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“Does mining crystals cause long term damage to the Earth?”

Native Americans revere quartz crystals as the brain cells of Grandmother Earth. 

Viewing the Earth as a living organism, primitive stones such as granite and sandstone comprise the skeleton of the organism, the Earth’s crust is the skin.

Vegetation and water channels make up the lifeblood of Earth’s body, and metals and minerals function as glands, nerves and sensory organs.

Quartz crystals, in this worldview, act as the Earth’s brain-mind, through which Spirit, the Universal Mind, maintains communication with all parts of Earth’s organism, equilibrating temperature, moisture levels, and other important variables.

In addition, quartz crystals and other gemstones collectively create an electromagnetic field around the Earth, which is a vital component of the Earth organism’s auric field, and clear quartz crystals, identified with white light, represent the unifying vibrational frequency that harmonizes the seven rainbow rays of Earth’s many varieties of gems and minerals.

Thus any human being who can attune to the power of the quartz crystal becomes attuned with the aura of Grandmother Earth, and obtains the ability to communicate directly with Spiritual worlds.

Those who are attuned to the spiritual importance of naturally occurring crystals in nature, especially Native American medicine healers, have rightly pointed out that those who obtain crystals for their own personal use incur a vast responsibility.

Those crystals fulfill a purpose in nature. Crystals in naturally occurring rock formations help to maintain Earth’s energetic balance, and serve as gateways and focal points between Spirit and the material world.

Tampering with the balance of Nature by obtaining crystals for egoistic display and personal ornamentation alone can be detrimental to the Earth’s delicate balance, and could incur detrimental karma for the individual behaving so irresponsibly.

Crystals are powerful healing and meditation tools, to be sure, but they are also living beings, and should be treated with respect. Those who own crystals take on the responsibility to use their crystals for spiritual purposes and not for personal power.

Having said all that, I must also add… Quartz is the low-temperature stable form of silicon dioxide or silica. Silicon and oxygen are the two most common elements in the Earth's crust.Quartz crystal is perhaps the most common mineral found on the face of the Earth. Sand and sandstone are considered “clastic” forms of quartz by mineralogists, meaning that they are formed of fragments of pre-existing rocks.

Although quartz makes up a large portion of the Earth's surface, there are only three places in the world that have enough high quality quartz crystal to warrant mining. These are Brazil, Madagascar, a small island off the coast of Africa, and Mt. Ida in the Ouachita Mountain range of Arkansas.

I am concerned about Mother Earth, but I have no evidence that mining in these three locations will seriously disturb the balance of Earth’s life, given that these three locations represent such a tiny fraction of the crystal deposits around the world.

For those who are concerned about the possible negative effects of mining crystals, there are man-made crystal wands and pendants available now on our site and many are of a very high quality.

We offer Siberian Quartz in a variety of colors, which is pure laboratory grown quartz crystal. Trace minerals similar to those that create amethyst, citrine, and other colored varieties of natural quartz crystal are added to impart the coloration.
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