The keynote for this month: Think differently!

It’s a New Year, and while winter reigns in the northern hemisphere, we traditionally take some time to look ahead at major cosmic weather patterns that will be impacting all of us over the next year or two.

Change is the keynote for 2013 and beyond! Change is happening, ready or not! And change is hard work. 

After several years of global depression, ongoing wars, ramped-up environmental crises, and social unrest throughout the world, we are all ready for a break, for some R&R, for some positive change in our world.

Lightworkers, friends and family are feeling burned out, depressed, somewhat angry, frustrated and fragile. That’s par for the course!

The end of the Maya calendar, the re-election of Barack Obama, and Washington’s ability to avoid the worst outcome of the “fiscal cliff” crisis has created an undercurrent of optimism and a feeling that perhaps we can muddle through with our current way of life, our current lifestyles, and our current economic and political system. 

Yet we all know that our current lifestyles are not sustainable.

Over the last several years, especially since the Global Financial Meltdown at Year-End 2007, climate change has been embedded in the collective consciousness as the major factor shaping our future. 

On the heels of Hurricane Katrina, we had Super-Storm Sandy, the multi-year US drought, massive floods in Pakistan, and extreme weather in Europe, South Asia, and Russia helped millions make the connection between climate change and our personal lives. Our major cities around the world are located on the sea-coasts or on major rivers, or both. They are all vulnerable to rising tides and Super-Storms if recent weather patterns are the new normal.

SuperStorm Sandy, courtesy of NASA

As mass awareness of global climate change increased, there was a demand for living more lightly on the Earth, for ending our consumer culture of over-consumption, and for learning to live better with less stuff. But now everyone wants to see a return to “growth”, a new economic boom, in short, a return to the status quo.

The global downturn certainly has reduced human energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from levels that would have been reached during an economic boom, but the overall trend is still for vastly increased consumption of fossil fuels, vastly increased emissions, and for vast environmental damage as giant corporations seek new energy sources using technologies like fracking, increased offshore and Arctic drilling, and vast international pipelines for natural gas and other hydrocarbons that cause significant environmental degradation.

In fact, scientists now say that their gloomy forecasts of a few years ago were totally over-optimistic and that we can look forward to massive sea-levels rising world-wide, desertification of the American Mid-West and Southwest, global food shortages, and more.

Our spiritual Guides are telling us that now is the time for us to think differently! 

 This is their message to us: “Let go of your habitual views. Each human being develops a comprehensive and detailed view of the world, and of their own place in it, as they grow and develop, so that by the time they become adults, there is a tendency to force facts to fit that view.”

As an example, the other day Jane and I were watching the TV show Sherlock on CBS, and I suddenly observed myself making a series of comments about the political, social, economic sub-text of the plot, characterization and dramatic themes of the show. I realized that I create this ongoing narrative about everything I see on TV, every movie I watch, which tends to draw upon my decades of experience as a political and financial journalist. In other words, I don’t experience the shows I see fully, I am invested in automatically expending energy and thought to fit the pictures I see into my story about the way the world works. There are a million other ways to view Sherlock, focusing on the relationships between the characters, the artistry of the cameraman, and so forth. But I am not seeing these other views, I am locked into my own little view. I suddenly understood what the Guides meant.

Our Guides also said: “There is so much more to reality than you know. There is so much more to come in your lifetime than you can imagine! So many adventures for you and Jane and for humanity as a whole. Let go of your habitual views of the world. Let go of your habitual life-strategies. Wherever you face decisions or new developments in life let go of your business-as-usual response, and then you can receive the Spiritual Guidance that is available to you. It is not enough to do spiritual practices and connect with Higher Mind, angelic beings, or exalted Masters if your mind is closed. Simply know that you can now let go of your long-established ways of doing and being and relating in the world, and you will notice that a huge space opens up within your consciousness -- a space which is available to receive the inspiration, the vision, and the information you will need to discover the amazing gifts Spirit will bring to you this year and in the conflicted,  transformative years to come!”

Occupy the Present: Bryan Helfrich edited by VolodyA! V AnarhistThis Leo Full Moon Aquarius Solar Festival is the ideal time to ask Spirit to release you from your habitual patterns of thought and old ways of being. Aquarius is the sign of innovative thinking, group work and humanitarianism, so this is the time to overcome all self-imposed limitations and faulty mental maps of the world. 

Meditate this Full Moon upon whatever problems in your life are of most concern to you, and observe your own mental reactions to the awareness of these concerns. Meditate this Full Moon upon the vast social issues and problems facing humanity, and observe your reactions to the awareness of these concerns.

Notice your responses and how they are connected to your habits of mind, and your typical emotional responses. Then ask Spirit and your Guides and Teachers, and the Angels with whom you are connected to release you from bondage to these reactive mental and emotional formations.

Ask that you be filled with the Aquarian inspiration that invents the world anew moment by moment, day by day, year by year, Age by Age, and accept the great gifts that the Spiritual Hierarchy are ready now to bestow upon us all during this time of global trial, conflict, promise and fear.

Grand Cardinal Cross Years of the Early 21st Century

You don’t have to be an astrologer to sense the conflicted energy patterns that currently dominate the collective consciousness of humanity, but astrologers have certainly devoted uncounted hours to analyzing these Cosmic Weather patterns, which are visible in the stars. 

The most potent of these energy patterns are synchronized with the movements of the outer planets, which tend to impact entire generations of human beings for better or worse.

As longtime readers of this newsletter are well aware, various permutations of extremely potent and challenging outer planet patterns began to emerge in the Celestial Landscape around the time of the Global Financial Meltdown at year-end 2007, signaling the approaching end of the globalized neo-liberal Utopian laissez-faire capitalist system, the end of the current Industrial Age, underpinned by abundant and cheap Fossil Fuels, and the end of humanity’s reckless disregard of the environmental problems that over-population and over-industrialization are creating throughout the world. 

This Cosmic Weather pattern is intensifying in 2013 and in years to come, and so we at Satya Center will keep you updated on these momentous changes as they appear on the horizon of human consciousness. For more information on these aspects, read our article on The Grand Cardinal Cross Years of the Early 21st Century.

Cardinal CrossAs the Cardinal Cross Years unfold, billions of human beings around the world are coming to realize that the entire globalized structure of human society, our economic and political institutions in particular, are no longer serving the needs of the group, but sacrificing the welfare of 99% of humanity to the greed and egotism of the 1% who control most of the world’s wealth and political power.

National political and financial systems and institutions in the 21st century are mammoth entities, inter-connected with one another in ways that even those in charge of these systems may not understand fully. 

The response of the existing ruling elites in all the major countries of the world, from the US, Europe and Japan to China, Brazil and Russia, to these emerging intertwined economic, political and environmental crises is to use police and military force to increase surveillance and control of their populations and to ramp up military readiness to be ready to confront national rivals around the world in a mad scramble for natural resources.

The rest of us are overwhelmed with feelings of powerlessness, guilt and repressed anger as we watch our leaders desperately trying to maintain the unsustainable status quo. As we see resource and religious wars spreading across the Middle East and Africa, and as we watch drought, super-storms, floods, and famine spreading throughout the world, the vast majority of human beings are opposed to the policies of the elites, yet we have been so far unable to make our viewpoint heard, unable to force the elites to make the complete transformations of these inter-locking political-economic systems that are required for humanity to transition to the new Solar Age of clean energy, resource conservation, and true democracy that represents the will of the people rather than the priorities of the elites.

We are becoming more and more aware that our civilization’s crucial systems are broken, in every nation, and also at the international level, where trans-national corporations dominate political discourse, setting the limits of political debate and constraining the options available to all political parties, so that corporate profits are maximized at the expense of the environment, human rights, and democracy itself.

So we are in a time of transition, in which we know the old ways are dying, but the new ways are being stifled in their cradle by the death-throes of the Dinosaur-like institutions that shape human civilization. For more information on the Cosmic Weather Patterns impacting the global conflict between out-of-touch elites and the rest of us read astrologer Bill Herbst’s article entitled The Ruling Elites Are Not Like You and Me.

No wonder we all feel a huge tension between the irresistible impulse for dramatic and far-reaching change in our social relations, and in our private lives, and the immovable objects we see all around us in the form of existing institutions and power relations.

This tension creates a constant feeling of self-doubt, frustration, and simmering anger that threatens to manifest in ill-considered, hasty, and/or destructive acts of all kinds on the personal, political and national levels of being. 

For more information on the spiritual implications of this time of transition, read our article Traveling Between Two Worlds.

The great challenge for Lightworkers and spiritual seekers these days is to simply clear this incredible intense conflicted energy from our bodies, minds and auras on a regular basis.

Now more than ever we need Psychic Self-Defense!

So we are sure you’ll want to read Jane’s helpful Guide to Psychic Self-Defense, which has tips on how to protect yourself from the conflicted Cosmic Weather patterns of this troubled Age of Planetary Transition, and also from the conflicted energy of the multitudes of human beings who are being negatively impacted by this Tsunami of Change. We have many years of experience in helping Reiki practitioners, health workers, corporate executives and others clear negative energies they encounter in their work, and Jane has provided a great overview of the best basic techniques we know to provide protection for mind, body and aura.

144 Sided Vogel Healing Wand, photo by Jane SherryIf you would like to learn more about how to use crystals as part of your Psychic Self-Defense Toolkit, please send an email to Curtis and Jane at We also have some advanced techniques available that we have shared with our Reiki students in the past. We love to share!

In addition to the outer world events that are re-organizing our entire global civilization, on a spiritual level, subtle energies are massively impacted by the current conflicted Cosmic Weather Pattern, which reflects a time of immense spiritual transition for human civilization.

We are in a time of transition between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. Lightworkers and disciples of every spiritual and religious tradition are currently being challenged to re-examine their entire belief systems, their spiritual practices, and the way their groups relate to the world around them in light of this tremendous civilizational re-orientation.

The Age of Pisces emphasized faith, self-sacrifice, unquestioning devotion to the Teacher and adherence to a well-defined hierarchical organization, while the Age of Aquarius is all about spiritual science, the exploration and examination of all spiritual systems, practices, and organizations. 

The Aquarian Age emphasizes the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of all humanity, and requires the spiritual aspirant to test all spiritual practices and beliefs against the yardstick of personal experience. This is another aspect of the transition from received systems of spiritual advancement based on faith and tradition and a true spiritual science.

This puts all spiritual seekers and disciples in a very difficult situation. In the coming Aquarian Age we are required to exercise intuitive discernment and to use techniques of spiritual science to validate all received teachings from our own spiritual experience.

Tradition and the authority of the Teacher are no longer sufficient Guides to our Spiritual Goals. On the other hand, we do not want to “throw out the baby with the bath water” by rejecting the ancient Wisdom traditions of the East and West that have served humanity so well for millennia. 

So spiritual aspirants must learn to rely more and more on the quiet voice of the Higher Mind whispering intuitive Truths that will help us to keep what is valuable and discard that which no longer serves humanity so well in this New Age.

The problem, of course, is that spiritual aspirants generally have only sporadic contact with that quiet voice of Higher Mind. In fact, Wisdom School traditions of the West tell us that the forging of the “antahkarana”, or the Rainbow Bridge between the egoistic personality, the rational mind, and the Higher Mind, is one of the most significant Initiations a human being can experience on planet Earth, and only a very small minority of spiritual aspirants have achieved this high goal.

So we must be humble, discerning, and diligent in our practices, concentrating in large part upon developing that Rainbow Bridge. Jane and I have found that our spiritual practices, combined with Reiki and the use of crystals and gemstones, and practicing the art of loving, have been very beneficial to us in pursuing this elevated goal.

Alchemical Marriage of Sol and LunaIn fact, our research tells us that the Wisdom Teachings of East and West have focused for millennia on strengthening the flow of Universal Life Force Energy through the mind, body and aura, relinquishing the control of the egoistic personality, strengthening the connection to Higher Mind, and thus forging the Rainbow Bridge, leading to the High Initiation that yields a constant connection to Higher Mind, Higher Self, Higher Purpose, and Higher Worlds generally. 

These practices are collectively known as “Ascension Practices” and we have written extensively about them in the first several chapters of our book Spirits of Stone: A Lightworker’s Guide to Crystals and Gemstones, available for free online, complete with color illustrations.

We hope you find it helpful and interesting. If you would like Jane and Curtis to help you select the proper crystals, gems, or pendants to serve as tools in your Ascension practices, please do email us at We are happy to hear from you!

For a Big Picture Overview of the Cosmic Weather Patterns dominating the early 21st Century, reflecting the global crisis of human civilization, read the article by astrologer Bill Herbst entitled Clarifying the Timeline of Change: 2012 and Beyond.

We are also pleased to present a new article from Bill Herbst, the foremost astrological authority on The Grand Cardinal Cross, detailing the impact of the outer planet Cosmic Weather patterns on human society and evolution during the next two crucial years of transition. Bill’s article is entitled Astrological Patterns Signal Social Transformation in 2013-2014.

“A string of Uranus-Pluto aspects and other outer planet configurations will cause global turmoil in the next two years,” Herbst contends. “Challenges apply to all corridors of massive, concentrated power and the institutions that provide support and reap the benefits. Corporations and governments around the world are vulnerable to the profound challenges of revolt (Uranus) and upheaval (Pluto).”

“The world that human beings have collectively created, a world characterized by extremes of inequality and imbalance, artificiality and fantasy, will undoubtedly be challenged from many different directions,” Herbst continues. “That’s already underway, of course, but Uranus and Pluto indicate an acceleration of those challenges.”

To read all about the major aspects triggering these challenges and what their specific implications are for human social, political and economic arrangements, click here for Bill’s complete article.

Full Moon in Leo, Aquarius Solar Festival

Full Moon courtesy of NASA

The Full Moon in Leo occurs this Saturday January 26, at 8:38 pm PST, or 11:38 EST, as we celebrate the Aquarius Solar Festival.

After several years of Cosmic Weather patterns dominated by Saturn and by the various conflicted permutations of the Grand Cardinal Cross, Jane and I have been delighted the last couple of months by the presence of the planet Jupiter in the night sky. When we walk out our back door in the evening, Jupiter is the brightest light in the sky other than the Moon, which is appropriate since we are entering a period in which Jupiter rather than Saturn sets the overall tone for human affairs.

We certainly can use the relief from the gloom and doom that have been all-to-prevalent the last few years, and Jupiter should provide some much-needed optimism and positive thinking.

The Cosmic Weather Forecast for this weekend’s Leo Full Moon Aquarius Solar Festival  epitomizes the contradictions and conflicts we have been outlining in this newsletter, which span the second decade of the 21st century in its entirety, but reach a crescendo in 2014-16.

Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Aquarius this weekend, and Trine to Jupiter in Gemini, we have a powerful Air Sign Trine that not only provides a feeling of positivity and supports the evolution of optimistic plans of all kinds, but can, in the presence of conflicting Cosmic forces, cause us to err on the side of optimistic views of our present and future plans and life-paths. 

Unfortunately, this weekend also presents us with some powerful and challenging aspects that conflict with Jupiter’s rosy assessment of our current and future realities.

Saturn in Scorpio squares the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius, prompting us to focus on the flaws in our lives, and an overly critical attitude can rob us of the benefits of Jupiterian positivity.

Once again, we are presented with the need to balance our desire for positive change with a realistic assessment of our abilities, our circumstances, and our prospects. That’s really hard because we are also under extreme pressure to make changes that will improve our lives on every level. Those changes are essential, but we need to be realistic about how these changes are implemented, at what cost, now and in the future.

Jupiter, the Guru among planets, is still laboring under a retrograde aspect, so Jupiter’s influence is muted this Full Moon, indicating that with discernment and good spiritual guidance, we can reflect upon what needs to be changed, and with Saturn’s help we can also make more realistic estimates of what resources and what personal and social transformations these much-needed changes will require. 

Be cautious, be courageous, think big, and think and speak carefully. Seek spiritual guidance this Full Moon in Aquarius, and you will be rewarded with the best that Jupiter and Saturn have to offer!

We are also pleased to offer a very insightful article by Esoteric Astrologer Malvin Artley on Aquarius Solar Festival 2013.

“This is a truly humanitarian full moon, as indicated by the sextile between the Sun and Uranus,” Malvin explains. “This is a most fortuitous and portentous full moon period, and much of great good can come from it.”

In this article, Malvin presents a mind-blowing, extremely Aquarian take on today’s political situation in America, on the role of Jupiter in forming today’s most crucial Cosmic Weather patterns, and on the collective life-forms that comprise our Solar System and our human bodies, and how the organization of these myriad lives, on the macroscopic and microscopic levels, parallel humanity’s Aquarian drive to harmonize complex, inter-connected human societies through the implementation of right human relations. 

Aquarius Pours Out Waters of Life “Aquarius transmits ‘the Light that shines on earth, across the sea’, which is a light that dispels psychic darkness and heals the ignorance that keeps us bound to samsara,” Malvin continues. “We have an analogy to this with the rays of the Sun, which dispel disease in the human system, enable life in this world and which warms the system across the sea of space.”

“Aquarius is a sign that brings liberation - as evidenced by its orthodox ruler Uranus – and expansion of consciousness, as evidenced by its esoteric ruler, Jupiter,” Malvin says. “Jupiter also helps to unite us with ‘the heavenly spheres’, or exalted realms of consciousness. In the end, Aquarius reveals the soul in each of us, and thus we become as solar beings in our own right, casting our light into the dark corners of the human psyche and thus extending the hand that pulls both ourselves and others out of the sea of samsara. All we need is rhythm.”

“All we need is Light, love and a balanced view, and all will proceed unimpeded, or at least less painfully,” counsels Malvin. “Most of all, all we need to do is to share that Light and rhythm with those around us, too, as much as they can assimilate or tolerate. Aquarius is the energy that is coming increasingly into our planet. We can embrace the new or try to hold on to the old. Either way, Aquarian energies are increasing and will be the dominant energy of our lives for centuries to come.”

“In conclusion, let the Light shine forth across the sea of our ignorance, personal and collective, and awaken us to our common heritage and divinity,” Malvin continues. “It is our birthright and what we come here to unfold, for ourselves and others. It is the Aquarian way, after all.”

“It is not going to be ‘And peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars’ overnight, but we are definitely moving in that direction,” Malvin promises. “We are talking many decades at least before we begin to see the more Aquarian ideals rule in the world as a matter of course. We can make a good start at it now, however, and lay good foundations for our children and grandchildren – and for our own future lives.”

Jane and I pray that you receive the Grace and Guidance you require to fulfill your material and spiritual goals this month, and that you be gifted with Golden Opportunities to be of maximum service in the world!

Meditation Moment

“Earth, water and air are all means of purification, and I have given you methods, exercises to do with them. But the most powerful means of purification is fire. Nothing can resist fire. The initiatic tradition therefore teaches that humans have to undergo fire for transformation to take place – not physical fire, of course, but psychic fire.

On the psychic plane there are two sorts of fire: the fire of suffering and the fire of spiritual love. All those who are very stubborn and determined to walk the path of wickedness and who can only be made to reflect and change through trials are forced to undergo the fire of suffering. Those who want to avoid that fire must work with the fire of love, which will make them luminous and radiant. And although they still have to suffer – since on earth trials are unavoidable – the fire of spiritual love will burn more brightly in them and enable them to overcome their trials. The ordinary fire of suffering enslaves men and women; the fire of spiritual love sets them free."

--Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Love and Light,

Curtis and Jane

Curtis and Jane on a MountainTop in the Adirondacks

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