Prayers for the Gulf

my wish,
Peace, Patience, Abundant Love.
Nourishment for your family and your Soul.

for you,
Gratitude, for giving us a place to meet.

my wish,
Remember this Solstice.
Pray for healing, pray to be heard
around the world in every language.

for you,
Gratitude, for we share our love of Earth.
Gratitude, for we share that Space where outrage burns white hot.
fierce as Her Storms, Floods and Heat Waves.

my wish,
that the men with machines & unnatural rights to natural resources feel Her pain; that the men with machines & unnatural rights to our natural resources feel the pain of our planet and discover that they are the source of it.

for you,
Gratitude. You who at this moment will find the way to channel the flow & end this disaster in the Gulf of Mexico

that some believe will go on for generations, that some believe will destroy the gulf altogether,

others simply have to believe there will be an end to this nightmare.

my wish,
a way to change the minds & hearts & world-view of the men with machines and unnatural rights to Your natural resources.

for you,
Gratitude. You, who at this moment will find the way to stop the
oil-who-won't-shut-up, oil-who-gushes-with-no-end under the ocean's floor
and tames it to a more manageable, but demanding resource,

one we know what to do with,
one we will not destroy with our arrogance & ignorance,
one with no collateral damage

to us or the Mother.

my wish,
a compassionate solution to create peace in the Gulf of Mexico's new oil field.

Gratitude. May these challenges help us to change the way we see the world & our place in it, and act upon this new understanding.

my wish,
to have the great-god-science learn to be subservient to the needs of the Mother, our only Home.

my wish,
a clean place to sleep, a quiet place to dream, meaningful work, having a garden.

Walk on the earth as if it were your only home.




With Love & Blessings on this Summer Solstice 2010,
Jane & Curtis

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Jane Sherry, one of the Founders of Satya Center is a Reiki practitioner/teacher, spiritual counselor, creator of healing art talismans, healing gardens & loves to cook! She has a background in the visual arts before moving into the healing arts and has been a longtime lover of herbs & spices & cooking. She has just relocated along with Satya Center to South Florida & hopes to soon resume growing medicinal & culinary herbs, as well as flowers & vegetables & spices in new gardens. She works the Satya Center healing practice with co-founder and husband, Curtis Lang and co-operates the Satya Center Crystal Gallery and web portal. You will always find crystals in among the herbs, flowers & vegetable beds!

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