The Soul Dimension of Cancer: How Flower Essence Therapy Can Help

aromatherapyDr. Marina Angeli
People in early stages of cancer whom I happened to know, who have used flower essences properly and worked with their personal issues in a decisive, authentic way, have had positive outcomes.

Herbs for Hags

cancer - tools for healingSusun Weed
"I'm so glad I'm finally old. Sadly, many of my friends don't like me to use that word. They say they don't want to be 'old'. I think what they really mean is they don't want to be the kind of old that's infirm and dependent. I agree." Read Susun's take on being a Crone Elder.

Can Breast Cancer Be Prevented?

cancer - tools for healingSusun Weed
We can help prevent breast cancer as individuals by listening to our bodies, paying attention to the Wise Healer Within, and taking control of our diets and lifestyles.

Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way

cancer - tools for healingSusun Weed
Learn how to adjust your diet and lifestyle to prevent breast cancer, the Wise Woman Way!

How I Beat Cancer

cancer - tools for healingRebecca Wood
"Convinced that I could turn the cancer around, I found a doctor who said he'd give me three months time while I used only natural remedies. Six months later, I was cancer-free."

Tibetan Medicine: The Knowledge of Healing

acupunctureWorld Tibet Network News
When China annexed Tibet in the '50s, it outlawed Tibetan medicine, imprisoning and executing the practitioners in the process. Yet Tibetan medicine lives -- worldwide!

My Annual Checkup with Tibetan Physician, Dr. Yeshi Dhonden

buddhaJane Sherry
A visit to the Tibetan doctor is both a spiritual visit to a venerable monk and teacher and a transforming healthcare experience.