It's Sun in Gemini: Feed Your Head! 

Welcome to Gemini, the third sign of spring. After enjoying the pleasures of the body in Taurus, now we think and communicate, sometimes round the clock. We're not as interested in food in Gemini and that's OK - we've had our fill in Taurus and Cancer is coming up. What's just as important as the meal for Gemini is the conversation.

Gemini is an air sign, so we eat to support this element. Eggs are an essential brain food and in season too. As with all food, if we are eating to boost vitality seek out quality ingredients. Most eggs come from chickens trapped in cages; eggs from chickens actually running around on the grass are quite rare. If you find them, even if you pay double, give them a try.

Gemini likes variety, and eggs can be prepared in a myriad of ways: Scrambled, fried, as an omelette, baked, even steamed.  And eggs can be prepared with all kinds of accompanying ingredients like cheese, vegetables, mushrooms, sausage and my favorite, truffles or truffle oil. Eggs can be both everyday fare and the height of luxury . For a simple yet luscious egg, try putting one or two in a tea cup and steaming them in a saucepan with a small amount water until the whites just set - the yolks will still be soft but not runny. Then top with your best butter or truffle oil and salt.

As always we look to the seasons for guidance, and here in California the first fruits are making it to market. Strawberries, cherries and blueberries have all been proven to benefit the brain due to high antioxidant content.

Another item all over California markets is fava beans. Yes they involve lots of work and yes they are pricey; but the reason they are on menus all around town is because they are incredibly delicious. If you like the slightly bitter tastes of artichokes and asparagus you will love fava beans. Here's info on the plant and preparation; here's a recipe.

I'm not the only fan - cookbook author Jack Bishop says "if fava beans weren't so much work I'd make this recipe [of pureed favas] every week." As the author of the info article urges, try them just once and you'll be hooked. If you don't want to all the peeling necessary to make a full amount of puree, a few favas can go into a risotto along with asparagus and artichokes, an Italian springtime classic.

Gemini is an air sign, and what could be more airy than bread? The real stuff is a revelation. Here in the Bay Area we are blessed by not one, not two but many authentic bakeries using organic ingredients and old world techniques. If you live outside California, you might find it hard to believe that people line up by the dozens for bread from Boulangerie Bay Bread, Acme Bread and Della Fattoria (my 3 faves) but if you tasted you'd understand.

If you like to cook and your area doesn't have bread like these places make, I can pretty much guarantee customers if you take the time to do it right. Their secret is slow and natural fermentation. Yeast that typically makes bread rise is a time saving shortcut of just 100 years ago. And some health xperts claim that the slow fermentation - done by just about every grain-eating culture all over the world - makes bread much more beneficial to the body.   

Gemini is the sign of the twins, and whatever you are eating you may find yourself doing it in twos. Two eggs, two strips of bacon, two pieces of toast. If you are into astrology you can have some fun - a 2 egg omelette with two kinds of cheese sounds just right.

The two best signs for doing a detox are Pisces and Virgo, but Gemini is a close third. If you are inclined try a mild detox near the summer solstice or with Moon in Virgo. With the abundance of sunlight we have lots of natural energy - we'd be smart to eat lighter in any case.  

Gemini is the sign of the shoulders, arms and hands. If you have Venus in Gemini you might love massage; if Mars in Gemini then tennis or any sport that moves the arms could be your thing. And everyone can delight in all that our hands are able to do for enjoyment - make dinner, play instruments and games, all kinds of fun.

May you have good health with Sun in Gemini! Watch for the next column when Sun enters Cancer on June 21st.

Disclaimer: Consult your health professional (modern Western and/or alternative) for all health related inquires and issues.


Jonathan Pearl is a traditional astrologer with a special interest in living with harmony with nature and time. For more information and his free weekly astrology column, please visit

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