Rutillated Quartz Crystals


The most common and familiar inclusion in quartz is rutile. The rutilated crystal contains needle-like crystals inside it. The rutile ranges from brilliant silver to pale gold to rich orangey brown and the needles are arranged in dense or sparse patterns. 

Rutile is a titanium ore. Titanium is used in high tech and aerospace alloys because it’s lightweight, highly conductive, exhibits great strength and resists corrosion.

Rutilated quartz crystals have a high-energy charge, which is particularly effective in releasing energy blockages and stuck energy manifesting in the form of emotional and physical imbalances. For energy healing, rutilated quartz can be placed near the navel and around any area where the energy feels sluggish.  

Rutilated quartz is said to be a cleanser, energizer and restorative for people, crystals and plants.

Rutilated quartz pendants, in my experience, when worn or carried on the person, act as a stimulant to the mind, the nervous system and the etheric body. When placed in a room, a larger rutillated quartz crystal stimulates individuals within the entire area and are highly energizing.

Rutilated quartz crystals enhance the flow of prana, chi, or Universal Life Force Energy throughout the physical and etheric bodies, stimulating meridians and chakras alike.

Rutile is good at repelling negative energy and ending unwanted interference. Rutile promotes and strengthens stability in relationships. Gold rutile should be extremely beneficial for enhancing love in relationships. 

Because rutilated quartz crystals have a much higher charge than ordinary crystals, those who use them must be cautious and continuously follow their intuition and inner spiritual guidance so as not to overload the system when using these powerful tools.

Place rutile on the altar in your meditation room. By strengthening the mind and promoting active awareness this crystal can help to enhance the depth and duration of your meditation sessions and the strength of your connection to inner spiritual guidance and spiritual teachers.

Rutilated quartz crystals worn as pendants or held in the hand during meditation sessions can increase concentration and focus, while also enhancing physical endurance, enabling stronger, deeper and longer meditation sessions.


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