Skeptical about Climate Change Skeptics

environmental crisis/solutionsDr. Mae-Wan Ho
Is Earth warming or cooling? One thing we are completely convinced of: human action is effective in exacerbating or mitigating climate change. The choice and responsible are both ours. We need an open and transparent science to help us make the right choice and implement the appropriate solutions.

Synthetic Life? Not By a Long Shot!

new scienceDr. Mae-Wan Ho
Potential benefits of synthetic biology can only be realised if it is kept in the public domain, and no patents are granted for putative “synthetic organisms” that should remain strictly contained and confined in the laboratory unless and until proven safe for health and the environment.

Financing Poverty: How the Global Financial Casino Impoverishes the Planet

environmental crisis/solutionsDr. Mae-Wan Ho and Prof. Peter Saunders
Time to replace the dominant economic model with a circular eco-economy that mimics nature.

The Unbearable Brightness of Being Right

new scienceRupert Sheldrake
Visionary scientist Rupert Sheldrake takes issue with a new book by Daniel Dennett that equates mysticism with fundamentalist religious fanaticism and makes a case for rational atheism.

Structure of the Universe

new scienceJames Bertolino
James Bertolino's latest cosmic nature poem, to help you contemplate our Loving Universe.

Who's Spying Now?

geopoliticsCurtis Lang
Writer Dashiell Hammett could never have dreamed up private investigator Joseph Seanor. Unlike a fast-talking, streetwise gumshoe who spends his nights pounding the pavement, Seanor does his research pounding on a keyboard.  Each week he dons a virtual reality headset and spends 100 hours online. . .