Espiritu Santo Rutilated Amethyst

ascended mastersCurtis Lang
Espiritu Santo Rutilated Amethyst is one of the world's premier ascension stones, valued for its ability to ground the bearer while connecting them to Divine Source. Espiritu Santo Rutilated Amethyst energizes the aura, and the very best protection from unwanted or negative energies in our environment is always to strengthen the auric field.

Ametrine Crystal

ascended mastersCurtis Lang
Ametrine combines the purifying and elevating energies of amethyst with the cleansing and energizing properties of citrine. If you're ready to LIGHTEN UP, this stone's for you. In meditation, ametrine gives the bearer a feeling of buoyancy. The flow of prana increases dramatically, the mind stills, and the heart rejoices.

Amethyst Crystal

ascended mastersCurtis Lang
Amethyst is the gemstone variety of quartz -- popular with royalty, sages, mystics and magicians for centuries.


alchemyCurtis Lang and Jane Sherry
Fluorite is said by crystal healers to enhance our powers of discernment, and help us reach a balance in relationships. All colors of fluorite are effective for clearing the aura and energy centers and can facilitate a deep state of meditation.