Fast Food Summer Meal
Quickly Sate Your Appetite!
Fast Food Vegetarian Meal on a Summer's Day


Jane's Fast Food Summer Meal

Possible List of Ingredients:

Zucchini, Cucumber and Tomatoes from Jane's Garden

Zucchini or any variety of Summer Squash
Corn on the Cob
String Beans or any Beans, Shell Beans Included
Basil or Any Fresh Herb

Wash all your produce from your garden, from a local farmer's market or from your CSA. You want to prep everything first, so that you can assemble this meal, either with steamed or stir fried veggies. It would be wonderful to use leftover grain or pasta as a base for this meal, but it doesn't really even need extras. The key here is FRESH food!!

Chop your green beans, cut corn kernals off the cob, chop tomatoes & onions and squash. Start with the onions & saute in good olive oil until soft, add the chopped beans & tomatoes & a bit of water or stock. You can even add in a splash of good wine if you like. Add a dash of salt & pepper & cover & cook until almost done. (Time will depend on how small you chop things. If you're in a hurry, chop things small!)

Then add your squash and corn & continue cooking another couple of minutes, then add your fresh chopped herbs (globe basil is the favorite from our garden this year) & cover & saute one more minute. Taste for seasoning & voila! A fast & delicious, nutritious meal.

If you feel the need for protein, eat this with a grating of good strong cheese, or topping a bowl of fresh quinoa. For you meat eaters, this would make a lovely side dish to any summer's meal!

Zucchinis in Jane's Garden

The trick with this dish, is use what's most fresh, most available & locally on hand & you can't go wrong. Fresh snipped herbs on the finished dish will bring out the flavors of the vegetables & harmonize the combination, while adding wonderful health benefits.

Bon Appetit!

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