundup

ascension practicesCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
This Aquarius Full Moon we see that it is only through the Aquarian virtues of respect for others and selfless service for the good of the Whole that we will be able to restore the Balance that is required to serve as a Foundation for the creation of a new set of social, political, economic and spiritual relations for suffering Humanity.

July 2011 Cosmic Weather Forecast: Full Moon in Cancer Meets the Grand Cardinal Cross

astrological forecastsCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
We all need a break from the Long Emergency. We are in a marathon run, not a sprint. Nothing less than a superhuman commitment to peace, diplomacy, selfless service, magic and wild joy will see us through to the other side of this epochal transformation of human civilization.

April 2011 Libra Full Moon Cosmic Weather Forecast -- Happy Easter and Passover!

age of aquariusCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
Feeling stressed? You're not alone. The Sun, Uranus, Mars, Mercury retrograde and Jupiter are all in Aries, opposed by the Moon and Saturn retrograde in Libra. All these planets are part of a T-Square formation which features Pluto retrograde in Capricorn as the linchpin. On the plus side, the Full Moon trines Neptune in Pisces and Chiron, providing a highly charged spiritual current of healing and inner transformation, which is quite likely to manifest as a stream of meaningful synchronistic events that act as guideposts for us during this time of stress, when we most lack clarity. These synchronicities will open up new doorways for us, providing us with golden opportunities for accelerated spiritual advancement.

Full Moon in Pisces, 2010 August Cosmic Weather Forecast

age of aquariusCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
This Full Moon in Pisces humanity ascends the cross of transformation. The challenge for us all, individually and collectively, is to leave behind our everyday concerns, our mental maps of the world, and our typical emotional reactions to stress and conflict, and to allow Spirit to open our hearts and connect us with Higher Mind. The path is one of suffering and the destination is a place where suffering is no more.

July Full Moon in Aquarius 2010 Cosmic Weather Forecast

astrological forecastsCurtis Lang
This is a weekend to celebrate our own unique individuality, and to honor our own deepest heartfelt impulses and intuitive spiritual guidance. It's time everyone on Earth began to trust their own heart and their own Higher Self rather than what they see or hear on TV, radio, Internet or newspapers. That's the first step toward global transformation, after all.

September 2009 Cosmic Weather Forecast

astrological forecastsCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
We as a culture have consigned the ancient wisdom teachings to a museum of the mind as if they were an ancient sword, an obsolete weapon. Now is the time to seize the ancient sword in our own hands, using it to disperse the demons of fear, anger, doubt and uncertainty that beset us.

Full Blood Moon Eclipse in Aries 2014

astrological forecastsCurtis Lang with Jane Sherry
There is a very positive Grand Fire Trine this week to counterbalance the energies of the Cardinal T-Square occurring at this Full Moon. The Grand Fire Trine creates an atmosphere of self-confidence and optimism that is essential to taking the dramatic actions required to offset the difficulties manifested in synchronicity with the Cardinal T-Square, which tend to persist over long periods of time through intransigent conflicts, political gridlock and general indecision.