Anti Radiation Main Course Meal of Tofu, Sweet Potato & Collards over Brown Rice



Main Course

Brown Rice

Organic Tofu*

Mixed Vegetables

Vegetable Stock


Raw Sesame Seeds Black & White if available


This dish can be made with leftover vegetables, leftover brown rice and vegetable stock for the main course, or you can prepare each of those from a variety of choices of fresh vegetables & rice varieties.

Cook any variety of brown whole grain rice, such as sweet, short or long grain, brown basmati or jasmine, Forbidden or black rice by first soaking overnight with a dash of high quality sea salt. Set aside.

Then either steam your tofu or slice after rinsing & drying & then saute until just browned on each side, finish off on the stove by dashing a bit of tamari or soy sauce on top. Finish flash sauteeing, then remove from heat quickly or it can burn from the natural sugars in the tamari sauce.

If you're using other vegetables as I did in the picture here, place steamed or leftover veggies onto your plate & cover in vegetable stock or gravy if you have some on hand. If not, just place in plate on top of a portion of brown rice, then top with cooked tofu & garnish with toasted sesame seeds & chopped cilantro.


Collard Greens or Kale

Sweet Potato or Yam

Roast your yams or sweet potatoes whole or by slicing on a diagonal at high heat in the oven until tender.

Clean & chop your collards or other greens. Cook by placing into boiling water or steaming over boiling water until just tender. If you cook your greens in a pot like I do, don't forget to drink that cooking water, also known as "pot liquor" or save to use in stocks, soups, stews or any meal requiring liquids added. There's LOTS of nutrients in that water!!

Place your greens in a dish, then top with cooked sweets & garnish with toasted sesame seeds. (See Anti Radiation Salad Medley for instructions on toasting sesame seeds.)

Health Benefits

Collard Greens & other cruciferous vegetables have been shown in studies to have a myriad of health benefits including protection from radiation. Eating orange & dark green vegetables also deliver a richly nourishing & protective package of health!

Value brightly colored vegetables to insure the best nourishing, anti-oxident, nutrient dense foods are the main part of your diet.

*Please use ONLY organic tofu, as it's the only way to insure you have a product which is made from real seeds and not GMO seed!!


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Anti Radiation Main Course Meal of Tofu, Sweet Potato & Collards over Brown Rice by Jane Sherry


Sources for Information: Much of my dietary information comes from the wonderful, sensible & well researched New Encyclopedia of Whole Foods by Rebecca Wood, whom many of you know from this website. You can find Rebecca's wonderful articles & recipes at our website on the alt. healer directory or her archive page at Or visit her at her website. Some other resources for information found in this article come from Susun Weed and Paul Pitchford.

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Jane Sherry, one of the Founders of Satya Center is a Reiki practitioner/teacher, spiritual counselor, creator of healing art talismans, healing gardens & loves to cook! She has a background in the visual arts before moving into the healing arts and has been a longtime lover of herbs & spices & cooking. She newly resides in Boca Raton, Florida, about one hour north of Miami. She works the Satya Center healing practice with co-founder and husband, Curtis Lang and co-operates the Satya Center Crystal Gallery and web portal. New gardens are being birthed now, here in the Florida sunshine, well watered by lots of tropicalrains. You will always find crystals in among the herbs, flowers, fruit, spice & vegetable gardens!

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