Spring Stream

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Whenever I walk in the woods by water, I am always fascinated by the way light plays with our imaginations as we watch it refract and reflect in and through water. I have done a whole series of shots over the years of water and light, and this particular shot was taken behind our house when we lived in Mt. Tremper, New York in the Catskill mountains.

Living in these magical mountains, as you walk the trails over the course of the year, you can see that the quality of light changes through the seasons. Much as we observe the colors in the vegetation around us as they burst forth in spring, intensify in summer, and become burnt in autumn, so we can see the same energy transformations emerge as we observe the seasonal changes captured in the color, strength and luminosity of reflections in the water.

Summer Stream photograph is offered in a signed, limited edition of 250, printed on 8.5" x 11" archival matte paper.

Read more about my work in my artist statement, Creating Spiritual Art for the New Millenium and resume.

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