Mineralogical and Metaphysical Properties of Lemurian Seed Crystals

Lemurian WandWe now carry several new varieties of Lemurian Seed Crystals that come from mines in the region of Minas Gerais, Brazil, near the town of Joaquin Felicio. Some of these mines are being operated by a miner who was one of the family members who originally mined Lemurian seed crystals in the Nineteen Nineties, and one of the mines, a new one, is operated by an enterprising Brazilian miner who is a newcomer to the wonderful world of Lemurian seed crystals. 

All of these mines have uncovered new Lemurian Seed Crystals that come from a line of crystal beds along the same mountain top, all within a 20 kilometer radius of the original mine where Lemurian Seed Crystals were first discovered and categorized in the early Nineties. (See map below.)

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The origins of the Lemurian seed crystals make an interesting story, which we have pieced together from accounts provided by our source for Lemurian crystals, an international dealer in minerals and crystals, who has dealt directly with the owners of the Lemurian mines in this area for many years.

Enterprising American miners in the 1940s, working land owned by Brazilians, opened up two mines in the mountains of the Serra do Cabral mountain range near the town of Joaquin Felicio, in the state of Minas Gerais. 

"After World War II, the Americans left", explains our source, affectionately known to friends and colleagues as "The Lemurian King". "The mines reverted to the control of the Brazilian families who originally owned the land. Five relatives from these families reopened mining operations in the early 1990s, at the larger mine of the two that had been opened up by the Americans," our source continues. 

An American, mineral dealer David Geiger, was intrigued by the unusual formations of the crystals in the mine, and forwarded some samples to a colleague, Kristina Raphaell. Raphaell designated the crystals as "Lemurian seed crystals", and offered the world a wealth of channeled information about the origin of these unique crystals.

According to our Lemurian source, the Lemurian crystals were found in the mine shafts being dug in the original Lemurian mine, embedded in a matrix surrounded by loose sandy soil, from which it was relatively easy to extract them. Individuals who have direct experience removing crystals from the Lemurian mines say that they have found many long wands deposited vertically in loose, sandy soil, points directed downward, as if someone standing above the location had placed them there.

These Lemurian crystals often appeared in clusters of long shafts and as individual wands. Individual Lemurian wands range in size from a few inches to two feet or more in length, and weigh anywhere from a few grams to 50 kilograms or more. Clusters weighing up to 600 kilos have been extracted from time to time.

Because they were relatively easy to extract, it seemed that they had been planted in the soil by an intelligent agent. Channeled information indicated that ancient civilizations had "seeded" the location with these unique crystals. These ancient civilizations were thought to have intended that the crystals be easily uncovered by their ancestors, many generations in the future.

Based upon channeled information received in meditation, any metaphysical rock hounds came to believe that these crystals were implanted directly in loose sandy soil in the mountains of the Serra do Cabral by the wise men and women of the ancient Lemurian civilization, aeons prior to all currently known historical records. Other crystal healers said that these Lemurian crystals grew from tiny "seed" crystals implanted in the sandy soil of the Brazilian mountains by the Lemurian high priests and priestesses in the mists of pre-history.

The exact time frame of the Lemurian civilization is open to question, as is the exact nature of their civilization, although crystal healers and Lightworkers have identified the Lemurians who are said to have planted the crystals as Earthkeepers -- exalted beings whose primary purpose was to act as guardians of the ecosystem ecoysystem.

The most prominent source of information about Lemurian civilization comes from wisdom teachers of the now-legendary Theosophical School of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, which included such luminaries as J. Krishnamurti, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Rudolf Steiner and Charles Leadbeater. These spiritual teachers claimed to have had clairvoyant insights into the history and origins of the human race that transcended all existing scholarship and historical records. These clairvoyant mystics relied upon a direct experience of the Akashic Records to formulate their own timeline of human development. 

The Akashic Records are said to constitute a vast, ethereal library containing all of humanity's thoughts, words and deeds which has been impressed upon the substance of the vast Universal Field of Life Force Energy filling all time and space. In fact, the information in the Akashic Records is considered Universal in nature, and transcends human history. Scholars of the Hindu Vedas, the oldest written sacred scriptures on our planet, say that the wisdom in the Vedas was transcribed by ancient seers and sages, known as "rishis", who read the Akashic records and recorded what they saw.

According to mystic, clairvoyant, author and scholar Rudolf Steiner, who broke with the Theosophical Society and founded the Waldorf Schools and biodynamic agriculture, the Lemurian civilization existed prior to Atlantis, and existed in South Asia and Africa, extending from Ceylon to Madagascar.

According to Steiner, the Lemurians derived immense powers of will and strength from a direct connection to the energy bodies of plants and animals around them. The Lemurian was, says Steiner, "a born magician in all fields of lower human activities." Steiner discusses the Lemurian civilization extensively in his book "Cosmic Memory" and in many other publications and lectures.

According to Steiner, Lemurian institutions of higher learning focused on teaching initiates secret techniques enabling them to control the forces of nature by direct contemplation. Steiner said these Lemurian mystery schools "stood far above what mankind has since acquired in the way of arts and sciences." He called them "colleges of will power and of the clairvoyant power of the imagination. From them emerged men who became, in every respect, rulers of the others."

Steiner says that life on Earth was vastly different then. The "air was much thicker", the "water much thinner." The ground was thin and broken apart continually by the action of convulsive volcanic forces. The Earth in this period was shaped by the primal element of Fire. What we know as small ferns existed as giants of the plant world. Only amphibians, birds and lower animals existed. The vast majority of humanity lived a very primitive life, which can only be described as animalistic in nature.

Yet for those in the Lemurian mystery schools, life was exalted beyond what we know today. "The uninitiated, of course, stood under the magical influence of the initiated," says Steiner. "It was also natural that the latter considered themselves sanctified personages. . . They looked into the creative workshop of nature. They experienced a communion with the beings who built the world itself. One can call this communion an association with the gods."

Steiner says that in the later periods of the more highly developed Lemurian civilization, the role of female initiates was paramount, and that these female initiates were responsible for planting the seeds of the knowledge of good and evil in the soul of mankind, as well as for developing the first human awareness of beauty, and for cultivating the first human language, a kind of song.

Thus all subsequent human civilizations owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Lemurian priestesses, who created the first Mystery Schools teaching enlightenment through direct experience of nature, the first human system of ethics, the first art and highly developed system of aesthetics and the first, prototypical human language.

Given this description of the ancient Lemurian civilization, it is not at all surprising that crystal healers and Lightworkers from the Nineties to the present have consistently described the energy of the Lemurian seed crystals as warm, nurturing, feminine, healing, and closely connected to the Source of Shakti, the weaver of the web of life on Earth, the Divine Mother.

All Lemurians have a very powerful & unique energy signature. 

Lemurians occur naturally with multiple striations, and Katrina Raphaell and some other crystal healers consider the crystals more valuable when these striations have been left intact & not polished off of the crystals, although our experience is that both polished and unpolished Lemurian crystals have immensely powerful energies useful in healing, meditation and spiritual practice of all kinds. 

The multiple striations on Lemurian crystals have been said by Katrina Raphaell and others to contain information from the ancient civilization of Lemuria. Lemurian crystals are said to be tuned to energies of unity, and to help us to balance the spiritual and physical aspects of our lives. 

According to the mineralogist and crystal dealer who provides us with Lemurian crystals, Lemurian seed crystals are perfect examples of a crystalline structure created by what is known as the "Muzo crystal growth habit". 

This habit was first described by Rykart, commenting on crystals from Muzo in Colombia. A similar crystal "habit" or structure has also been found on rock crystals from pegmatites in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and from alpinotype vugs in Switzerland.

Many Lemurian seed crystals, commonly known as "Laser wands", display the defining characteristics of the "Muzo habit". Muzo habit crystals display horizontal striations up and down the shaft, and can form very steep termination tips, such that a cross section of the upper end of the shaft appears triangular, although the lower body of the shaft remains hexagonal in shape.

"I believe that the Lemurian crystals' shape, the surface etchings, the overall structure, evokes Lemurian consciousness in the people who handle them," says our Lemurian source. "People meditated with these crystals and the crystals evoked a consciousness we call Lemurian consciousness -- a connection to the archetypes and wisdom, if you will, we associate with Lemuria."

For more on the origins of the Lemurian seed crystals, see our article on The New Lemurians and scroll down to read the rest of this article.


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