Love Partners: How To Know When Your Seven Bodies Are In Alignment

The Seven Bodies of Love

 Subtle Bodies



Physical Body

Muladhara Chakra
Red, Earth, Four Petals

Sexual compatibility, ease of being together


Incompatible sex


Vibrational Body
(also called Etheric Body)

Svadishthana Chakra
Orange, Water, Six Petals
Two Inches Below Navel


Good general sensations, non-verbal & non (gross) physical, easy to be with in silence

Always needing to talk, touch or do something together to feel close, uneasy silence


Astral Body

Manipura Chakra
Yellow, Fire, Ten Petals
Navel, Solar Plexus

Similar & pleasing dreams, fantasies, hopes & aspirations


Fantasizing & dreaming about others, lack of mutual hopes



Mental Body

Anahata Chakra
Green, Air, Twelve Petals

Similar beliefs & values

Dissimilar or opposing beliefs & values


Causal Body
(Higher Mental Body)

Vishuddha Chakra
Blue, Space, Sixteen petals

Similar religious & spiritual beliefs, thoughts in harmony, telepathy, intuition & awareness of the other (pictures or words), distance communication


Opposing religious beliefs; feelings of isolation from the other when apart & inability to know what the other is thinking


Spiritual Heart
(or Buddhic Body)

Ajna Chakra
Magenta, Spirit, Two Petals
Third Eye

Feelings of self-less love or unconditional love & tenderness, compassion for one another, being in sympathy (this is where synchronicities come from), similar responses to world environment (art, war, nature)


Conditional love, lack of compassion, unsympathetic to one another


Soul Body
(The Self that remembers Past Lives, The Self that recognizes the connection with God)

Sahasrara Chakra
Violet, Kundalini Shakti, One Thousand Petals, Crown

Déjà vu, sense of agreement of past life memories, sense of eternal life with mate, sense of eternal union (most people don’t have their soul bodies activated)


Having no sense of a soul life with the other


Illustration above by Erin Guthan, artist and web designer

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